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So the Democrats now object to the Knights of Columbus?

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The silliness of Democrats grows by the day. 
Now, a couple of Democrat Senators object to a Trump appointment because of his association to the Knights of Columbus.     
Let’s check the story:       
In a series of questions sent to Buescher, Hirono asked whether his membership in the Knights of Columbus would prevent him from hearing cases “fairly and impartially” and, if confirmed, whether he would end his membership in the organization.
“The Knights of Columbus has taken a number of extreme positions,” Hirono said in the questionnaire. “For example, it was reportedly one of the top contributors to California’s Proposition 8 campaign to ban same-sex marriage.”
Harris meantime, in her questions to the nominee, called the Knights of Columbus “an all-male society” and asked the Nebraska lawyer if he was aware that the group was anti-abortion and anti-gay marriage when he joined…
“The Knights of Columbus does not have the authority to take personal political positions on behalf of all of its approximately two million members,” Buescher wrote in reply to the queries. “If confirmed, I will apply all provisions of the Code of Conduct for United States Judges regarding recusal and disqualification.”
Prominent Republicans and religious leaders backed Buescher in the face of the questions.
As a member of the KoC, I wonder what charitable cause do the senators want us to shut down?  We do a lot more than speak against abortion or same-sex marriage.  The two lady senators should come to our charitable activities.
This is really another attack on Catholics.  The attacks on Buescher are ridiculous.  
Like me, and millions of others, Mr. Buescher joined the KoC because he is a Catholic man who wanted to be around others with whom he shares values.    
Are these two Democratic senators disqualifying every person who opposes Roe as extreme?  Does that apply to Senator Bob Casey, a pro-life Democrat from Pennsylvania?   Or President Carter, who has spoken against abortion?    By that standard, half of the country, according to polls, would be rejected to any appointment to the federal bench.
I’ve argued over the years that Roe was a terrible opinion.  Once again, we see how Roe has poisoned our political debate by demonizing differences.
Here is my advice to Senators Harris & Hirono:   Call for an amendment to the U.S. Constitution and involve the Congress and state legislatures.  Let U.S. voters decide whether or not abortion should be legal.
Of course, the two lady senators don’t want that.  They just want another opportunity to raise money on the backs of the so called a “woman’s right to choose”, a right not afforded to the girls aborted.
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