Sunday, July 03, 2022

Hearts will keep beating in Texas

 (My new American Thinker post)

The abortion debate is alive and well in Texas.  This is the story:

The Texas Supreme Court on Friday blocked a lower court order that permitted some abortions.

The decision is the latest development in a wild couple of weeks for the state of Texas.

In other words, our Supreme Court in Texas will respect that Roe was overturned and that our legislature voted to pass the "heartbeat law."

So the pro-abortion side has two options:

1) They can march and scream.  Of course, it may prove to be rough in our 100-degree summer.

2) They can study our playbook and learn how our side won state legislatures, U.S. Senate races, and presidential elections.  Our side promised voters that we'd put constitutional-minded judges.  We did, and that's why Roe is history.

My suggestion is that Governor Abbott should go farther and call for a special session this summer.  It should be exclusively about abortion after Roe.  Let's force Democrats to vote on abortion now that they can no longer hide behind the "Roe is the law of the land" curtain.

On the weekend when we remember "life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness," we celebrate life in The Lone Star State.

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