Saturday, June 17, 2017

The Democrats should spend some time with Camille Paglia this weekend

Over the last six months, we’ve struggled explaining to Democrats why they lost the election and may continue losing elections. It’s been painful, especially that last public explanation from Hillary Clinton.
So it was nice to read what Camille Paglia, not exactly a member of the right wing conspiracy, has to say about it.     
Her interview with The Weekly Standard is long and covers many subjects, from Hillary Clinton to sex changes. I would recommend it all but this portion is specifically dedicated to Democrats who are still traumatized over the election night results.
This is what Miss Paglia said:   
Had Hillary won, everyone would have expected disappointed Trump voters to show a modicum of respect for the electoral results as well as for the historic ceremony of the inauguration, during which former combatants momentarily unite to pay homage to the peaceful transition of power in our democracy. 
But that was not the reaction of a vast cadre of Democrats shocked by Trump’s win. In an abject failure of leadership that may be one of the most disgraceful episodes in the history of the modern Democratic party, Chuck Schumer, who had risen to become the Senate Democratic leader after the retirement of Harry Reid, asserted absolutely no moral authority as the party spun out of control in a nationwide orgy of rage and spite. 
Nor were there statesmanlike words of caution and restraint from two seasoned politicians whom I have admired for decades and believe should have run for president long ago—Senator Dianne Feinstein and Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi. 
How do Democrats imagine they can ever expand their electoral support if they go on and on in this self-destructive way, impugning half the nation as vile racists and homophobes?
Could any of us say it any better? Racists and homophobes?   
What a nice way to communicate with people! Can you imagine Company A explaining their loss of market share to Company B by calling customers stupid and ignorant.  How would that work?  Not well.  It’s not working well for Democrats either.
Paglia’s point about Senator Schumer and others is excellent. Where is the Democrat calling on the rowdy base to stop screaming and accept election results?  Or the Democrat who tells the base to stop talking impeachment before there is an impeachable offense!
And the clincher:   
In summary: to have any hope of retaking the White House, Democrats must get off their high horse, lose the rabid rhetoric, and reorient themselves toward practical reality and the free country they are damned lucky to live in.
Ain’t that the truth?
She then goes on to say that the reluctance of Western liberals to candidly confront jihadism is very unfortunate. Indeed it is as the parents of little girls in Manchester will be happy to confirm.
What should a liberal do this weekend?  Shut off CNN and spend a few hours with Camille. Frankly, she makes more sense than all of those “experts” at CNN, the New York Times and other outlets consumed with their Anti-Trumpism.
The Democrats do not have a Trump problem. They have a “crazy base” problem and they’d better deal with it before the next election.
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