Monday, February 26, 2018

Monday's show: A look at the issue of school security with Frank Burke

Guest:  Frank Burke, author, businessman & contributor to American Thinker.....we will look at the issue of school security and how teachers or guards may play a role................and other stories....

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Monday's video: A word about the Olympics

It was bad ratings for NBC and Team USA was a disappointment......maybe athletes should keep their political opinions to themselves & let’s bring back the NHL players.......

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Feinstein reminded of Lieberman

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Back in 2006, Ned Lamont, an anti-Iraq War activist, defeated Senator Joe Lieberman in the Democrat primary.  It was all about the incumbent’s support of the Iraq War.  Thankfully, Mr. Lieberman ran as an independent and won.
Out in California, the party has refused to endorse incumbent Senator Dianne Feinstein.  She lost to state senator Kevin de Leon (54-37%), a fellow referred to as a “progressive” by media reports:     
Feinstein, the oldest member of the Senate at 84, is seeking a sixth term.
Feinstein took heat last fall from some on the left after appearing to voice optimism about Trump becoming “a good president.”  Feinstein also recently said that former President Barack Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA, which Trump is ending, was on shaky legal ground.
DACA provides a level of amnesty to certain illegal immigrants [sic] – many of whom came to the U.S. as children.
Still, Feinstein will be difficult to beat, considering her establishment support and standing among independents and women, two key voting blocs.
“It will be tough to outflank her in that capacity,” Ben Tulchin, a San Francisco-based pollster, recently said.
The article mentioned that she is leading in primary polls, so let’s see what happens.  She won’t be forced to run as an independent to keep her seat, as happened with Senator Lieberman years ago.
The Democrats will try to put a happy face by saying this is about “change” or replacing the old with the new.  In reality, this is about replacing moderates with insane lefties who will add little to the national debate except to be more irrationally critical of President Trump.
It’s hard to see how any of this will be good for California.
In the meantime, we will likely see more talk of secession or the breakup of the state.  We will continue to hear of prohibitive housing costs and more people packing up and going elsewhere looking for sanity.    
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