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Open or not plus General Flynn and the Democrats have a Tara problem

Open or not plus General Flynn and the Democrats have a Tara problem 04/30 by Silvio Canto Jr | Politics:

The debate over reopening states.......The Democrats and the Tara problem.......General Flynn and abuse of power....Hitler dead 1945...President Washington 1789.......other stories.....
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Thursday’s video: Biden has a Tara problem......

Corporate Media Silent On New Accusation Of Sexual Assault By Joe ...

Thursday’s video:
Biden has a Tara problem......
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A reporter gets the Mr. & Mrs. Parker treatment

Review: “A Christmas Story” | The Viewer's Commentary
As a fan of A Christmas Story movie, I remember how Ralphie and his brother used to get reprimanded by their parents.  It was a two-step strategy:  Dad, or the old man, would yell at you and Mom, the absolutely wonderful Mrs. Parker, would give Ralphie a hug when you were serving your punishment.
On Tuesday morning, a reporter decided to show up President Trump.  He obviously went there on a “gotcha” mission and ended up making a total fool of himself.
Here’s what happened:  
“Mr. President, overall South Korea has done five times more tests than the U.S. per capita,” Walker said. “Why is that?
“I don’t think that’s true,” Trump replied.
Walker said that it was true, and Trump directed the question to Birx, the response coordinator for the coronavirus task force.
Then Dr. Birx detailed the numbers and that the President was right all along.
President Trump confronted him and asked for an apology.   (He did later by the way)
What followed was fun to watch.  
President Trump jumped all over the reporter.  Dr. Birx smiled at the reporter and told him to check the facts.
It was great.  Maybe President Trump should let Dr. Birx put more reporters in their place.  She’s beautiful at it.
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A word about April 30

Financial Ducks In A Row • Independent financial advice: IRA ...

We remember Robert Thomas Velline who was born in Fargo, South Dakota on this day in 1943.    We known him as Bobby Vee, one of the most popular pop vocalists of the early 1960's.   

On this day in 1945, he was reported dead by the BBC.  Later, we learned that it was a suicide and that his ashes were allegedly found along Eva Braun, his wife.  
The European war ended a few weeks later when Germany surrendered.   

On this day in 1789, George Washington was inaugurated as the first President of the US.  

Willie Mays had many big games in his glorious career, specially April 30, 1961.    
Mays hit 4 home runs at the old County Stadium in Milwaukee.   He went 4 for 5 with 8 RBIs.   The Giants beat the Braves, 14-4.     

Want to read a good book?   President Nixon wrote a wonderful book in '85 called "No more Vietnams".   It was a review of the war and the mistakes made along the way. 

Check our podcasts:

2016 show: The death of Fidel Castro with Dr. Carlos Eire & Fausta Rodriguez Wertz

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Trump calls out China plus media double standard and Duke Ellington

Trump calls out China plus media double standard and Duke Ellington 04/29 by Silvio Canto Jr | Politics:

China WHO and President Trump.....The media and President Trump.....The states are opening slowly but surely.......Biden and the Tara story that won't go away....Mayor De Blasio sparks a controversy with the Jewish community......Duke Ellington 1799-1974....Happy # 86 Luis Aparicio......other stories.....
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Wednesday’s video: Reporters on a mission.....

Timeline: Trump administration's response to coronavirus

Wednesday’s video:
Reporters on a mission.....
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The money is on Trump

polls (@polls) | Twitter
On Tuesday morning, the Real Clear Politics average had former VP Biden up by 6.3 against President Trump.  At the same time, the “betting odds” or the people who bet their money has the President up by 5.5.
What does it all mean?  
First, polls are snapshots, as they say.  Also, polls are all about samples.  
Second, “betting odds” are people who actually put their money down.  It’s not an emotional snapshot but rather a more logical decision based on the future.
My bet is that President Trump will be reelected.  
By Labor Day, voters will look at what he did to fight this virus.  They will reward him his administrative skills and how he reacted to the situation.
As for the Democrats, they need something more than saying that President Trump was “unprepared.”  They will need a coherent candidate or anyone who can unite the party.
By the fall campaign, the range of issues will expand beyond the virus.  For example, the Democrat candidate is going to have explain why “blue states” should be bailed out.
So the betting odds are with the President and I agree. 
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2016 post election show with Richard Baehr, American Thinker


The US election results with Richard Baehr, American Thinker 11/11 by Silvio Canto Jr | News Podcasts:

Guest: Richard Baehr, Chief Political Correspondent American Thinker........we will look back at Election 2016........what happened? Nobody predicted a Trump victory specially in states like Pennsylvania and Michigan........the GOP held its US Senate majority against all odds........what happens to the Democrats? will we see a civil war between the left and center? Is the Clinton era over? where does the GOP go from here?........and some final thoughts about an election campaign unlike any other in recent to listen:

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Blue state economics plus the Democrats have a "Tara" problem plus more

Blue state economics plus the Democrats have a "Tara" problem plus more 04/28 by Silvio Canto Jr | Politics:

The media and President Trump....'Blue state economics' can not be fixed by money alone........The Democrats and the Tara problem.....Clinton endorses Biden.....Stacey Abrams wants to be VP.....China and the virus....Howard Stern and Trump supporters.....other stories....
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Tuesday’s video: Why the double standard about Tara & Biden....

Political Cartoon: #MeToo adapts to Biden

Tuesday's video:
Why the double standard about Tara & Biden....
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2020: The year of Corona and Tara

With 16 Months to go, Negative Partisanship Predicts the 2020 ...
Who knew two months ago that we’d be shut down by a virus called Corona or that the Biden campaign would be brought down by a woman named Tara?   
Tara and Corona — the two that no one saw coming.   
Former VP Joe Biden has two choices.  He can “double down,” or he can step aside and take one for the party, as Liz Peek is recommending:   
In this #MeToo era, Democrat officials could use that accusation to get Uncle Joe to withdraw from the race.   
Why would that be good for Democrats? Because they know that Biden is a weak candidate who may be suffering cognitive decline and is not likely to beat President Trump in November. The inability of the former vice president to reliably string two sentences together is alarming and will only become more evident as the months pass.
Liz Peek makes a lot of sense.  But there may be a lot of unexpected consquences if “Uncle Joe” decides to go back to retirement.
First, who replaces him?  Do you think that the Sanders’ supporters are just going to sit in the bleachers and watch “the elders” of the party select a candidate?  I don’t think so.  They will walk out and go out of their way to hurt the party.
Second, who is going to persuade Biden?  He can wave polls that show that he beats the President.
Third, who gets the nomination?  Governor Andrew Cuomo?  Hillary Clinton?  John Kerry?  Beto O’Rourke?
It’s a mess and there are no easy choices.
No matter what, we are living in the year of the unpredictable, from Corona to Tara.   
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A word about April 28

April 28 Famous Birthdays - #1 Person in History Born This Day

We say happy # 79 to Ann-Margaret.    She was born Ann-Margret Olsson in Sweden in 1941.   

On this day in 1956, Frank Robinson hit the first of his 586 lifetime home runs.   The pitcher was the Cubs’ Paul Minner in the old Crosley Field in Cincinnati.    Frank hit 38 in 1956 and was selected NL Rookie of the Year. 

On this day in 1961, future Hall of Famer Warren Spahn threw his second no-hitter against a very tough Giants lineup.  He was 40.   

On this day in 1945, Mussolini & Clara were shot by Italian partisans.....they tried to escape and were captured.   

We say happy # 85 to Pedro Ramos who was born in Pinar Del Rio, Cuba.  Ramos was 19 when he made his debut in 1955.     

A podcast from 2013:  The story of the anti-Castro Escambray guerillas (circa 1966) with Enrique Encinosa.  CLICK TO LISTEN.

May 1969: "Aquarius" by The Fifth Dimension

Image result for the fifth dimension aquarius images

Who remembers the radio in the spring and early days of summer 1969?

I remember enjoying The Fifth Dimension.

The 5D were Lamonte McLemore, Ron Townson, Billy Davis, Jr, Florence LaRue and the amazing Marilyn McCoo.

They had a crisp and elegant sound. The group recorded some wonderful albums and songs. They had huge hits like "Wedding Bell Blues", "Stoned Soul Picnic", "One Less Bell to Answer" and "Up, Up and Away".

Most of all, they had Marilyn McCoo's lead vocals!

"Aquarius/Let the sunshine in" was the group's biggest hit. It was one of the biggest hits of 1969:

Monday, April 27, 2020

States opening plus Biden double standard & the briefings

States opening plus Biden double standard & the briefings 04/27 by Silvio Canto Jr | Politics:

The states opening up this week.....The briefings now that govenors are making decisions......Biden and the media double standard....other stories....
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Monday’s video: The briefing makes a change....

Inside the Beltway: The media persists during coronavirus task ...

Monday’s video:
The briefing makes a change.....
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Univision downsizing

Over the years, I’ve been invited to the local Univision affiliate for political commentary.  For the record, I’ve always been treated well and have many friends who work with Spanish media.
We learned this week that layoffs and furloughs are coming.  Of course, we wish our friends the very best.
This is the word:     
CEO Vince Sadusky notified employees via email that the company had to undergo restructuring due to the coronavirus pandemic and outlined those “containment actions.” 
Among them, company-wide layoffs and furloughs — anywhere from one to four weeks and likely longer for people working in the sports division, executive pay cuts and suspension of 401K matching contributions.
When asked about the announced restructuring plans that have rattled staffers, the company issued this statement:
“Despite Univision’s strengths and recent growth momentum, the coronavirus pandemic has caused a significant contraction of business amongst our advertisers that has a direct impact on our business. While we have made every effort to protect jobs during this time, due to these economic circumstances, we have made the difficult decision to take a number of cost containment actions across the company including restructuring our teams and reducing our workforce across all divisions and functions. We believe these actions will help us emerge from this global health crisis in the best and strongest position possible so we can continue to deliver essential, uninterrupted content to our loyal viewers and continue serving the Hispanic community.”
The current economic situation broke the camel’s back, as they say. 
However, I spoke with a friend before the coronavirus and he feared that layoffs were coming.  
He told me on the phone that the new ownership wanted to go more into “streaming” to attract the younger viewers switching to English speaking networks.  He lamented that too many of their viewers were older.
No matter what, my best to the staff and let’s hope that they can move on to other opportunities.
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A word about April 27

April 27 Famous Birthdays - #1 Person in History Born This Day

1947:  Major League Baseball said goodbye to Babe Ruth with a special day at Yankee Stadium.  He was very sick and died in 1948.   

1973:  Steve Busby, of the Kansas City Royals, threw his first no-hitter on this day.   It was the first no-hitter of the DH era, or not having to face a pitcher batting.  He pitched another one in 1974.

Podcast from 2015:    We spoke with Alina Garcia-Lapuerta, author of "La Belle Creole".   

Podcast from 2014:   We spoke with Frank Burke about the 50th anniversary of the 1964 World's Fair in New York.

And now for Tweets:

Sunday, April 26, 2020

The week in review with Bill Katz, the editor of Urgent Agenda

The week in review with Bill Katz, the editor of Urgent Agenda 04/26 by Silvio Canto Jr | Politics:

Guest: Bill Katz, the editor of Urgent Agenda........President Trump pauses the briefings....Media total overreaction to the disinfectant story......what happens to VP Biden now that some are calling for him to step down......Little Sister and North Korea....Hispanics 40% for President Trump in new poll...Michigan Democrat under attack for thanking President....Protests growing from coast to coast....and other stories.....
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Tim McCarver's 5 favorite baseball books

Image result for tim mccarver images
Some of us are old enough to remember Tim McCarver as Bob Gibson's catcher (they won the NL pennant in '64, '67 and '68) and later with Steve Carlton in the late 70's.

A few years ago, Tim McCarver wrote an article about his five favorite baseball books:

His five choices are:

1.  "Ball Four" by Jim Bouton;

2.  "The summer game" by Roger Angell;

3.  "The great American Novel" by Phillip Roth;

4.  "The Boys of Summer" by Roger Kahn; and, 

5. "October 1964" by David Halberstam.

I have read all but #3 or the one by Phillip Roth.

Bouton's book was very controversial. I did not like it because he betrayed clubhouse confidentiality.   Bouton played for the NY Yankees and finished with the Seattle Pilots, the '69 expansion team that was moved to Milwaukee in '70.

Kahn's "Boys of Summer" is probably the best baseball book ever.  This is a wonderful gift for a grandfather, father or uncle who grew up in Brooklyn.

Halberstam's book is a recollection of the end of the Yankee dynasty and the great NL pennant race of '64.   McCarver's Cardinals beat the NY Yankees in 7 games.  It was Mantle's last Series.  Also, it introduced Bob Gibson who won game 7 in '64 and '67!  He also struck out 17 in game 1 of the '68 but the Cardinals lost to the Tigers!

Angell's book is a good one for an airplane flight.

As always, McCarver is great when it comes to talking or reading baseball.

A word about April 26

RecruitME April-26-300x336 - RecruitME

We remember the last month of the Civil War.  John Wilkes Booth was killed on this day in 1865Booth went into hiding after killing President Lincoln.  He was found by Union troops hiding in a farm and killed there.   

On the baseball front, Lewis Robert "Hack" Wilson was born in Pennsylvania on this day in 1900.   He died in 1948.  Hack, as he was known, broke with the Giants in 1923 but blossomed with the Cubs in 1926.   In fact, he hit 190 HR with 769 RBI in 850 games.   He led the NL in RBI with 159 in 1929 & 191 in 1930. 

From the music charts, we remember Bobby Rydell who was born in Philadelphia on this day in 1942.    I think that he became famous in "Bye bye Birdie" with a very young Ann Margaret, another teen idol of the early 1960's.    Bobby had many hits on the radio, including "Forget him" and "Wild one".     

A little trivia:   I will follow him” was # 1 this week in 1963.  It was performed by 15 year old Peggy Marsh (Margaret Annemarie Battavio).

And now for tweets:

1865: Who was John Wilkes Booth?

Image result for john wilkes booth images
We remember that John Wilkes Booth was killed on this day in 1865.  

Booth went into hiding after killing President Lincoln.  He was found by Union troops hiding in a farm and killed there.

Booth was a popular actor at the time.  His family was one of the first families of American theater.  He made his New York debut in 1862 and things were looking up.  However, a respiratory illness in 1863 put him on the sidelines for a while.

His other passion was the cause of the Confederacy or the South.  It motivated him to kill President Lincoln at Ford's Theater in Washington DC.
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Saturday, April 25, 2020

Maybe we need to inject some reality

Coronvairus Derangement Syndrome | Editorial Cartoons ...
On Thursday, I watched the coronavirus briefing and found the presentation about disinfectants and summer temperatures rather interesting.   
On Friday morning, I woke up seeing headlines that President Trump was telling people to inject disinfectants to kill the virus.   

Has Trump Derangement Syndrome done this to people?  I guess so.
It was good to see Briebart do a little fact checking:   
CLAIM: President Donald Trump suggested injecting people with disinfectant to cure coronavirus.
VERDICT: False. Trump was speaking generally about new information about sunlight, heat, and disinfectant killing the virus.     
President Trump is being quoted out of context — as usual — by left-wingers on social media who are accusing him of suggesting injecting people with disinfectant as a way of curing coronavirus infections.
Yes, President Trump is often quoted out of context but this one tops the list.
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A word about April 25

25 april calendar sheet with red pin. — Stock Photo © iCreative3D ...

The great Ella Fitzgerald was born on this day in 1917.   She is known to many as "The First Lady of Song", a well deserved title in my opinion.  She died in 1996.

On this day in 1980, President Carter addressed the nation to give us some very bad news.  As the president explained, the operation intended to rescue the US diplomats held in Iran since November 1979, was called off due to technical problems.  Regretably,  8 US servicemen were killed when one of the departing helicopters collided with a AC-130 transport airplane on the ground.  It was a terrible morning to say the least.    Very bad morning.

Did you read "Robinson Crusoe" by Daniel Defoe published on this day in 1719?  We understand that it was based on the experiences of Alexander Selkirk, a Scottish sailor lost off the coast of South America in the early 1700's. 

Back in 1976,  Rick Monday of the Chicago Cubs took his position in center field at the legendary Wrigley Field.  He was playing catch with José Cardenal, his teammate.
Rick saw a couple of guys trying to burn the U.S. flag; he ran and grabbed it before they could light the match. The two idiots were arrested, and Monday gave the flag to one of the security guards.  And Monday saved the US flag!     

We spoke with Leopoldo Lopez-Gil about Venezuela:  CLICK HERE TO LISTEN.

And now a tweet:

1719: Robinson Crusoe was published

It was 1719 and a wonderful new book by Daniel Defoe was published in England.   

It was about a shipwrecked sailor who spent years on a deserted island.   It was apparently based on the experiences of Alexander Selkirk, a Scottish sailor lost off the coast of South America in the early 1700's.

By the way, I recently saw this 1953 movie about "Robinson Crusoe".  It was interesting.

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Friday, April 24, 2020

A look at Venezuela with Leopoldo Lopez-Gil

A look at Venezuela with Leopoldo Lopez-Gil 04/24 by Silvio Canto Jr | Politics:

Guest: Leopoldo Lopez-Gil Venezuelan exile living in Europe...former member of EL NACIONAL editorial board....and other stories...
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Friday’s video: Hysterical overreaction from the anti-Trump side.....

Trump Derangement Syndrome - Photos | Facebook

Friday’s video:
Hysterical overreaction from the anti-Trump side.....
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More polls less reality

We're Tracking 2020 Polls | FiveThirtyEight
A new NBC poll shows that most Americans would rather stay home than restart the economy too soon.  This is from NBC:   
Nearly 60 percent of American voters say they are more concerned that relaxing stay-at-home restrictions would lead to more COVID-19 deaths than they are that the restrictions will hurt the U.S. economy, according to a new national NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll.
I understand that sentiment, but the pollster is missing the larger point.
Of course, we should not be irresponsible and open up too soon.  
At the same time, who is going to pay your mortgage or rent in July?  How much longer can the electric company extend your payment?  How many more direct deposits is the federal government going to make?
Most of us got money in April and federal loans are keeping payrolls intact for now.   We may see a repeat in May.  
Can we realistically expect a government to send money to people sitting at home?  I don’t think so. 
So maybe we should ask a different question:   Are you willing to go back safely to work so that you can stay in your home or keep your lights on?
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A word about April 24

Information about April 24

We say happy # 53 to Omar Vizquel who was born in Venezuela on this day in 1967. Omar was an outstanding shortstop.  However, let's not overlook his bat: .272 BA, 2,877 hits, 456 doubles and a very good .336 On Base Pct.     

Catch our 2016 podcast:  Another anniversary of The Battle of Waterloo with Barry Jacobsen..  CLICK TO LISTEN.     

On Thursday night, we spoke with Richard Baehr, co-founder of American Thinker,about talk of bailing out "blue states":   CLICK HERE TO LISTEN.

And now for a tweet:

Thursday, April 23, 2020

A look at the financial condition of "blue states" with Richard Baehr

A look at the financial condition of "blue states" with Richard Baehr 04/23 by Silvio Canto Jr | Politics:

Guest: Richard Baehr, Chief Political Correspondent American Thinker......We will look at the talk of bailing out 'blue states' after Coronavirus.....and other to listen:

Thursday’s video: Talk of bailing out blue to watch:

New York Taxpayer Post Labor Day Weekend Blues– New Announcements ...

Thursday’s video:
Talk of bailing out blue states....
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Lenin and those very dirty and polluted cities of the old Soviet bloc

Coincidence?  I don’t know. We do know that there is anti-capitalism streak in the environmentalist movement.  Just check out AOC! 
Do any of the people who started “Earth Day” know what Lenin’s ideas did to the environment in communist countries? 
The collapse of the Soviet Union opened up many of those countries enslaved behind what Prime Minister Churchill called “The Iron Curtain.”   
We learned many things: 
  • The economies were really backwards compared to those on our side, i.e. East vs West Germany for example; and, 
  • Their cities were really dirty and polluted. 
While efforts to restore clean air to the United States have met with partial success, there is a far greater ecological disaster brewing in Eastern Europe, a report on worldwide air pollution said today.
The report, issued by the Worldwatch Institute, a Washington-based environmental group, warned that gains in the West are quickly being negated by the unrestricted burning of high-sulfur brown coal and diesel fuel that is blackening cities across Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union.
It was obvious that the communist world was polluted because of a lack of property rights as well as the absence of freedom or the rule of law. It’s no coincidence that democratic states, like the US or Western Europe, are more sensitive to pollution or dirty rivers. In general, elected representatives are more sensitive to the air that their constituents breathe or the water that they drink. 
So is it a coincidence that Earth Day and Lenin’s birthday are on the same day? I don’t know but someone forgot to check what Lenin and the gang did to the water and air in communist countries.    
Maybe they should change the date and remember someone who actually cared about clean water and fresh air. 
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Trump paused immigration

Not surprisingly, U.S. President Donald Trump has signed what he calls a pause to immigration to the United States for 60 days while the country battles with the spread of the covid-19 coronavirus.
This announcement has spurred massive controversy both in the United States and abroad, particularly in Mexico.
But it is important to understand that Trump’s plan is for a pause, not a permanent closing of immigration into the country.
Trump tried to explain this when he first made the announcement.
Nevertheless, the widely expected Democrat response came swiftly, as Forbes published on Tuesday, April 22:  “Trump Slammed For ‘Xenonophic Scapegoating’ after Proposing U.S. Immigration Ban.”
And there were plenty of other headlines that followed.
Another factor that is important to remember is that Trump’s decision is not totally about Mexico (or even about Central American migrants), although, by most accounts, the situation south of the U.S. border is uncertain, to say the least.
As Pulse News Mexico pointed out on Sunday, April 19, when the official death count in Mexico passed the 100-people-a-day mark:
“With 622 new confirmed cases, the number of the total infected in the country had risen to nearly 7,500 on Saturday, (Health Undersecretary Hugo) Lopez-Gatell said, although many medical experts are warning that the incidence of the disease is grossly unreported in Mexico.”
Again, read the line; “grossly unreported.”
My personal and business contacts in Mexico are saying the same thing. In other words, they don’t feel that the United States actually knows the extent of the virus’ spread in Mexico due to a lack of testing and an absence of government accountability regarding cases.
In short, there is no way of knowing whether Mexico will follow in the footsteps of North Dakota or Italy. There simply is no reliable information on which to make a judgement.
The only thing we know for sure is that covid-19 cases are on the rise in Mexico, and without transparency about figures from the Mexican government, there is no telling how widespread the pandemic in Mexico really is.
Given this lack of a clear picture of what is really happening in Mexico in terms of the covid-19 pandemic, Trump’s instincts were right, just as they were right when he banned flights from China in January.
The situation in Tijuana — the most important Mexican border town for both Mexican and Central American migrants entering into the United States — has, according to the Union-Tribune from neighboring San Diego, turned into what health workers there describe as “like a time bomb,” with insufficient beds and equipment and pressure from their superiors to not release accurate figures.
Because of the cramped living conditions that migrants endure — both on the Mexican side of the border and in the United States when they are laboring as farm workers (often living with four to five people to a room), they are particularly vulnerable to contracting the coronavirus.
And since most of them do not have health insurance, if they do fall ill, they become wards of the state, putting even more strain on already-stretched financial and medical resources.
Finally, it seems that the critics of Trump’s bill are overlooking the fine (well, not-so-fine, since it is pretty blatant) print of the president’s bill: The ban only applies to Green Card applicants, not temporary workers.
Since the covid-19 pandemic has hit the United States, more than 22 million American workers have joined the ranks of the unemployed.
With the country hemorrhaging jobs at an unprecedented rate, Trump is simply trying to give priority for what new jobs may appear to people already living in the country and desperate to put food on their tables.
What he is saying is that there is no need to import new permanent workers at this time because there is already a serious glut of potential jobholders.
If House Speaker Nancy Pelosi really does believe that Donald Trump does not have the best interests of the American people at heart, she should call for an emergency vote and stop him.
But my good guess is that she won’t, because a lot of Democrats understand the insanity of open borders in the middle of a pandemic.
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