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Thursday's show: The Trump speech, the memo and DACA now

We will look at more reactions to President Trump's State of the Union speech............the memo and let's get to the bottom of this..........DACA and the immigration other stories...

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Thursday's video: President Trump’s offer about DACA

President Trump has made a very generous offer regarding offers a path to citizenship and tightens up security. It’s time for Democrats to sit down and negotiate......

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A nice speech and an elegant First Lady

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It was a good speech, from the guests to the content to Democrats looking like kids forced to sit in the school auditorium.    
Yet, it was the #NeverTrumper obsession with the First Lady that ranks as the silly story of the night.
Let’s check the news reports:   
First Lady Melania Trump made quite the entrance at husband President Donald Trump’s first State of the Union address on Jan. 30.
Floating down the stairs of the House of Representatives chamber in an ivory Christian Dior pantsuit, white Dolce & Gabbana blouse and nude Christian Louboutin pumps to a standing ovation, her outfit has since sparked great debate.  
Her look has been described as everything from a dig at her husband’s rumored affair with porn star Stormy Daniels (which both she and Trump deny), to an homage to the suffragettes, to just simply a nice wardrobe choice.
Let me tell what I thought of the First Lady:  nice elegant look!
Unfortunately, the Democrats would rather talk about her wearing white to make a political statement or something like that.    
I guess that’s better than talking about the recovering economy or that generic ballot lead that keeps shrinking, now plus 8 in the RCP average.
As for the content, the speech means that the GOP owns the economy and whatever happens with it. I like owning this economy, but there is always a risk. Just ask the Democrats about ObamaCare.
On immigration, President Trump won the security debate two weeks ago and now it’s up to the Dreamers to force Democrats to cut a deal or nothing will happen.  
On infrastructure, President Trump may have to wait until after the midterm election is over. Sadly, the Democrats in that floor will say “no” to anything that he presents.
So it was a good speech and let’s hope for good policy follow up and speculate about what the First Lady will wear next!
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Trump derangement syndrome and the speech

The minimum wage does not help poor people!

And where is the memo?

August 2006: Hispanics don't know what Democrats stand for!

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A post from 2006:

Donald Lambro is a political analyst with The Washington Times. He is a very sharp and I read his stuff often.

Today, Lambro wrote
Democrats fail to win big Hispanic support :
"Democrats still "have a lot of work to do" to explain what they stand for, said a memo from the NDN's Hispanic Strategy Center."
What's new about that?
"Republicans still draw more support on protecting national security and fighting the war on terrorism, the poll found."
What's new about that, too?

Rangers outfielders Willie Calhoun and Leody Taveras

Women buying guns.........

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Guess what happens when cities can not protect citizens?    The answer is this headline:    As More Women Buy Guns, Local Classes Cater To Ladies!    

August 2006: Castro is a coward

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Back in August 2006, Andres Oppenheimer saw Castro in Argentina and wrote Castro's image of bravery doesn't match reality.

Castro is a coward:

"Unlike every other Latin American and Caribbean leader, Castro has not had the guts to allow a free election in 47 years;
Unlike all other Latin American and Caribbean leaders, Castro is the only leader in the region who doesn't have the courage to allow independent political parties. In his island, only one party -- his -- is allowed, and whoever doesn't join it is suspected of being an "anti-social" element. According to the latest Amnesty International report, there are nearly 70 prisoners of conscience in Cuban prisons, while Human Rights Watch puts the figure at 306.
Unlike all other regional leaders, Castro doesn't have the confidence to allow a single independent newspaper, radio or television station, or to allow people with different ideas to even appear on Cuban media. Cuba's laws specifically bar anybody in Cuba from publishing "non-authorized news" abroad, making those who do it liable to "enemy propaganda" charges that carry several years in prison."

Castro is afraid of press conferences:
"When Miami's Channel 41 reporter Juan Manuel Cao asked him at an improvised press conference in Argentina about Hilda Molina, a renowned Cuban doctor who is being denied a permit to visit Argentina to see her son and grandchildren, an infuriated Castro asked the reporter, "Who is paying you?" and later accused him of being "a mercenary" for President Bush."
We know who this man is. He is a coward and a liar. I'm sorry but I cannot say anything good about this despicable character.

Let's call him Raul Castro, dictator

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Let's cut the nonsense about President Castro.    This man was never elected.  It is an insult to call him president of Cuba.  

He is Raul Castro, dictator of Cuba.

Castro has a pending appointment in hell, where he will spend a considerable amount with his brother already down there.

Rangers need another front line pitcher

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The Rangers are adding pitchers but not a front line pitcher.   I am not comfortable with this rotation.   It's time to make someone an offer or tell fans that we are looking beyond 2018.

Illegal drugs coming to the US

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Secretary of State Tillerson is off to Latin America and drug traffic is on the agenda.   This is a report from Robert Charles:   
Today illegal drug trafficking into the U.S. from Latin America is off the charts. Coca production in Colombia is twice what is was just two years ago. 
Mexico is the leading channel for Chinese fentanyl into the U.S. 
And socialist Venezuela – fast collapsing and corrupt – is now turning to trafficking Colombian cocaine to earn badly needed cash.
So it's time to fight the cartels and our consumption.   In other words, cartels are supplying drugs because we demand them.    

It's time to call out Mexico on stuff like this!

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This is sad and Mexico must be held responsible:   
Nearly 200 people from Mexico and Central America were stuffed inside large trucks and caught trying to enter the United States illegally during three huge January smuggling busts that occurred in just nine days.
Officials in southern California said 77 people, including 5 children, were found near the Mexico border Monday packed inside a sweltering truck that had been painted to resemble a UPS truck.
It raises a couple of questions:

1) Who checks what goes out of Mexico?   Are there any controls in place on the Mexico side of the US-Mexico border?

2) Why isn't Mexico doing a better job controlling the human flow from Central America?    This is brutal.

Feel sorry for the poor people found in these trucks.   Nevertheless, it's time to publicly call out Mexico and demand more from their side of the border.

They loved Michael until they fact-checked the book................

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They loved Michael until they fact-checked the book.....not long ago, this book was seen as the latest "smoking gun" to impeach or bring down anti-Trump-ies rushed to pay full price for a copy to find the quote or the detail that would accomplish the mission......they found nothing and now they're stuck with an overvalued book that no one takes seriously.......even "Morning Joe", a principal organ of the "hate Trump" movement challenged's over so I guess that we will wait for the next book........."Liberal media finally turning on 'disgraceful' anti-Trump author Michael Wolff" said Brian Flood.

Be careful about seeing a blue wave..

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