Saturday, October 12, 1974

October 12, 1974: A's beat Orioles in game 4 with only one hit

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On this day in 1974, the A's beat the Orioles in the ALCS to return to the World Series.  They went on to beat LA and win their 3rd title in a row.

In game 4,  the A's took advantage of Mike Cuellar's 9 walks and managed to get a run without a hit.    Later, Reggie Jackson hit a double to left field and the A's got their second run.   The O's rallied in the bottom of the 9th but fell short when Rollie Fingers struck out Don Baylor to put the A's in the World Series.

Here is the box score!

Friday, August 09, 1974

1974: Nixon resigned the presidency

NIXON RESIGNS! | The Mitchell Archives - Original Historic Newspapers
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It was the first week of 
August 1974 when the unthinkable happened: President Richard M. Nixon announced that he had resigned the presidency.   

We say unthinkable because it was the first and only time that a US president had resigned.  He made his announcement on TV the night before and formally resigned at noon on this day in 1974.

As I recall, I rushed home to watch President Nixon’s departure from the White House and President Gerald Ford’s inauguration.  I kept telling myself that I was a witness to history — a resignation and a new president who was never directly elected by voters.
Later my dad came home with a business friend visiting from Venezuela.  We sat down for dinner and the friend commented that it was impressive to watch a transfer of power without tanks or shots.
After the speech and his departure from Washington, President Nixon went into political exile but made a comeback in the 1980's with some great books, one of  them his memoirs, RN.  He became one of the premier foreign-policy statesmen in the world.  
President Nixon died in 1994 and was given a full presidential funeral.  
This is a great book:




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