Thursday, November 30, 2000

1963: The UK version of "I want to hold your hand" was released by The Beatles

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In late November 1963, "I want to hold your hand" was released in the UK.   A few weeks later it was heard in the US.   

By mid-January, the song was # 1 on Billboard and "Beatlemania" was off and running.     The group appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show on February 9th and you know the rest of the story.

In the UK, the B-side was "This boy".   In the US, it was "I saw her standing there".    

A few weeks later, "Meet the Beatles", the first Capitol LP was also released.  

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Wednesday, November 29, 2000

1967: The Beatles and "Magical Mystery Tour"

Where did the time go?    On this day in 1967,  The Beatles released their second LP of the year or "Magical Mystery Tour".     The other one was "Sgt Pepper's".

Side A were songs from the film.   Side B were the 1967 singles, including their new one "Hello Goodbye" already on its way to # 1 on Billboard USA.

The film was horrible, a boring movie about The Beatles going around in a bus.   It was nothing like "Help", "A hard day's night" or later "Yellow submarine".

The soundtrack was very good, specially the title song, "The fool on the hill" and "Your mother should know".    It's surprising that they weren't released as singles in the US.

Rolling Stone ranked this LP as #19 of movie soundtracks.   

So we remember The Beatles and this week in 1967.

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Saturday, October 07, 2000

October 1962: "Love me do" was released today!

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It started many years ago in October 1962. 

John, Paul, George & newcomer Ringo released their first single in the UK.  It made it to the Top 20 and opened the way for bigger songs later. 

In 1963, The Beatles made it to #1 with "Please please me" & "She loves you".  In early 1964, they were performing on The Ed Sullivan Show in New York and Beatlemania was going strong in the US.

In the US, these two songs were included in an LP "The Early Beatles".   In the UK, both songs were in the first LP.

You can hear them here:    "Love me do" & "P.S. I love you".  This is a great book about all of their songs:

Thursday, September 14, 2000

September 1968: "Those were the days" by Mary Hopkin

What were you doing in September 1968?  You were probably listening to "Those were the days", a song by Mary Hopkin.  

The song was in the charts for a long time.  It made it to #2.  It would have probably made it to #1 but "Hey Jude" by The Beatles was the song of the year.

Mary Hopkin had a few other hits but this was her signature song.  You always think of Mary Hopkin when you hear this song in the radio.

Click here for "Those were the days", a truly nice song!

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Sunday, June 25, 2000

1966: "Paperback writer" by The Beatles was # 1 this week

It's a shame that I did not save all of those wonderful 45 cover photos.   My guess is that this one is quite a collector's item.   After all, George and John are shown playing the guitar as lefties.    

"Paperback writer" was one of the group's finest 45's.   The B-side of "Rain" was a sign of things to come.   

The two songs were introduced on The Ed Sullivan Show in 2 fantastic promo films.    They were available on YouTube but no more.

The Beatles released 3 LPs between Christmas 1965 and the summer of 1966.   However,  "Paperback writer", or the B-side of "Rain", were not included in the US versions of "Rubber Soul", "Yesterday and today" or "Revolver".     

Why wasn't this 45 included in the "Revolver" LP?   It seems to fit that one beautifully.   

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Sunday, March 12, 2000

We remember Jim "The Toy Cannon" Wynn (1942-2020)

We remember Jim Wynn, who was born in Cincinnati in 1942 and died in 2020.

Jim broke with Houston in 1963 and became a regular in 1965 when the Astrodome opened.   

Over the next 10 years, he hit 223 HR in arguably the ultimate pitcher's park in baseball.   His best season was 1967:  37 HR & 107 RBI.

Later, he played a couple of years in Los Angeles and made it to the 1974 World Series.  He hit 32 HR & 108 RBI for NL Champion LA Dodgers.

Wynn retired with 291 HR & 964 RBI.   
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Sunday, February 06, 2000

1964: "I want to hold your hand" by The Beatles was # 1 this week

Beatlemania officially began with "I want to hold your hand" jumping to # 1 on Billboard.    

A week later, The Beatles landed in New York for The Ed Sullivan Show.  To say the least, pop music would never be the same!

In the US, the B-side was "I saw her standing there", a song from the first LP in the UK.    In the UK, it was "This boy", a song featured on "Meet The Beatles", the first US LP.

"I want to hold your hand" was # 1 for seven weeks.   It was one of the best selling singles of the pop era.    And it is also now available in a digital format.

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We remember Babe Ruth (1895-1948)

George Herman "Babe" Ruth was born in Baltimore on this day in 1895.  

Ruth came along at a very opportune time for the game and the business of baseball.  Baseball was in deep trouble after the White Sox scandal and fans soured on the game.

The "Black Sox" scandal was a complicated story but the Commissioner had no choice but to ban the players.  The biggest tragedy of the commissioner's decision is that we never got to see "Shoeless" Jackson play a full career in the majors.

Ruth put fans in the seats.  He made baseball fun again and became a legendary American hero. 

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1911: President Reagan born on this day

We remember that Ronald Reagan was born on this day in 1911.   His birthplace was Tampico, Illinois. 

Like many of you, I became a conservative because of the Reagan 1976 campaign and eventual election to the presidency in 1980.   He is still one of the most popular presidents in recent memory.   

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