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Tuesday's podcast: Campus madness and Biden response


Tuesday's podcast: Campus madness and Biden response

Tuesday's video: Campus madness and Biden response

Tuesday's video: 
 Campus madness and Biden response...........


It turns out that the young care about the economy, too

It turns out that the young care about the economy, too: Another poll, and more good news for former President Trump.  It turns out that young people care about the economy, too.  Via RedState, this is the story: A Reuters/Ipsos poll in March showed Americans age 18-29 favoring Biden…..
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The last player from the Negro League hit his first major league homer in 1954

(My new American Thinker post)

There are many angles to the Hank Aaron story.  He retired with 755 home runs and passed Babe Ruth in 1974.  He was an amazing player who was always around the top of the league in HRs, hits and batting average.  And he could play defense too.  

I finally got to see him play in 1971 when the Braves came to Milwaukee for an exhibition game.

We remember that Aaron hit his first home run off of Vic Raschi on April 23rd  in 1954

However, his greatest accomplishment is something that few people talk about.  Aaron was the last player from The Negro Leagues to play in the major leagues.   

I think that it's fitting that the man who broke the cherished home run record was the last player from the old Negro Leagues.  It was the perfect way to close a sad chapter and begin one where all Americans could play ball.

It was also landmark moment in the progress that we've made on civil rights.

Sadly, too many self appointed civil rights leaders promote victim-hood or don't want us to see the progress we've made.  Yet, the progress is all around us.   We see successful African Americans, from my sons' outstanding high school principal to the wonderful athletes who dominate sports to the growing number of entrepreneurs.

It's not perfect and indeed a work in progress.   But a lot of progress has been made.   

After all, the man who beat Babe Ruth's record was the last man who played in the Negro Leagues.

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