Tuesday, October 25, 2005

President Reagan and Grenada 1983

Back in October 1983, I was in Mexico City visiting some clients.

On the day of the Grenada invasion, I attended a scheduled lunch at a local chamber of commerce. There were several Mexican businessmen and politicians at my table.  

We quickly started talking about the news of the day; President Reagan's decision to invade Grenada.

Grenada was a small island where US citizens were attending medical school. Most people had never heard of Grenada or the Cuban efforts to turn the island into a communist beachhead, an important runway for Soviet MIGs.

However, the Reagan administration had their eye on Grenada for some time. They knew the strategic importance of Grenada and its proximity to The Panama Canal. 

As I sat down to have lunch, I found their reactions to be surprising, especially given Mexico's criticism of US support of the UK in the Falklands the year before.

I prepared myself for a lot of criticism of President Reagan and "Yankee imperialists." To my pleasant surprise, I heard the exact opposite:

1) One politician directly said: "Carter would have never done this! He would have been afraid";

2) A businessman said: "This is why I love Reagan....the man is "un lider", i.e. a leader;

My favorite one came from one prominent Mexican politician who gave me the thumbs up and said: Reagan 1, Castro 0!

After the lunch meeting, I walked back to my office trying to understand their reactions.

I came to one conclusion: People like to see US leadership and determination. They want a strong president because a weak US president is such a lousy alternative.

Thank you President Reagan for pushing Fidel Castro back and giving communism a major defeat!

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Sunday, October 16, 2005

The Everly Brothers are the right choice for # 1 duo of all time

Rolling Stone magazine just released their Top 20 music duos.    

The list will take you back, specially when you see "Sonny & Cher" at # 18, "The Carpenters" at # 10 and "Simon & Garfunkel" at # 3.  

For sure The Everly Brothers are # 1.

Phil and Don Everly were a huge influence in the music that followed them or the 1960s.

"All I have to do is dream" was one of their big hits.

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Sunday, October 09, 2005

Che: Burning in hell since 1967!

Image result for che images 
Che Guevara, the fellow on all those t-shirts at the left-wing rally, was captured and executed many years ago this week.
By 1965, Che faded from public life.  He reappeared in 1966 in Bolivia where he hoped to bring about a revolution.
In October 1967, he was captured and executed by Bolivian troops.
Che subsequently became “the image” on all those t-shirts.  He became the ultimate anti-U.S. symbol, the image that every left-wing group goes to when its members have a gripe against the U.S.
Ironically, he was captured because the campaign in Bolivia failed miserably.  It failed for two reasons, as Humberto Fontova explained in “Exposing the real Che”:
1) Bolivia was not Cuba; and,
2) The natives in Bolivia never bought into the idea that a white guy from Argentina was there to save them.  In the end, it was the villagers he was trying to “liberate” who turned him in.  Again, the Bolivian campaign was a total failure.
Che was a murderer and a man who said awful things about blacks and Mexicans.  It’s hard to see how any liberal in the West would dare wear his image on a t-shirt!
He has been burning in hell since 1967.  Let him burn!
This is a great book.
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1967: Che is still burning in hell after all of these years

Image result for che guevara dead images
Back in 1967, Che was captured and executed. 
His “revolution” in Bolivia failed miserably, in large part because he couldn’t get local support or fight well-trained soldiers. 
What was Che doing in Bolivia?  Why did he disappear in 1965 and then show up in Bolivia?  There are lots of potential reasons, as my friend Humberto Fontova wrote in his great book Exposing the Real Che Guevara: And the Useful Idiots Who Idolize Him.
Who knows for sure?  Perhaps a Raul Castro memoir may shed some light on the issue. Don’t bet on it!
Once again, let me say it over and over again: If you love Che, you do not love freedom.
One of my favorite quotes about Che came from William Meyers:
“Che’s picture was certainly not displayed during the Solidarity protests in Poland in the 1980s or in the Tiananmen Square demonstration in China in 1989, when men and women genuinely hazarded their lives for freedom.”
That’s right.
Che continues to be very popular with the anti-U.S. crowd. He is not very respected by those who lived under communism, such as the Polish workers or Chinese dissidents.
Che was a killer. He did not hold a single election or tolerate any dissent. 

Sunday, October 02, 2005

We remember Groucho Marx (1890-1977)

Image result for groucho marx
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Julius Henry Marx was born in New York City on October 2, 1890.    Later, he and the Marx Brothers made us laugh and laugh.    
Like many of you, I discovered The Marx Brothers in college.   I fell in love with their humor and watched several of their movies over and over again.    
My favorite is “A night at the opera” but the others are great, too!




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