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The debate was a disaster for all plus Roger Maris hit # 61 in '61

The debate was a disaster for all plus Roger Maris hit # 61 in '61 10/01 by Silvio Canto Jr | Politics:

Another look back at debate # 1......the debate fell apart after the first segment........NBA ratings way down.......Roger Maris 1961........
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Thursday’s video: Debates and elections

Do away with the moderators and open up the phone lines

Trump tried to bully Biden in first debate but he wasn't having it -  Business Insider

We will remember this debate for 3 reasons:

1) President Trump is often too aggressive.  I understand that some people love that but interruptions are different than challenging your opponent;
2) Former Vice President Biden did not answer specific questions.  How can a candidate avoid the "court packing" or "filibuster" questions?  This is insane and the moderator should have called him on it.  
He called Antifa an "idea."  Can he explain that to the spouses of police officers getting bricks thrown at them?  
He disowned the Sanders' Manifesto without removing it from his platform.  Wonder how excited the left is this morning?
3) Chris Wallace blew it.  Doesn't he know the difference between "absentee ballots" and just mailing out ballots to registered voters in some list that has not been cleaned up?  
To be fair, I'm not sure that anyone would have done better than Mr. Wallace.  He should have asked a question and let the candidates go at each other.  Instead, he micro-managed and lost control.
It leaves me with one conclusion:  Drop the moderators and let the American voters phone in their questions.  Open up the phone lines and let Americans question the candidates. 
My guess is that the questions will be better and there won't be a moderator to blame.
Who won?  I'll give it to Trump on points, but drop the moderators, please.

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Baseball memories: Roger Maris hits # 61 & Willie Mays makes "the catch"

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Let's remember two of baseball's greatest moments and players.

First, the Willie Mays' catch in the 1954 World Series.  

It introduced Willie Mays to the world and gave the center field position a whole new meaning.  

I finally got to see Willie Mays play in 1972 when our family visited friends in New York.  He was no longer a regular and could not do what he used to on the field.  It was still a thrill to say that I got to watch him play.  I can tell my sons that I got to see Willie Mays run to center field or come to bat.

Willie Mays is the greatest player ever.  He was the ultimate 5-tool player and still the gold standard when it comes to playing center field.  

It's a shame that we did not have the ESPN Top 10 back then.  Mays would have been on the highlights every day.

The second memory is Roger Maris hitting # 61 on the last day of the 1961 season.  

Maris was very young when he died from cancer in 1985.  He did not live to see the McGwire-Sosa home run chase of 1998 or the removal of that stupid "asterisk" next to his name on the record books.

Mays and Maris, two of my favorites:   

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