Thursday, January 02, 2020

Happy 2020 plus Iran in Iraq plus Cuba 1959

Happy 2020 plus Iran in Iraq plus Cuba 1959 01/02 by Silvio Canto Jr | Politics:

2020 is here and President Trump sits in a strong position.....Iran and the US Embassy in Iraq.......Julian Castro is out..........Don Larson 1929-2020........Cuba 1959....and other to listen:

Thursday’s video: Welcome to 2020....

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Thursday’s video:
Welcome to 2020.....
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We remember Don Larsen (1929-2020)

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We learned that Don Larsen passed away.  He was 90.  Larsen was born in Michigan City, Indiana, back in 1929.

Don played 14 seasons with various teams: 81-91 with a 3.78 ERA.

His big moment was a perfect game against the Dodgers in the 1956 World Series.

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1788: Georgia ratified US Constitution

The beautiful state of Georgia said "yes" today to the new Constitution.  

Over time, Georgia would play a huge role in the South's history, specially the Battle of Atlanta depicted in "Gone with the wind". 

It is the home Coca Cola, great peanuts and peaches.   

Also, I believe that Jimmy Carter is the only president born in Georgia.

Happy # 57 David Cone

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David Cone was born in Kansas City on this day in 1963. 

Cone broke with KC in 1986 but was traded to the Mets.   A couple of years later, he was 20-3 with a 2.22 ERA with the AL East champion New York Mets.    He pitched for Toronto, NY Yankees, KC and Boston.

Cone had a great pitching career:  194 wins with an excellent 3.46 ERA.   He won 20 games twice and The Cy Young Award in 1994.   He was 8-3 over 15 series appearances.    Finally, he pitched a perfect game against Montreal in 1999.

Should he go to The Hall of Fame?   Probably not but he has great numbers;




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