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1967 Dallas vs Green Bay: A great game known as The Ice Bowl

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1944: "Frenchman's Creek" a.k.a. the lady and her pirate?

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Thanks to TCM, we got to catch "Frenchman's Creek", a 1944 romance between a beautiful lady and a pirate.    I had seen this movie a couple of times before.   

You pick something new every time.    

What can we better than that?  The story of an aristocratic English woman who falls in love with a French pirate.     The cast is Joan Fontaine (the pretty lady), Arturo de C√≥rdova, Basil Rathbone, Cecil Kellaway, and Nigel Bruce. 

It was based on a book but I have not read it.   

What's the best part?   No political correctness!   No preaching about global warming, identity politics, colonialism or the EPA claiming that cannons are causing environmental damage.

And Joan Fontaine looks stunningly beautiful in those dresses!

A chat with Matt Baldoni about his career and the Australian Bee Gees

Monday, December 30, 2019

Happy # 82 Paul Stookey of Peter Paul & Mary

We wish a very happy birthday to Paul Stookey of the legendary folk group, Peter, Paul & Mary:
"In 1961, Stookey was the emcee, comedian and occasional singer at Gaslight, a club in Greenwich Village. One night, he was approached by Albert Grossman, a manager, who asked him if he was interested in joining a new folk trio. He initially said that he wasn't, but afterMary Travers and Peter Yarrow went to his apartment and the three sang together, Peter, Paul and Mary was born."
And the rest is history:

A word about Davy Jones, 1945-2012

We remember Davy Jones who was born in the UK on this day in 1945.

We heard in March 2012 that Davy Jones passed away in Florida

Davy Jones was one of The Monkees, the pop group that had a bunch of hits for a couple of years in the late 1960's. 

Davy was the girls' favorite.  I remember that my sister had Davy Jones posters on her wall.  She was a huge fan of the group's music and their weekly TV series.

The Monkees sold millions of records.   They were actually a pretty good group and I liked many of their songs, too.  However, their success faded as the TV show went off the air.

Davy was the lead vocalist on "Daydream Believer", a # 1 song in December 1967. 

He also sang lead on "A little bit me, a little bit you", another chart topper from March '67 and the second Neil Diamond tune recorded by the group.  (The other was "I'm a believer")

We remember Irene Sendler (1910-2008)

We live in a crazy world.   

It's nice to remember those who did something unusual, especially someone who saved the lives of others.

Irena Sendler died in Poland in 2008. She was 96. Her story is amazing:
"When Germany invaded Poland in the fall of 1939, Sendler was just shy of her 30th birthday.

"The whole of Poland was drowning in blood, but the Jewish nation was suffering the most, with the Jewish children the most vulnerable," she recalled. Sendler and a group of friends in the Warsaw municipality's social welfare department started producing false documents to provide Jews in the ghetto with monetary assistance that the Germans had cut off."
Like so many others, Mrs. Sendler stood up to evil. She risked her life so that others could live.

Mrs. Sendler leaves a great legacy of heroism and dedication to mankind. 

2006: Saddam executed in Iraq

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Saddam Hussein, the deposed dictator of Iraq, did not make it to the New Year: Saddam was executed on this day in 2006.   He argued with the guards before the execution, according to some news reports.

In my book, Saddam should have been removed in '98.  This is when he expelled the UN inspectors. Saddam gave the world the middle finger and made a mockery out of the UN, the cease-fire and the rule of law. On top of that, he was shooting at US/UK planes enforcing the UN resolutions and paying $25,000 to the families of terrorists blowing up Israelis.

Why did Saddam do all of this?  Because he knew that President Clinton would not take him out.  

The story finally ended on this day in 2006.

P.S. I thought that President Bush made a very good case for removing Hussein:

Sunday, December 29, 2019

We remember Ray Thomas (1941-2018)

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We just heard that Ray Thomas, one of the founding members of The Moody Blues, passed away in 2018.   He was 76.   

Thomas was born on this day in 1941 and with the group when they recorded classics like "Nights in white satin" & "My lady".

The Orioles 1979-83, the best team in the AL

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We remember one of the best teams in recent AL history, the 1979-83 Orioles.    There were future Hall of Fame players on that squad:  Jim Palmer, Eddie Murray & Cal Ripken.   There were some great players, like Mark Belanger, Al Bumbry, and Ken Singleton.   The pitching staff included Scott McGregor, Dennis Martinez & Mike Flannagan.

They were a great team:

December 1957: Pat Boone's "April Love" was # 1

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In 1957, Elvis Presley and Pat Boone were the two most popular vocalists.   Elvis was the king of rock and Pat was the king of romantic tunes.    
On this day in 1957, it was Pat's turn to sit in the # 1 spot with "April Love".   He displaced Elvis' "Jailhouse Rock" from the top of the charts.

You can get it here!      It was based on a movie of the same name, although the song was more memorable than the film!

Friday, December 27, 2019

1932: Radio Music Hall opened in New York City

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Have you ever been to Radio Music Hall in New York City?  

It opened on this day in 1932.   

Since then, over 300 million people have watched shows, movies, concerts and other events.   

One of the great landmarks of New York City.    

It was the brainchild of John D Rockfeller, Jr.   

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We remember Marion Pritchard (1920-2016)

We remember  Marion Pritchard who died this week in 2016.  

She was one of those people who left her mark in the 20th century:

In the spring of 1942, Ms. Pritchard was a social work student who had been imbued by her father, a judge, with a strong sense of outrage about the injustices perpetrated against the Jews during the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands. 
One day, she recalled, as she was riding her bicycle to class, she saw Nazis at the children’s home “picking up the kids by an arm or a leg or by the hair” and throwing them into a truck.
“Well, I stopped my bike and looked,” she said in an oral history recorded in 1984 by the United States Holocaust Memorial Council. 
“Two other women coming down on the street got so furious, they attacked the German soldiers, and they just picked the women up and threw them in the truck after the kids.   “I just stood there,” she added. “I’m one of those people who sat there and watched it happen.”
To save and shelter Jews, Ms. Pritchard registered Jewish infants as her own children and found safe, non-Jewish homes for them. She helped feed Jews and get them ration cards. 
She secured false identification papers to help them avoid capture by the Nazis, and found medical care for children through a friendly pediatrician.
Sometimes her role was simply to be one in a line of rescuers who handed Jewish children to someone else, who would then lead them out of danger. 
By her estimate, she helped rescue 150 Jews.
We call people like Marion heroes, some of the real heroes of the 20th century.

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1995: Remember when the Bush tollway opened up?

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Around 1995, the North Texas area started construction of the Pres. George Bush Tollway.   (Of course, we are talking about the first Bush, or Bush 41!)

It was a great idea and connected the northern segment of what we call the "Metroplex".

We are so used to taking Bush today that many not remember when it was Trinity Mills Road connecting the Dallas Tollway with I-35 to the west.

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Thursday, December 26, 2019

Was that really Sammy Davis on "The Rifleman"?

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"The Rifleman" is one of my all time favorite shows.    I catch a lot of shows on Saturdays on AMC and MeTV.    Today, I was surprised to see Sammy Davis 

After a little research, I learned that Sammy Davis played the role of Wade Randall.    

I won't tell you how it ended!   It was really interesting to see him in a Western role.

2008: The Clarence and Mayme Vail story

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In 2008, we read this awesome story from Minnesota:
"Clarence, 101, and Mayme Vail, 99, celebrated their 83rd anniversary Sunday, possibly making them the longest married couple alive in the United States." 
Shortly after that, we learned that Clarence passed away.    A few years later, Mayme died at age 102.

They referred to themselves as a couple of "teenagers who fell in love". 

Here is one for Clarence & Mayme:


2010: Remember when it was patriotic to march and call Pres Bush names?

This is a post from 2010.

We continue to watch the other side go into commotion over placards or criticisms of Pres BO.

A few years ago, Professor VD Hanson posted:
Five Lies We Live With
"I fear “civility” does not mean one should not write novels or produce movies contemplating murdering George Bush — that’s sort of an understandable agitprop art 
“Civility” does not mean the New York Times should not give discounts to run ads in wartime like “General Betray Us.”

That’s needed dissidence.

Civility does not suggest that a Sen. Durbin, or Sen. Kerry, or Sen. Kennedy not use inflammatory language that compares our own troops or personnel to terrorists, Nazis, Pol Pot, Stalinists, or Saddam Hussein’s torturers; that most certainly in not uncivil.

And it was certainly not impolite for Rep. Stark to call President Bush a “liar.”
That’s needed dissidence. 
Civility does not suggest that a Sen. Durbin, or Sen. Kerry, or Sen. Kennedy not use inflammatory language that compares our own troops or personnel to terrorists, Nazis, Pol Pot, Stalinists, or Saddam Hussein’s torturers; that most certainly in not uncivil.
And it was certainly not impolite for Rep. Stark to call President Bush a “liar.”

2005: Mark Felt or "Deep throat" followed the money!

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We learned in 2005 that Mark Felt was the famous "Deep throat" of Watergate.   He was well known for saying follow the money!

After the disclosure of his identity, Felt tried to "follow the money" and make a few bucks by writing a book.

Did many buy the book? I don't think so.

What are we going to learn from reading another book about Watergate?  Not much!

P.S. Woodward & Bernstein got back together and wrote a book about "Deep throat":

Wednesday, December 25, 2019

We remember Rod Sterling (1924-1975)

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We remember Rod Sterling who was born in Syracuse, NY, on this day in 1924.  He died in 1975.

Most of us grew up watching "The Twilight Zone", one of my all-time favorite TV shows.

We remember Clara Barton (1821-1912)

We remember Clara Barton who was born in Massachusetts on this day in 1821.  She died in 1912.

During her travels to Europe, she saw the work of the Swiss Red Cross over there.  She was inspired to start the organization in the US.
On May 21, 1881, Clara Barton and others started the branch in Washington DC.

We remember a great humanitarian and organization.
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We remember Jack Hamilton (1938-2018)

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Remember reading that Jack Hamilton passed away.   He was born on this day in 1938.

Hamilton bounced around with several major league teams:   32-40 with a 4.53 ERA & 20 saves for Mets, Angels, Pirates, Indians, Tigers and White Sox.

We remember Hamilton for one pitch:   
In 1967, while playing for the Angels, an errant inside pitch struck and damaged the eye of Boston Red Sox star Conigliaro.
"It was a high fastball," Hamilton told The Associated Press in 1987. "He didn't move at all. He didn't even flinch, jerk his head or anything. It was hard to sit there and take a pitch like that."
Tony C was never the same after that pitch.   His brilliant, and I would argue Hall of Fame career, was over at 23.   Terrible moment.

After baseball, Hamilton became a very successful businessman and owned several restaurants.

Monday, December 23, 2019

1951: The first NFL title game on national TV

The LA Rams beat the Cleveland Browns in the 1951 NFL title game.    The final score was 24-17.     

The Rams scored 10 points in the 4th quarter to win the game.

It was also the first televised NFL title game ever.    You can catch the game here.

Happy # 84 Paul Hornung

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We say happy # 84 to the great Paul Hornung.    He played with the Packers from 1957 to 1966, winning 4 NFL titles and the first Super Bowl.  

Paul scored 760 points in nine seasons on 62 TD, 190 PATs and 66 FG.     On top of that, he gained 3,711 yards rushing and 1,480 yards on pass receptions.

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Happy # 77 Jerry Koosman

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Jerry Koosman was born in Appleton, Minnesota, on this day in 1942.   He broke with the Mets in 1967 and was part of that young pitching staff that included Tom Seaver and Nolan Ryan, 

He won 19 in 1968 and 17 in 1969, or the year that the Mets beat the Orioles in the World Series.   

Koosman was 140-137 with the Mets with a 3.09 ERA & 109 complete games, or an indication that he pitched well with a lot of bad teams.    He was traded to the Twins and won 39 games in 3 seasons.

Overall, Koosman won 222 with a career 3.36 ERA.    Wonder how many games he would have won with better teams?   My guess is that it would have at least 275 games and we'd be talking about Koosman in the Hall of Fame.

Great left hander!

Sunday, December 22, 2019

The week in review with Bill Katz, the editor of Urgent Agenda

The week in review with Bill Katz, the editor of Urgent Agenda 12/22 by Silvio Canto Jr | Politics:

Guest: Bill Katz, the editor of Urgent Agenda.......The impeachment vote but what happens to the articles now?........the politics of impeachment......the 2020 Democrats debate again......and other stories.......click to listen:

We remember Rep. Jim Wright (1922-2015)

(My new American Thinker post)

Once upon a time, there were men like Jim Wright representing Texas and the Democratic Party.  It really wasn't that long ago, although it feels like centuries when you listen to the class warfare peddled by people with a "D" next to their names.

Jim Wright died this week, and we remember him fondly around here.  The Dallas Morning News's obituary tells the story:
"Former U.S. House Speaker Jim Wright, who died Wednesday at age 92, was an old-school politician, a consummate Democrat who could extend a hand in bipartisanship, but also would pull no punches for his beloved Texas and Fort Worth.He would spare no energy, for example, if it meant winning a defense contract for a Fort Worth company, helping out a constituent in need or corralling federal money to redevelop the Stockyards. He did everything with a workmanlike determination that made him a formidable opponent.With political muscle and grit, he pushed through his namesake Wright Amendment, which for decades restricted flights from Love Field to land only at airports in Texas or four adjoining states. While in 1980 it protected a then fledgling Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport from competition, over the decades it became contentious — until it was lifted last year. But that was Jim Wright." 
His career ended poorly in 1989 when he had to resign over ethics violations.  However, I remember a man who was all about helping and bringing money to Texas.   

There is not a single Democrat representing Texas in Washington with Wright's standing or stature.  It speaks well of the late Mr. Wright and very poorly of his party today.

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Saturday, December 21, 2019

December 21, 1945: General Patton killed in accident in Germany

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Guest:   Barry Jacobsen, military historian and blogger.............we will continue our series of World War II episodes...
Today we will look back at the winter of 1942-43, Manstein's Miracle in Russia, and the Rise of Patton.............
Click to listen:

Happy # 79 Ray Hildebrand (Paul & Paula)

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"Hey Paula" was one of the greatest "teen love" pop songs ever recorded. 

They were Ray Hilderbrand and Jill Jackson who met in college in Brownwood, TX.    

 Ray was born in Joshua, TX, on this day in 1940.

Eventually, they recorded the song and it was #1 in the US for the entire month of February 1963......a real pop classic! 

They broke up a few years later and went on their separate ways.  However, they do get together once in a while to sing "Hey Paula".

Christmas 1971: John Lennon and "Happy Christmas"

Image result for john lennon happy xmas images

By Christmas 1971, all four Beatles had active solo careers.   John had just released his "Imagine" LP and the title song had been a best seller around the world.    

He followed that with a happy Christmas song with a very strong anti-war message.   

It was called Happy Xmas (War Is Over):

Friday, December 20, 2019

Christmas 2019 with Frank Burke, author & businessman

Christmas 2019 with Frank Burke, author & businessman 12/20 by Silvio Canto Jr | Current Events:

Guest: Frank Burke, businessman and author......We will talk about Christmas 2019 and Happy New Year 2020................

Merry Christmas and happy new year

One liberal columnist has a message for Dems

We’ve been reporting that impeachment is a losing proposition for Democrats.
Add Chris Cillizza to the list calling on Democrats to cut their losses and change the subject. He cites recent public opinion polls:
But what the trend line in recent weeks suggests is that the intense focus on impeachment has marginally helped, not hurt Trump. The change in public opinion is slight, yes. And it may well be temporary. But for the moment, it’s the sort of thing that has to make Democrats a little (and maybe more than a little) nervous about the path they have chosen.
Yes, the trend line is not good for Democrats.  President Trump may have been re-elected when the speaker wore a black dress and read the Pledge of Alliance.
Speaker Pelosi made several mistakes here:
1. She bought the nonsense that the Ukraine phone call would crack Republican support.  She would have enjoyed more success with a censure resolution condemning the phone call.
2. The hearings were so one-sided that they did not change the needle.
3. She missed an opportunity to pull the plug on impeachment this week.  She could have pulled it off the schedule until further notice.
Speaker Pelosi is now living the partisan nightmare she warned us about a few months ago.  In other members, no Republicans joined Democrats in voting for impeachment.
I wonder if Speaker Pelosi wishes she’d done this very differently!  My guess is yes.
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The Boston Tea Party story fascinated this Cubanito years ago

Image result for boston tea party images

Like many of you, I found US history fascinating. One of my favorite stories was The Boston Tea Party of 1773.
“On this day in 1773, a group of Massachusetts colonists disguised as Mohawk Indians board three British tea ships moored in Boston Harbor and dump 342 chests of tea into the water.
Now known as the “Boston Tea Party,” the midnight raid was a protest of the Tea Act of 1773, a bill enacted by the British parliament to save the faltering British East India Company by greatly lowering its tea tax and granting it a virtual monopoly on the American tea trade. The low tax allowed the company to sell its tea even more cheaply than that smuggled into America by Dutch traders.
Many colonists viewed the act as yet another example of Britain’s taxation tyranny.”
Yes they did. A few years later, those colonists declared their independence from The British crown. The story fascinated me and inspired this young “cubanito” to learn everything about this wonderful nation that welcomed us.

Thursday, December 19, 2019

Impeachment and the other stories of the day with Leslie Eastman

Impeachment and the other stories of the day with Leslie Eastman 12/19 by Silvio Canto Jr | Politics:

Guest: Leslie Eastman, contributor to Legal Insurrection....... We will be covering the news of today from impeachment to Merry Christmas.... and other stories............click to listen:

Thursday’s video: What’s next for impeachment?

Image result for impeachment cartoons

Thursday’s video:
What’s next for impeachment?
Click to watch:

The money is on Trump

Image result for trump images
There are polls and then there are people who put their money where their mouth is.
According to a report, the money shows President Trump reelected:    
In the latest evidence that weeks of impeachment hearings did little to hurt him, the betting odds that President Trump will win reelection next year are nearly his best ever.
After two House committees held hearings, prompting House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to schedule an impeachment vote this week, Trump stands at an even 1-1 chance of keeping his office in 2020.
Only Joe Biden, at 5-1, is challenging him, according to gambling site Betonline.ag.
“Trump continues to inspire bettors to take action despite the impeachment process and Greta Thunberg feud,” Dave Mason of BetOnline said in sharing the odds with Secrets.
We will see.  Nevertheless, the people putting up their money must be betting that the U.S. economy and a Democrat Party in disarray will pave the way for a Trump victory.
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1997: The Titanic movie released in the US

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We remember another anniversary of "Titanic", the 1997 movie that filled theaters here and just about everywhere else.

To be clear, I saw the movie one time and bits and pieces here and there on TV.

My grade is a "C-plus" for the story and an "A" for the choreography.   The scene about the ship sinking is stunning.   The views of the ship sailing across the ocean were superb.

Will there be another "Titanic" movie?   My guess is "yes".

December 1972: Apollo 17 and the last mission to the moon

Image result for apollo 17 images
On December 1972, Apollo 17 turned out to be the last lunar mission:
"The Apollo lunar-landing program ends on December 19, 1972, when the last three astronauts to travel to the moon splash down safely in the Pacific Ocean. Apollo 17 had lifted off from Cape Canaveral, Florida, 10 days before."
Who would have believed that years ago?  I certainly did not!

The moon landing program was one of our greatest accomplishments.  

First, we beat the USSR to the moon.   By the way, that was no small feat considering the the Soviets had an early start with Sputnik in 1957.

Second, we expanded technology and showed the world that the US was indeed a superpower.  NASA's scientists and engineers gave us computers, calculators and paved the way for what we have today.

Will we go back to the moon?  I don't know for sure.  However, it is hard to believe that we spent the 1960's committed to a lunar program and then just pulled the plug.

1921: Judge Landis makes it "best of 7 not 9"

Image result for judge landis images
On this day in 1921, Judge Landin, the Baseball Commissioner, cast the tie-breaking vote to make The World Series "a best of 7 not a best of 9 series".    It happened because some owners wanted to bring back the "best of 9" format.

It raises some interesting questions:

1) How many 5-game sweeps would we have had?   My guess is none.   It's very difficult for a team to lose 4 but imagine 5?

2) How many more games would Yogi Berra or Mickey Mantle have played in?

3) How many HRs would Mantle have hit?   He hit 18 but my guess is that he would have hit 25 in "a best of 9" format.

Anyway, I am happy that it is "a best of 7" series.    However, "a best of 9" would have probably allowed a few teams to come back from a 3-1 deficit, such as the 1969 Orioles.

Speaking of Judge Landis, he was quite a Commissioner:




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