Monday, December 08, 2014

Greg Orman got a lot of Democrat Money....didn't he?

During the election, many of us suspected that Greg Orman was a favorite of many Democrats in Kansas and especially elsewhere. We saw something like this in Montana 2012, when incumbent Democrat won and in the Virginia governor's race.

We learned today that Mr. Orman got lots of Democrat money, according to Bloomberg:
"Senate Majority PAC, a Democratic super-PAC run by former political advisers to Majority Leader Harry Reid, sent about $1.5 million to two super-PACs that promoted businessman Greg Orman, who was running as an independent and refused to identify with which party he would caucus. Orman was ultimately unsuccessful in his campaign to unseat Republican incumbent Pat Roberts.   
Senate Majority PAC sent $1.31 million to Committee to Elect an Independent Senate in five installments beginning on (you guessed it) Oct. 16, the start of the veiled disclosure period. The Reid-aligned PAC also sent $151,000 on Nov. 3-4 to Kansans Support Problem Solvers, which also backed Orman.  Orman and Democratic groups kept each other at arm's length, at least publicly, in a state that has a generic Republican lean. Self-inflicted wounds by Roberts and his rusty campaign operation contributed to the senator's vulnerability. Roberts wound up winning by an unexpectedly large margin of 10 percentage points after overhauling his campaign team, sharpening his campaign message around opposition to President Barack Obama and Reid, and riding the Republican wave.   
Committee to Elect an Independent Senate also received $1 million from Michael Bloomberg, the former New York City mayor who is the founder and majority owner of Bloomberg Politics parent company Bloomberg LP."
It's not illegal, as far as I know.  Politics is about winning and you gotta do what you gotta do.

There are two big lessons for the GOP voters: 

1) A vote for a "libertarian" is a vote for the Democrat, no matter how much of a RINO you think that the Republican is.  The good things about RINOs is that he is not a Democrat, as we learned when all those "centrists" who went along with Obama Care; and

2) A vote for an independent is a wasted vote, as we learned in Virginia when Mr. McAuliffe was elected governor. The independent is not going to win, no matter how ideological pure you think that he is.

It worked out well in Kansas, primarily because it is such a red state. Beware of the next "independent". He will likely caucus with the Democrats!

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