Saturday, July 14, 2018

Saturday's show: A few thoughts about Trump in Europe and other stories of the day

Saturday's video: Trump in Europe

Saturday's video:  Trump in Europe....

Will we have an ‘Abolish ICE’ vote?

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Don’t get your hopes up, but wouldn’t it be nice, as the Beach Boys’ song goes. According to news reports, some GOP representatives want to bring up the slogan “Abolish ICE” to a vote:   
House GOP leaders plan to bring a Democratic measure calling for the abolishment of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to the House floor, hoping to force Democrats into a difficult vote.
The Democratic bill, introduced Thursday, would create a commission to examine ICE’s responsibilities and then recommend transferring them to other agencies.
Republicans see the growing “abolish ICE” movement as a political winner that will make at least some Democrats running in swing districts uncomfortable.
My guess is that it won’t happen, but I like the idea.
The Democrats are playing politics with ICE. On one hand, they attack ICE to pander to the left, perhaps the most important component of their enthusiasm. On the other, Democrats running for re-election is red states, or in competitive House districts, would rather no talk about any abolishing of ICE.
Don’t expect it to happen. However, I like it when the GOP throws it back at their faces.
Want to abolish ICE? Well, go for it!
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Trump will leave London soon but the high crimes rates will not........

As you know, President Trump was met by demonstrations and the angry Mayor of London.   
They remind many of us of the large protests that met President Reagan and President Bush.   
In a couple of days, President Trump will fly home but the citizens of London will still have their crime rates.    

In fact, some Londoners are wondering why their Mayor is so distracted with President Trump rather than doing something about the crime wave:   
Earlier this year, for the first time in modern history, London overtook New York in the number of murders. 
In February, London’s police investigated 15 murders while New York saw 11 homicides. 
In March, the Metropolitan Police murder numbers increased further to 22, while NYPD’s jumped to 21. The City of New York has since taken back the lead however.
London is also facing the rise of shocking acid attacks, skyrocketing by more than 78 per cent over the past two years, with 465 such offenses in 2017, up from 260 in 2015, according to police figures obtained by the Evening Standard.
I repeat.   President Trump will leave London soon but the criminals will stay.    

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No need for President Trump to attack CNN........

It was unnecessary for President Trump to attack Jim Acosta and CNN.   

I understand that President Trump is angry with the kind of distorted coverage that he gets at CNN.

At the same time, CNN is losing viewers in droves:  "CNN had a horrible week, managing just 669,000 primetime viewers......"

The public is turning off CNN and that's the bottom line.   

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Russia and our elections: Where was President Obama?

It's a fair and overdue question:  "CNN's Tapper: Gee, Obama Was Asleep At The Switch With This Russian Interference, Right?"

It's only fair to ask:  Where was President Obama?   Maybe it was the same President Obama who mocked Governor Romney over the Russian threat in the 2012 debates!

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Hillary wants you to look for your Whig hat, or something like that.......

Remember the Whigs from your US history class?   They were the party that disappeared and became the GOP.   

Hillary wants you to look for your 1850's Whig hat, or something like that:  "Hillary Blasts Trump, Republicans For “Organized Cruelty” And Fears Return To 1850s".

The bad news is that she makes speeches like these.   

The good news is that she's planning to run again!

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