Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Bee Gees and more very early hits

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The Bee Gees, or The Brothers Gibb, started singing professionally in 1960 when Barry was 14 and his twin brothers were 11.

As we've mentioned in other posts, these tunes, such as "Wine and women" & "Monday's rain" were recorded when the brothers were teens and trying to establish themselves as a pop group.

These songs were never heard outside of Australia until ATCO released two LP's of the early material in 1969. The LP's were called "Rare, precious and beautiful"!

Nevertheless, they were very early signals of their incredible harmonies and songwriting potential.

It was these songs, and others, that persuaded Robert Stigwood to give the brothers an international recording contract in London 1967.

The rest is musical history......Barry was 19 and his brothers were 16 when they had their first international hit, i.e. "Spicks and specks".

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Friday, June 25, 2010

The Beatles: "Paperback writer" & "Rain"

The Beatles recorded great songs.  

We will look at one of their best singles:  "Paperback Writer" and the B-side of "Rain".

The songs were not included in the "Revolver" or "Yesterday and today" LP's in the US or elsewhere.  

In fact, "Paperback writer" was finally released in a US LP "Hey Jude" &  "1962-66" or greatest hits LP released in 1973.    Unfortunately, "Rain" was not released in stereo for a long time.

"Rain" was clearly ahead of its time.  It could have been released on "Sgt. Pepper's" or "Magical Mystery Tour".   At the end of the song, the vocal track is placed in reverse, which is why the lyrics don't make any sense.    

A great 45!   As you can see, the 45 cover photo was a mistake.   It shows John & George playing the guitar as lefties.    Was that a mistake or done on purpose?  I've often wondered!

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1876: Battle of Little Bighorn

George Armstrong Custer | American Battlefield Trust    
On this day in 1876, a major battle took place near southern Montana’s Little Bighorn River.   

We remember the battle as General Custer’s "Last Stand"  and the worst defeat for US Army forces in the long Plains Indian War.       

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1967: The Beatles and “All you need is love” go on global TV

Two weeks after “Sgt Pepper’s” release, The Beatles went global and presented “All you need is love” to the world.    

They performed the new song in an international telecast seen by millions.   
All you need is love” became a # 1 song in July and was included in the “Magical Mystery Tour” album released later for Christmas.    
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Thursday, June 24, 2010

'I'm down" and other rare B-sides by The Beatles

In The Beatles' 45's collection, there are 3 very strange B-sides. 

They did not make it to an LP when originally released. 

In fact, they were hidden until the 2-volume CD released in the late 90s. ("Past Masters, volume 1 and 2")

The first one is "I'm down". It was the US B-side of the big hit "Help". The lyrics are repetitious but the song is catchy.

This song reminds rock fans of "Long Tall Sally", a Fats Domino song from a very early album.

The second choice is "The Inner Light", the US B-side of "Lady Madonna".   

On this one, George Harrison plays the sitar and sings. The lyrics are interesting, specially if you are into a lot of meditation and philosophy.

I am not sure what all of those profound lyrics mean but it does have a nice melody.

The last one is a classic. 

It really shows that The Beatles had a big sense of humor. "You know my name, look up my number" was the US B-side of "Let it be".   The songs' lyrics are the title over and over again.

The Beatles wrote and recorded many great songs. These are not among them.  Yet, they were fun to listen to now that they are available in a digital format!

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The Bee Gees, memories and a great medley

Over the last several years, we've blogged and posted about the amazing Bee Gees, or Brothers Gibb. (They celebrated 50 years in 2010!)

Barry, Robin and Maurice Gibb started singing when they were kids growing up in the UK and then Australia.  

Eventually, they got an international recording contract in 1967.

Barry was 20 and the twins were 17 when they had their first international hit.

Robin died in 2012 and Maurice in 2003.   Nevertheless, they left us many recordings or memories.

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

We remember Stuart Sutcliffe (1940-62)

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Stuart Fergusson Victor Sutcliffe was born in Edinburgh, Scotland on this day in 1940.    He died in 1962 when the group was in Germany.
We remember him as one of the early Beatles.    
Stu, as he was known, was more of an artist than a musician.   Nevertheless, he was a part of the band until his unfortunate death in 1962.  
We believe that it was Stu, with a little help from John, who came up with the name “Beatles”, a reference to Buddy Holly & The Crickets.   I’ve also heard that Stu’s death inspired “In my life”, one of the band’s greatest songs.    

Stu’s girlfriend, Astrid Kirchherr who died in 2020, was a photographer and responsible for many of the group’s earliest photos, circa Germany 1961-62.
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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

"Odessa": A very interesting song (and very sad love story) by Bee Gees

Odessa - Bee Gees BR
Today, we recall one of The Bee Gees' most interesting tunes, a very sad love story about a man shipwrecked in the North Atlantic.

Robin sings the lead and Barry & Maurice do some awesome background vocals.    It was the title song of their 1969 LP.

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Monday, June 21, 2010

We remember Robin Gibb (1949-2012)

Image result for robin gibb images
Robin Gibb of The Bee Gees died in 2012.    Robin and twin brother Maurice were born in 1949.    Maurice died in 2003.

Along with Barry and the aforementioned Maurice, the three brothers formed
The Bee Gees. They wrote and recorded some of the greatest songs of the pop era.

The Gibbs were born in England but grew up in Australia. By 1967, when Barry was 21 and the twins were only 18, The Bee Gees hit the US charts with "New York Mining Disaster". As they say, the brothers had a lot of international hits after that!

Robin's voice gave The Bee Gees a very special sound. He sang the lead vocals in several of The Bee Gees' big hits, such as "I started a joke".

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June 21, 1940: Future President Nixon married Patricia Ryan

On this day in 1940, future President Richard Nixon married future First Lady Patricia Ryan.  

Nixon entered politics in 1946 and won a congressional seat.   He quickly jumped to the US Senate in 1940.   

In 1952, General Eisenhower selected Senator Nixon to be his running mate.    As you probably know, the Eisenhower-Nixon ticket won big in 1952 and 1956.      

VP Nixon lost in 1960.   He came back to win in 1968 and was reelected in 1972.  (He carried 49 states and 61% of the popular vote.)    

Pat was with him all the way, from election night victory speeches to resignation in 1974.    

Mrs. Nixon died in 1993 and President Nixon in 1994.

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Sunday, June 20, 2010

The summer of 1967 and The Bee Gees

Summer is here and it's time to think back and recall some of our favorite summer memories.

Let me remember the summer of 1967 and The Bee Gees.

In the spring of '67, Barry, Robin & Maurice Gibb released their first US album.  It was called "First" and it included three of their greatest songs:  "New York Mining Disaster 1941", "To love somebody" & "Holiday".

There were others, such as "Turn of the Century" and "Cucumber Castle".

The Bee Gees "First" sounds as fresh today as it did back then. I bought the CD version and the brothers are great.

"Horizontal" (the second album) was released later in the winter and it included "Massachusetts", "World", & "And the Sun will shine", and quite a few others.

It was enough to make me a Bee Gees' fan!

As this summer ends, let's remember the Bee Gees 1967 and wonderful music!

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1968 was a great year for The Bee Gees

The Bee Gees recorded music from the mid-1960's until Maurice died in 2003.  They recorded a bunch of 45's and albums and sold millions of them.

According to Billboard, The Bee Gees rank 3rd among groups for Most "Hot 100" number ones in history!

Barry, Robin and Maurice Gibb's songs have been recorded by Elvis Presley, Dolly Parton, Kenny Rogers, Barbra Streisand, Englebert Humperdink, Dionne Warwick, and many others.

In 1967, they hit the US market.   At the end of '67, they recorded "Massachusetts", their biggest hit up to that moment.   

The album "Idea" was released in the summer of '68 and it featured "I've gotta get a message to you" & "I started a joke", a couple of Top 10 hits in the US and million sellers around the world.

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A couple of CD boxes to look back at The Bee Gees' career

Back in 2010, The Bee Gees celebrated their 50th anniversary, i,e. an amazing professional career that began in 1960 in Australia.

Two special CD box sets were released to remember their big hits and songwriting skills.

According to Billboard, it is a great way to remember such a special anniversary:
""Mythology" is a four-disc box set curated and produced by surviving Bee Gees Barry and Robin Gibb that will dedicate one disc each to the three brothers in the group, including the late Maurice Gibb, and one to their late younger brother Andy Gibb.

Maurice's wife and three children chose the tracks for his disc, while Andy's daughter Peta chose the 19 songs for his section of the package.
Barry Gibb notes that the 81 selections represent "pretty much our personal favorites," and Robin and Maurice's discs will each feature solo tracks as well as Bee Gees songs.

Barry's disc, meanwhile, is loaded up with hits such as "Jive Talkin'," "Stayin' Alive," "Night Fever," "Spirits (Having Flown)," "More Than a Woman" an "Tragedy."

The accompanying booklet includes family photos and tributes from Elton John, Brian Wilson, Graham Nash, George Martin and Robert Stigwood, the Bee Gees' longtime manager and label boss.

Coming out the same day is "The Ultimate Bee Gees: The 50th Anniversary Collection," a more modest two-disc, 39-track set that closes with a live medley of songs the trio wrote for others -- including "Islands in the Stream," "Heartbreaker," "Guilty," "Immortality" and the theme song for "Grease."

A deluxe edition of "The Ultimate Bee Gees" will come with a DVD featuring videos and TV appearances, many unreleased, from throughout the group's career."
It should be fun!

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Friday, June 18, 2010

Happy # 78 to Paul McCartney

We remind you today that Paul McCartney is 78.    

I am not sure what Paul is doing these days.  He may be touring but I am not sure about it.

We do wish Paul a happy birthday.     He is my favorite English speaking pop songwriter.  

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Paul McCartney after The Beatles!

Truth behind The Beatles split finally explained as unseen photo ...
In the 1960's, it was Paul and the Beatles. It's hard to think of the 1960's without whistling a Lennon-McCartney tune.

Paul left the Beatles in 1970. He recorded a bunch of great songs by himself or with Wings. They were good songs and the common denominator was Linda.

From 1969 til her death from cancer in 1998, Paul and Linda had a great marriage.  It shows in all of their videos and recordings from that period!

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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

1965: Bob Dylan recorded "Like a rolling stone"

Image result for bob dylan like a rolling stone images
On this day in 1965, Bob Dylan recorded "Like a rolling stone".    It included electric guitars and an organ.    

The song (almost 6 minutes long) peaked at #2 in early September behind The Beatles’ “Help".

"Rolling Stone", a magazine that has nothing to do with the famous group or Dylan, chose the song as # 1 in its compilation of the 500 most influential songs of rock.

It was quite a song.

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A word about Eric Segal (1937-2010)

Remembering Erich Segal, Novelist And Sower Of Sorry-Saying Boomer ...

We remember Eric Segal who was born on this day in 1937.

He died in January 2010 at age 72.

Who remembers "Love Story" or the book that became a hugely popular movie?  It was the love story of Oliver Barrett IV, a rich kid at Harvard law school and Jenny Cavilleri, a pretty working class girl studying music at Radcliffe.

Segal also wrote the screen play for The Beatles' movie "Yellow Submarine". Wonder how many people know that?    

"Love Story" also made huge stars of Ryan O'Neal and Ali McGraw.  It was probably the biggest "date movie" of 1971.

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Sunday, June 06, 2010

June 6, 1971 and the last "The Ed Sullivan Show"

Back in those early days of “el exilio”, our family sat down to watch TV and learn some English.    
One of our favorites was “The Ed Sullivan Show“.  As my mother often said:  “Este show tiene algo para todo el mundo”, or her way of saying that the show had a lot of variety. 

On this day in 1971, The Ed Sullivan said goodnight for the last time.
From 1948 to 1971, Ed Sullivan presented the biggest acts in show business, from opera to comedy to Elvis and The Beatles.   
Sullivan didn’t say much.   His presentations were short but millions tuned in to see his shows.
The show’s greatest audience was on February 9, 1964:  73 million tuned in to catch The Beatles and things were never the same!
Sullivan died in 1974.    We remember him as a genius of variety TV.   We miss those shows!
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D-Day and a chance to salute heroes like Robert Jagers!

Image result for whales of world war II images
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