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Wednesday's show: Alabama finally, social media and discourse plus other stories

We will look at the elections in Alabama......what happens if Moore wins? if Jones wins? Senator Gillibrand calls for President Trump's resignation......more staffing issues with the Mueller probe.....Trump lawyer calls for independent counsel for the infamous dossier......social media and civil discourse....Rep Lewis skipped the civil rights museum because of President Trump......violence in Rio at alarming rates.......Our Lady of Guadalupe Day.......Frank Sinatra 1915-98........Happy # 77 Dionne Warwick.............plus other stories of the day...........

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Tuesday's video: Why didn’t Rep John Lewis show up?

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A bad day for Representative John Lewis

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As we learned on Saturday, Representative John Lewis of Georgia skipped the opening of the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum.   
According to news reports, Representative Lewis was joined by Representative Thompson:   
“After careful consideration and conversations with church leaders, elected officials, civil rights activists, and many citizens of our congressional districts, we have decided not to attend or participate in the opening of the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum,” Lewis and Thompson stated. “President Trump’s attendance and his hurtful policies are an insult to the people portrayed in this civil rights museum.”
The duo said that the civil rights struggles represented in the new museum “exemplify the truth of what really happened in Mississippi” but President Trump’s “disparaging comments about women, the disabled, immigrants and National Football League players disrespect the efforts” of Mississippi’s greatest civil rights champions.
“After President Trump departs, we encourage all Mississippians and Americans to visit this historic civil rights museum,” Lewis and Thompson stated.
Shame on Lewis and Thompson.   
It’s a shame that many black Democrats have decided to play the race card against President Trump.
First, did Lewis or Thompson ever call on fellow Democrats to return the campaign donations that Trump made to their party over the years? Or the Clinton Foundation? Hillary Clinton campaign?
Second, what about Jesse Jackson? Did anyone disown Jackson when he took Trump money and said nice things about him? I don’t remember that either.
What’s going on? The race card and that’s it. Most black areas are underperforming in every way, from lousy public schools to job creation.
Representative Lewis and Thompson, or the “duo”, should have gone to the museum and listened to what President Trump wants to do for public education in their districts. It would show that “the duo” wants to move forward rather than live in an ugly past that Mr. Trump had nothing to do with.
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2009: Secretary Clinton to Mexico: Who painted your virgin?

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We understand that Sec Clinton had a difficult and embarrassing incident in Mexico City.

A few minutes later, Sec Clinton told Mexicans: “you have a marvelous virgin!”

Is this like the "reset" button that she gave the Russian foreign minister?

Didn't some "expert" at The State Dept tell Sec Clinton that it's "a divine image" not some Mexican "Mona Lisa"?

A post from 2008: Obama, a vague resume and lousy references!

Have you ever hired someone? Well try this!

Imagine that someone comes in for a job interview. His resume is vague, i.e. he has no experience related to the job under consideration.

Furthermore, he won't let you talk to his references.

On top of that, his references are all members of one of the most corrupt political machines in the country, the so called Chicago Boys:
"There's a different question for American voters. Mr. Obama pledges to clean up our nation's politics and outpolls John McCain on honesty and ethics.
Yet in Chicago, he moved with the Tony Rezkos and endorsed pols like Mayor Daley and Cook County Board President Todd Stroger.

Can a politician so steeped in his hometown's ways really be an agent of change in Washington?"
No experience and lousy references! That's Obama!    

Update 2009:   Add a news media that won't ask him any tough questions:

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