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The week in review with Bill Katz the editor of Urgent Agenda

The week in review with Bill Katz the editor of Urgent Agenda 05/31 by Silvio Canto Jr | Politics:

Guest: Bill Katz, the editor of Urgent Agenda.......We will review the Flynn shooting....the riots....the collapse of order in Minnesota....Citizens defending themselves and gun control....Trump vs China.....Biden and the VP choices....The US is back in space and that is great.....
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It was like watching a rerun of Baltimore 2014

How the Media Covered the Baltimore Riots - American Journalism Review
Let’s see if you remember this story: the policeman is accused of killing someone, the incidents sparks so-called protests, the mayor cracks and lets the demonstrators get it out of their system, property and businesses burn down, and then the city is never the same.
That was Baltimore 2014.  It sure felt as though I was watching a documentary of that story six years ago.
Why are so many of our cities run by such weak and incompetent leaders?
Former mayor Rudi Giuliani, who did a pretty good job of running New York City, was right on target:
“Progressive Democrats are incapable of keeping their people safe,” he said, “because they have criminal-friendly policies that are pathetic, that are dangerous, and now we are seeing the results not only there [in Minneapolis], but watch the cities that start burning.
“They are all going to be run by so-called progressives, idiot Democrats who let criminals out of jail, who set bail for murderers and encourage exactly this kind of thing.”
Giuliani also said Democrat Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey and Democrat Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz should resign after Minneapolis officers were driven out of a police precinct that was set ablaze by rioters Thursday night.
“Giving up a police precinct?  The mayor should resign.  Telling police officers to flee a precinct, he should resign and be replaced by somebody who can protect his people,” Giuliani said.  “The governor should resign because he has had four days to protect his people.”
We will see if the good people of Minnesota wise up and do some regime change.
In the meantime, Mayor Frey is blaming “white supremacists,” but the arrests tell a different story.  I guess Mr. Frey had to bring the white supremacist (i.e., it’s Trump’s fault) into the narrative, but the real thugs did not cooperate with his distraction.
It does not matter who set the fires.  The real issue is that the local leadership let them do it.  No one stood up to them, and that’s how the mayor and the governor failed their constituents.
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"Distant Neighbors: A Portrait of the Mexicans" by Allan Ridding

Related image
Back in the mid-1980's, I read "Distant neighbors" and attended a book presentation in Mexico City.       

Of course, US-Mexico relations have changed a lot from the days of President Reagan and President Lopez-Portillo.    Nevertheless, the 20th century history is still relevant.   It will help you understand attitudes on both sides of the border:

Saturday, May 30, 2020

‘Expats’ doing their part in Mexico

8 bodies found in Cancun, Mexico, prompting travel warning
During my time in Mexico, I learned about the huge number of Americans who retire there.  They were a vibrant community who supported each other and made a positive influence in the country.
A few days ago, I read about how a group of “expats” were doing more than talking about the virus.  In other words, they were running food banks and helping people directly.  This is from Janet Blaser:   
One of those people is Guanajuato resident Betsy McNair. Compelled to help those less fortunate — including her working-class neighbors in the community of Marfil where she lives — she thought for a week and then went into action. A background in catering and running restaurant kitchens directed her decision to start a food bank. Phone calls to friends yielded US $300 overnight which grew to $2,000 in two days. Posting on Facebook brought more money and more help.
This is great and very needed in a country fighting the virus.  In fact, I just saw a model that projected 136,000 deaths in Mexico by September 1st.
Just as up here, some of these models have turned out to be wrong.  I don’t know if Mexico will see this level of death.  No matter what, more people are dying of the virus south of the border than the Mexican government is reporting.
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Friday, May 29, 2020

Trump goes after China plus more from Minnesota & what's up with Twitter

Trump goes after China plus more from Minnesota & what's up with Twitter 05/29 by Silvio Canto Jr | Politics:

Minneapolis was this violence permitted to happen?....The WHO....Hong Kong and China......Trump vs Twitter again......the Biden VP decision after Minnesota......President Kennedy (1917-63)...........
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Friday’s video: The insanity of Minneapolis

 Minneapolis Protests Burst Into Flames (Photos)

Thursday, May 28, 2020

Trump vs Tweeter plus Minnesota video & the late Rep Sam Johnson

Trump vs Tweeter plus Minnesota video & the late Rep Sam Johnson 05/28 by Silvio Canto Jr | Politics:

President Trump vs Tweeter........the terrible video from Minnesota and remarks by Mayor..........the passing of former POW and US House Rep Sam Johnson (1930-2020).....Ian Fleming (1910-64)......
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Thursday’s video: A stupid move by Twitter

The election is in November not today

Election 2020 @ CSUSM | Election 2020 | CSUSM
By the first Tuesday of November, American voters will decide whether to keep President Trump or give former VP Joe Biden a chance.  
Can today’s polls tell us anything?   My guess is no, as we saw in this recent reminder from Scott Rasmussen:    
In May of 2004, while running for reelection, President George W. Bush’s job approval rating was a few points under the 50% mark. Six months later, when the election arrived, his approval numbers had inched just above the 50% mark and he won just over 50% of the vote.
President Barack Obama’s reelection effort followed exactly the same pattern. For most of his first term, Obama’s approval ratings held steady a few points below 50%. Then, in the final six months leading up to the election, his ratings inched up a few points enabling him to win just over 50% of the vote.
Do you remember the polls showing Mitt Romney beating President Obama or the ones showing several candidates beating President Bush?  I do.
On election day, Americans will look at the two men and ask a couple of questions:
1) Which one of these two guys will be better at rebuilding the economy?  
2) Which one of these presidents will be tougher on China?
My prediction is that they will vote for President Trump even if they find his tweet wars with Joe Scarborough as troubling as I do.
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May 28 and Willie Mays

We remember a couple of moments from Willie Mays' career.    

On May 28, 1951, Mays got his major league hit off of Warren Spahn.

On May 28, 1952, Mays went into the US Army.

Mays finished his Hall of Fame career:   .302 average, 660 HR, 1,903 RBI, 338 stolen bases, a .389 on base pct & 3,283 hits.     

Maybe the greatest ever!

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Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Trump vs "Morning Joe" & 2020 will be about China and the economy plus more

Trump vs "Morning Joe" & 2020 will be about China and the economy plus more 05/27 by Silvio Canto Jr | Politics:

President Trump vs 'Morning Joe'........Twitter and fact checking.......The 2020 election will be about rebuilding the US economy and standing up to China..............and other stories......
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Wednesday’s video: Why is President Trump fighting with “Morning Joe”?.

They’ve earned someone like Kayleigh

White House reporter suspected to have coronavirus
In the age of instant news, do we even need a daily White House press briefing?  
The latest from the talking heads club is that some, from Chris Wallace to Jonah Goldberg, find Kayleigh McEnany a little “Indefensible And Grotesque.”
I’ve seen a couple of Kaleigh’s performances and it’s hard to think of her as “grotesque.”   She is self-assured, but grotesque?
After all, this is a group of reporters who ask questions like comparing the pandemic death totals to Vietnam casualties or another blamed the president because someone listened to him in February and died of the virus.   And then there is the CBS lady who took off her mask to play the “Chinese card.”
It’s obvious to me that many in this press corps are political activists, such as Jim Acosta of CNN.  They are confrontational to make news rather than to obtain information for readers and viewers.   They are like the umpire who makes controversial calls just to get his name in the sports pages.
Do you understand now why President Trump is just giving them a taste of their own medicine?  He’s tired of political activists with press passes.
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Excellent movie about Churchill in the 1930s: "Gathering Storm"

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Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Chicago and Illinois with Michael Bargo

Chicago and Illinois with Michael Bargo 05/26 by Silvio Canto Jr | Politics:

Guest: Michael Bargo, conservative columnist....We will discuss the Mayor of Chicago and churches plus the Illinois Governor's executive orders.......and other stories......
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Tuesday’s video: Biden and black voters.

7 scorching cartoons about Joe Biden's gaffe spectacular 

End of ‘sanctuary’ in Chicago: Armed cops storm black church service

Welcome to Chicago The City That Changed Me
On Sunday, Chicago’s mayor Lori Lightfoot launched a police raid to shut down a black church’s Sunday services. This is from news reports:  
The pastor of the mostly black congregation, Courtney Lewis, reportedly shut and locked the doors and refused to allow the officers to gain entry to the building, Todd Starnes reported.
Pastor Lewis told Starnes that he felt like he was confronting “the Soviet-style KGB” as the officers pounded on his doors and demanded entry to shut the church down.
“Thankfully, our doors were locked as a normal safety precaution we take each service to protect our members from the escalating gun violence in Chicago,” Lewis said.
A pastor complaining about Soviet style KGB in Chicago, Illinois in the USA?
Hard to believe but these Democrats are certainly loving this post-pandemic power, aren’t they?
It reminds me of another Chicago story a few years ago.  You may recall that Elvira Arellano, an illegal immigrant, took refuge in a church in Chicago back in 2007.  As you may recall, even the president of Mexico got involved in the story.  Mexico backed the young mother hiding in a church!  Chicago’s local leadership warned ICE and federal officials from charging into a church.
So the mayor of Chicago tries to shut down a religious service yesterday?  Not long ago, the same city leadership defended a church hiding an illegal immigrant!
I hope that the locals are watching leaders and hold them accountable.
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Monday, May 25, 2020

The week in review with Bill Katz the editor of Urgent Agenda

The week in review with Bill Katz the editor of Urgent Agenda 05/25 by Silvio Canto Jr | Politics:

Guest: Bill Katz, the editor of Urgent Agenda.......Memorial Day 2020......The latest from former VP Biden and the black vote....Governor Cuomo and nursing homes....The media and reporting the virus....President Trump and the trip to Michigan....The consequences of staying inside versus opening slowly but surely.......China pushing its weight around......other stories.....
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Is the other side getting desperate?

How low can they go?  Way way low. 
The New York Times has a Sunday front page story remembering the 100,000 dead because of the virus.  You can actually read some of the names such a sharecropper’s son, a new wife, and an auditor.
What is the point of this front-page story?  It shows President Trump playing golf for the first time in quite a while.  Do you recall any outrage when President Obama took a little time off?  Presidents can’t enjoy a little enjoy a little golf?
My initial reaction was anger and outrage.  After all, where is the editorial calling on Governor Andrew Cuomo to apologize for the nursing home deaths?
After a cup of coffee and further thought, it’s obvious that the other side is getting desperate.
For example, Beto returned to the front pages with a stupid attack on Governor Greg Abbott.    Nobody takes Beto seriously, but he got his 15 minutes of fame this weekend.
Also, Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel is playing the “woman card” and claiming that President Trump does not like the fact that three women have prominent positions in the state. She does not mention that a lot of men, and women, are in rebellion against the state’s policies, such as closing medical services but keeping abortion clinics open.
So another day, another stupid Beto tweet and another Democrat woman playing “the woman card.”  These people must be worried about their constituents showing up on election day.
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1793: Father Stephen Theodore Badin ordained in the US

On this day in 1793, Father Stephen Theodore Badin was ordained in the US.     He was ordained by Bishop John Carroll, an early advocate of American Catholicism, and appointed to the Catholic mission in Kentucky.

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Sunday, May 24, 2020

"Boots of Spanish leather", a great Dylan song on his birthday

Image result for boots of spanish leather images
How do you pick a favorite Bob Dylan song?

It's a hard thing to do. 

However, I recently heard this version of "Boots of Spanish Leather" by Nanci Griffith:

"Oh, I'm sailin' away my own true love,
I'm sailin' away in the morning.
Is there something I can send you from across the sea,
From the place that I'll be landing?
No, there's nothin' you can send me, my own true love,
There's nothin' I wish to be ownin'.
Just carry yourself back to me unspoiled,
From across that lonesome ocean.
Oh, but I just thought you might want something fine
Made of silver or of golden,
Either from the mountains of Madrid
Or from the coast of Barcelona.
Oh, but if I had the stars from the darkest night
And the diamonds from the deepest ocean,
I'd forsake them all for your sweet kiss,
For that's all I'm wishin' to be ownin'.
That I might be gone a long time
And it's only that I'm askin',
Is there something I can send you to remember me by,
To make your time more easy passin'.
Oh, how can, how can you ask me again,
It only brings me sorrow.
The same thing I want from you today,
I would want again tomorrow.
I got a letter on a lonesome day,
It was from her ship a-sailin',
Saying I don't know when I'll be comin' back again,
It depends on how I'm a-feelin'.
Well, if you, my love, must think that-a-way,
I'm sure your mind is roamin'.
I'm sure your heart is not with me,
But with the country to where you're goin'.
So take heed, take heed of the western wind,
Take heed of the stormy weather.
And yes, there's something you can send back to me,
Spanish boots of Spanish leather."

Saturday, May 23, 2020

Monday’s poll, Tuesday’s poll and so on!

We're Tracking 2020 Polls | FiveThirtyEight
By the way, do news readers do anything but read poll results these days?  It sure feels that way:  Monday’s poll, Tuesday’s poll, Wednesday’s poll and so on.
Well, one poll has been fairly consistent.  I’m talking about the “betting odds” poll showing Trump up 9!
What poll do you believe?  I guess that it depends on who you are voting for.  Polls are like prime time cable news shows.  You like the poll, or the host, that tells you what you want to hear.
All these polls showing former VP Joe Biden beating President Trump are actually a serious burden for Democrats.
How do you replace a guy headed for a landslide?   He is up 11 in one poll and 8 in another!
As we know, these polls are snapshots based on samples.   The methodology is problematic.  Worst of all, how do you take a poll in a country where no one answers the phone?
There is no guarantee that Pres. Trump will be reelected.  
At this point in 1984, President Reagan had slightly over 50% approval and went on to win 49 states and 60% of the popular vote.  Today, President Trump is at 45% and in the range to win reelection.
To paraphrase Gerry and The Pacemakers:   “Don’t let another poll catch you crying”!  Enjoy your weekend and don’t live from poll to poll.
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We remember George Carlin (1937-2008)

The great George Carlin died in 2008 and he was a very funny man.

Back in the days of "8 track tapes", I used to laugh like crazy listening to these guys make fun of our society.

The baseball vs football act was released years ago.  I laughed then and it is still very funny today!

Then there were the famous "7 words" that you couldn't say on TV!

He was funny.

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Friday, May 22, 2020

Memorial Day weekend plus Trump on opening churces and VP Biden's latest gaffe

Memorial Day weekend plus Trump on opening churces and VP Biden's latest gaffe 05/22 by Silvio Canto Jr | Politics:

Remembering Memorial Day.....President Trump and opening up the churches....VP Biden and the 'you ain't black' comments.......FBI Director calls for internal review of Flynn investigation........
and other to listen:

Friday’s video: Remembering Memorial Day and those who paid the ultimate price.....

 Memorial Day community events | Local news |

Open up and let us live and produce Come in We're Open Business Sign Store Hours yes we ...
We are gradually reopening in Texas.  It’s a thoughtful, and so far effective, alternative to staying locked indoors.
We can do both.  We can go back to work with some restrictions and protect ourselves from a contagious virus.  We can do it, and it’s time to do it.
According to Scott Rasmussen, the country wants to open:
Sixty percent of voters nationwide believe that all businesses — ALL businesses — should be allowed to re-open if they adopt appropriate social distancing protocols. 
Only 26 percent disagree. 
The reality, of course, is that means everyday Americans will decide what sort of social distancing is appropriate. 
They — not government officials — will make decisions about which businesses are safe enough to visit and which are not. 
I understand how that 61% feels.  I am not a pollster, but these numbers confirm what I am hearing.
Over the last two weeks, I’ve seen more cars on our highways.  Some restaurants are open, and people are eating.  Other places are still doing a lot of ordering business.  We are debating whether or not to return to school, and I hope they do.  We are doing more and more but maintaining a sensible respect for others, such as wearing a mask or keeping a safe distance at the local convenience store.
This lockdown must end, as David Marcus wrote.  He wants New York City looking like New York City again, not a ghost town suitable for that show about the world “after people.”
Memo to some governors: The people are still here, and we are perfectly capable of protecting ourselves.  So open up and let us live and produce.
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2015: Let's chat with Juanjo Casal from Uruguay

Guest: Juanjo Casal, musician and leader of Los Casals, a pop music band from Uruguay.............the band will celebrated their 15th anniversary in 2015......over the years, the band has performed a variety of music and enjoys great support from fans in Latin America.............

Click to listen:

Thursday, May 21, 2020

China and the US going forward & let's open up and President Trump in Michigan

China and the US going forward & let's open up and President Trump in Michigan 05/21 by Silvio Canto Jr | Politics:

China and the US going forward.....President Trump in Michigan....It's time to open up and let people live and produce...More lawsuits over opening states....Vote by mail....The media and virus numbers....Lindberg landed in Paris 1927....Raymond 'Perry Mason' Burr 1917-93........
and other to listen:

Thursday’s video: Open up and let people live and produce

New York nightlife 

Cancun not ready

30 Best Things To Do In Cancun (Ultimate Mexico Bucket List!)
Down in Mexico, they are talking about reopening the economy.   
Not so fast in Cancun.  According to news reports, Cancun is not ready:  
Tourism Minister Marisol Vanegas Pérez burst a few bubbles when she said that “it’s not true that they’ll be able to reopen, since the companies themselves don’t determine that, nor the market. It will be the federal and state governments.”
She added that the only hotels that should be open for the foreseeable future are those providing service for people carrying out activities deemed essential during the coronavirus pandemic.
This is more than a health story.  It is a huge economic story because Cancun is a major source of hard currency for Mexico.   
In 2017, according to Statista, 6 million international tourists visited Cancun.  It’s been growing consistently and expected to hit 9 million in 2025.
The economic impact is notable.  If tourism, for example, was cut in half, the country would lose US$ 7 billion.   How big is that?  Mexico’s GDP is U.S. $ 1.2 trillion.  In other words, we are talking a big cut in the economy.
Cancun does have a huge advantage.  Most of the major hotels, or at least the ones that get U.S. tourists, are international names.  Tourists know these names and have stayed there before.  
Cancun’s big problem is convincing tourists to travel, period.  It may be a while before tourists hop on a plane in Dallas and spend a long weekend or honeymoon in Cancun.
Finally, it does not help that there is so much confusion about the virus numbers in Mexico.   
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Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Cuba 1902 plus Trump vs Pelosi

Cuba 1902 plus media vs Trump 05/20 by Silvio Canto Jr | Politics:

Pelosi vs Trump ....More states opening up.....Lindbergh 1927.....Cuba 1902 independence .and other to listen:

Wednesday’s video: Voting by mail..

Remembering the Hill-Thomas story

Tonight on PBS: Created Equal | Leave The Plantation Organization
On Monday night, our local PBS station showed “Created Equal…..Clarence Thomas in his own words.”    
It was a great documentary and I learned a few things about his early days and marriage.  
Like some of you, I recall the day that President Bush nominated him.  I happened to be with my father that day and he seemed very happy with the choice.  He told me that Thomas would make a great justice because he faced a lot of adverisity coming up in life.  (On a personal note, “overcoming adversity” was a theme that my late father would always go back to. It made people tougher and better, he would say)
Then came Anita Hill and the documentary became very intense.  It was interesting to watch then Senator Joe Biden and the late Senator Ted Kennedy sitting next to him.  Am I the only person watching who thought that Biden made a fool of himself talking about “natural law”?  Clarence Thomas couldn’t understand what he was saying either.
Two things really struck me about the documentary:
First, Justice Thomas reminded his opponents that the “Tarring and feathering” would eventually come back to get them.  He must have been thinking about now candidate for president Joe Biden who faces a 1993 sexual misconduct allegation a lot more credible than Anita Hill’s.  I wonder if Mrs. Biden understands the pain that Mrs. Thomas went through?  
Second, the media and the Democrats had no trouble believing Hill.  You can see in the documentary how they all lined up to support a woman who had absolutely no proof of anything.  It all looked so eerily similar to the effort to get Judge Brett Kavanaugh.  
In the documentary, Justice Thomas often said that he was “the wrong kind of black man” or a reference to his conservative views.   Yes, this is true.
What it’s also true is the damage that Roe v Wade has done to the Democrats.  They go to such lengths to defend the opinion, from destroying a decent man to the governor of Michigan shutting down every medical procedure except abortions.
I’ll say it again.  Overturning Roe v Wade may be the only way to save the Democrat Party from its crazy demons.
In the meantime, watch “Created Equal,” because it was great.
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The Cuban kitchen with Marta and Sonia

Happy May 20th to all of my Cuban friends

Related image

(My new Babalu post)

Back in 1902, Cuba became an independent country after 400 years as a Spanish colony (1492-1898) and the US occupation (1898-1902).
JM Sierra recalls the moment:
“May 20. Tomás Estrada Palma is sworn in as president, and the Cuban flag is finally allowed to fly over Havana.”
As one of those of us who grew up in the US, I always found May 20 as a great day to learn about Cuba.
My grandmother, who died in 1984, left Cuba and would share her stories often.    She was a young girl on May 20, 1902 and told me a lot about the day.   She remember flags all over and a great sense of optimism every where.
My parents also had their own stories, specially from their school activities.   I recall my mother telling me about the parade in Ciego de Avila.   Her family lived across Parque Marti.
My father had many tales of events in Sagua la Grande.     By the way, this is the first May 20th since my father died last December.   I miss chatting with him about this day.
I learned a lot of Cuba history hearing their memories of May 20.
May 20 is actually bittersweet for many of us.   We remember Independence Day 1902 but understand that Cuba is not free today.
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