Saturday, February 06, 2016

The Democrats 2016: Silly vs Phony

Two nights of Clinton/Sanders!  How can any serious person watch this?  
On one side, Senator Sanders is preaching a populist message that wouldn’t pass a Democrat Congress. President Obama had 60 votes in the U.S. Senate and had to rely on all kinds of legislative trickery to pass ObamaCare. Subsequently, he failed to get Democrats on immigration, gun control, and climate change. We remind you that it was a Democrat Senate that killed the Dream Act in November 2010.  
On the other side, Secretary Clinton is out to prove that she can “yes we can” as well as anybody. She pretends to be hip and cool but she is not. She is awkward and boring as heck!
The Democrats are completely misreading the country.  
I understand that Mr. Sanders and Mrs. Clinton are pandering to the left, but what about the rest of us, asWilliam Whalen wroteabout the debate:
Earlier this week, Gallup released this analysis finding that 20 U.S. states are “red” (solidly or leaning Republican) versus only 14 “blue” Democratic states. In 2009, Gallup painted 33 states blue and only five red.
As the two candidates argued over which one of them would be the more devoutly progressive after eight years of a decidedly liberal president, the irony was front and center – and to the left: Hillary or Bernie will win this Democratic battle.
Meanwhile, their party’s losing the war.
Something is depressing about the modern Democrat party, or at least the two on that stage and the crowd invested in the silly promises that they are making. 
Sanders is a nice man who has connected with a lot of young white people who need someone to tell them what they want to hear. We’d be better off as a country if Sanders would paraphrase the JFK line about doing something for your country, such as getting a job and paying your own way.
Clinton is a phony who has been on both sides of every issue in recent memory, from the Iraq War to same sex marriage. We’d be better if she would channel her inner Thatcher and tells these silly young people that the real enemy wants to come over here and cut their heads off!
Where is the Democrat Party when the country really needs it?  The Democrat Party has gone off track and it’s painful to watch.
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