Tuesday, August 16, 1977

August 1977 and we remember another anniversary of Elvis' death!

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It was August 16, 1977 and I was driving home from a night class.  Like everybody else, I was shocked to hear of Elvis' death.  He was only 42.

Elvis came to Baltimore in mid-1977.    I recall speaking to a lady who went to the concert.  She said that Elvis looked terrible and overweight.   Her words were "awful and fat".

She added  that this is not the Elvis that she remembered in Las Vegas a few years before.

We know now that Elvis was not taking care of himself and allegedly taking drugs.

There were many chapters in the Elvis story, from the young rocker to the big concerts of the 1970's.    Please give me his earlier material, such as "I want you, I need you, I love you".

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Thursday, February 03, 1977

February 1977: Martin Dihigo, Hall of Fame

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We remember today the life and times of Martin Dihigo, the great Cuban player and member of the Baseball Hall of Fame.   He was inducted in Cooperstown this week in 1977.
Dihigo was born in 1905 and played in the Negro Leagues from 1923-47.
Dihigo was 42 by the time that Jackie Robinson broke “the color line” in 1947. 
We do know that Buck Leonard, the legendary player and manager of the Kansas City Monarchs said this: 
“He was the greatest all-around player I know. I say he was the best player of all time, black or white. He could do it all.”
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