Wednesday, December 14, 1977

1977: Another anniversary of Saturday Night Fever

The movie "Saturday Night Fever" hit the theaters this week in 1977.  The rest is history.

Like many, I watched the movie and found the soundtrack fantastic.  I wasn't that crazy about the movie story but that's OK.  I watched the movie a couple of years ago and my original analysis is the same same:  good music, silly story!

There were four new songs from the movie.   They were:  "How deep is your love", "Stayin' Alive", "Night Fever" and "More than a woman".   

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Saturday, February 05, 1977

February 1977: Fleetwood Mac released "Rumours"

Fleetwood Mac's "Rumours" was released in early February 1977.     It became one of the top LP's of the 1970's.      My guess is that most fans did not know that the group was going through some serious conflicts during the recording of this album.

It sounds good 40-something years later.   There were great songs like "Go your own way"!

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Thursday, February 03, 1977

February 1977: Martin Dihigo, Hall of Fame

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We remember today the life and times of Martin Dihigo, the great Cuban player and member of the Baseball Hall of Fame.   He was inducted in Cooperstown this week in 1977.
Dihigo was born in 1905 and played in the Negro Leagues from 1923-47.
Dihigo was 42 by the time that Jackie Robinson broke “the color line” in 1947. 
We do know that Buck Leonard, the legendary player and manager of the Kansas City Monarchs said this: 
“He was the greatest all-around player I know. I say he was the best player of all time, black or white. He could do it all.”
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Saturday, January 08, 1977

Elvis and "Flaming Star"

Elvis Presley's "Flaming Star" was the featured film on one of those retro western channels.   I had never seen that movie before.    

It turned out to be a rather good movie to watch, quite different than the other Elvis movies that I've seen.    In other words, it was no "Fun in Acapulco" or "Girls girls girls".    In fact, Elvis only sings a couple of songs, and one of them is the movie's opening theme.

Elvis plays a mixed blood Texan.   His mother was Indian and the father was white.  He is forced to choose between the two cultures and I won't tell you the ending.

Overall, a good movie.   Barbara Eden, a few years before "I dream of Jeannie" and Dolores del Rio are in the movie.   The latter plays his Indian mother.

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Flipping channels and I found Elvis and "Wild in the country"

Flipping channels and then I find Elvis and "Wild in the country".

It's another of those serious movies that Elvis made, like "Flaming Star", the one I that I mentioned a few days ago.

Elvis is a troubled young man who needs a bit of "tough love".   He wants to be a writer and Hope Lange plays his counselor.    Tuesday Weld and Millie Perkins are the two ladies in the movie.

It's a good movie.  There were no hit songs from this movie.   Two tunes did end up as B-sides for other big Elvis hits.   

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