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Saturday's show: The Democrats and immigration, Mueller and the Florida shooting

We will look at the immigration debate after it failed in the US the aftermath of the Florida school shooting......the Mueller indictments.....happy # 82 Jim Brown........and other stories...

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Saturday's video: The Democrats and DACA

The immigration debate failed again in large part because Democrats did not want to negotiate......DACA with border security...

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My study vs. your study but who’s protecting the kids?

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It happens every time we have a mass shooting.  Within seconds, many people start posting this study or that study about gun violence in the U.S.
America’s gun-related murder rate is 25 times higher than a group of 22 other developed countries, according to the American Journal of Medicine.  This is mainly because America has so many more guns than those other countries.  It has less than 5% of the world’s population and almost half of the world’s civilian-owned firearms.
Then I read this from Mises Institute:
To keep pressing the issue of gun control, it is necessary for advocates to push a narrative in which crime is especially bad, and in which the United States is somehow unique in the world in terms of crime.  The actual historical data often contradicts their claims, however, so in order to push their narrative with greater gusto, advocates for gun control employ several different sleight-of-hand rhetorical tricks. 
So what’s a guy in Texas supposed to believe?  These studies are written and researched by smart people with lots of degrees and letters after their names.  I will further give them the benefit of the doubt that their conclusions are honest and well-intended.  In other words, both sides are appalled to hear of a school shooting.
So what do we do when smart people reach different conclusions?
First, let’s accept that there is evil around us.  Furthermore, evil people do not respect laws.  Evil people are not going to revise their plans because there are laws in place.
Second, you can pass all of the laws you want, but there is always a vulnerability.  In other words, someone will always try to enter a school with the intention of performing an awful act.
Laws, or more laws, or more speeches, will not keep us safe.  Only an armed guard at the door will protect my child or yours.

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September 2006: Montaner on Hugo Chavez

Send out the clowns By Carlos Alberto Montaner puts a Latin American perspective on Hugo Chavez' insane speech at The United Nations:
"Objectively speaking, what good is the United Nations?"
That's exactly right. What's the UN good for?

In fact, Chavez did have a good idea during his 15 minute rant. Chavez suggested that the UN should move from NY and go elsewhere.
The UN has turned into a stage for people like Chavez, who are not democrats nor respectful of their own people.

September 2006: The Mexican baby invasion

This is a hypothetical telephone conversation between a young mother and her "mami" back in Mexico:
"Mama, mi bebe es gringo""Pero hija. Quien es el papa."
"No se pero mi bebe es gringo.""Pero reyna y con que dinero""Mami, aqui todo es gratis."
Do you hear all of those babies crying? Yes. They are "anchor babies", which is what we call those little Mexican babies conveniently born on the US side of the border.

The Houston Chronicle has a great story about this:
'Border baby' boom strains S. Texas. The subtitle is: More illegal immigrants are pouring into the state to give birth.

How to get legal? Years ago, you went to the US embassy in Paseo de la Reforma and got in line to get your "visa".

Today, you get pregnant! Yes, that's right!

September 2006: Everything is wonderful in Cuba.....really?

Over the years, we've heard about Cuba's socialist paradise. I'm sure that you've heard similar stories:

free education but not the freedom to read your book of choice;
free medicine but our relatives keep asking for everything, from eye glasses to simple aspirin;
free elections as long you vote for the state party;
free press as long as you read Granma;

and I can go on.

Over the years, I've had my share of arguments with Latin American lefties who hate the US more than they love freedom for the Cuban people.

About that GOP tax plan

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The Democrats and tax reform:   
"Democrats are struggling to cope with the rising popularity of the Republican tax law, less than nine months until the midterm elections.
Democrats received a wake-up call of sorts earlier this week when Priorities USA, a top Democratic super PAC, released a memo calling on Democrats to message more consistently against the tax law. The law's standing has increased in the polls as GOP groups pitch the tax cuts to voters as a solid Republican accomplishment."
Frankly, the biggest impact will be on red-state Democrats or the ones who will hear about their vote in the election.

Kamala Harris, A Woman Who Supports Abortion And Late Abortion

India approves construction of 12 more nuclear reactors

I guess that the Russians have a sense of humor..........

September 2006: Why are mothers angry with Senator McCain?

In 2004, the "mother vote" was a critical component in Bush's reelection. In fact, Bush carried the married female vote in huge numbers. They were called "security moms"!

Senator McCain needs to clean up his image after the recent terrorist treatment debate.

McCain is still my first choice for 2008. However, I do think that he has to work to get the mothers back on the bus.

September 2006: Are Democrats born this way?

Are these people born this way?

A few months ago, they blamed everything on the Bush family and the oil companies. Didn't you get sick of all of those stories about global warming and hurricanes?

What happened to hurricanes this year? Did they all switch parties and become Republican hurricanes?

On Wednesday morning, I paid $2.01 a gallon and filled my tank for a little bit over $20.

I'm happy. I like it. Of course, I am not a miserable liberal!

September 2006: Blame it on FOX News and avoid dealing with the truth

First, it was WalMart.   Now, it's FOX News.

In both cases, the Democrats have decided to declare war on two companies who lead their respective fields.

The Democrats believe that FOX News is out to get Pres. Clinton and the rest of the party.

Of course, this is not true.

What about Juan Williams on FOX News Sunday? Or Mort Kondracke on The Beltway Boys? Or Allan Colmes on prime time? Or Susan Estrich?

Don't insult our intelligence by blaming all of this on FOX News.

Let's deal with the substance, or Pres. Clinton's record, rather than trying to kill the messenger.

September 2006: Let's get out of the UN

This is a great idea. Let's get out of the UN and hold a farewell dinner featuring spinach.

September 2006: Do people seriously think that Clinton planned this?

The spin goes like this.

Clinton went on FOX News to excite the troops. He jumped all over Chris Wallace to pick a fight with FOX News.

It may be that Pres. Clinton had that in mind. However, I don't know of anyone who thinks that this interview helped Pres. Clinton's image or his wife, Senator Clinton.

So what's going on? Pres. Clinton is obviously very sensitive to terrorism. He knows that history will be very harsh.

Lots of "remesas" going south

More Minnesotans Own Guns, Violent Crime Remains Low

Image result for memo clipart images

Interesting headline:   "More Minnesotans Own Guns, Violent Crime Remains Low":
We took a hard look at the numbers, and found: Minnesota has a high rate of gun ownership, and a relatively low rate of violent crime.
Minnesota’s violent crime rate hit a 50-year low in 2016, according to the FBI.
And in 2017, the state set a new record for firearms background checks.
So why don't hear about this?




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