Wednesday, March 31, 2010

1889: The Eiffel Tower opened to the public

The legendary Eiffel Tower of Paris opened to the public on this day in 1889.   It is one of the many landmarks of this great city.    

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Monday, March 29, 2010

We remember Cardinal Mindszenty (1892-1975)

Cardinal Joseph Mindszenty was born on this day in 1892 and died in 1975.  

Along with Pope John Paul II, the late Cardinal is one of my Catholic and anti-communist heroes.
Both men stood up to Hitler and the Soviet Union, the two great evils of the 20th century.
Back in 1949, the new communist Hungary regime convicted him of treason and life imprisonment. 

He was released in 1956 by the reformist government and granted asylum at the US Embassy in Budapest.   

Unfortunately, Warsaw Pact tanks crushed the reforms and The Cardinal was force to stay in the embassy grounds until 1971.   

He was eventually released for poor health and died in the Vienna in 1975.   His remains were returned to Hungary in 1991.
Cardinal Mindszenty’s life was just amazing.  

The Cardinal Mindszenty Foundation continues to be a great source of information about defending the unborn and many family issues.
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Sunday, March 28, 2010

"Stolen Holiday" from 1937

What a riot of a movie.    I started watching it and enjoyed it.     The main characters are  Kay Francis, Claude Rains and Ian Hunter.

Here is the story:  A Paris fashion model marries a fortune hunter to protect him from the law.    The rest is for you to figure out!

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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

March 24, 1980: "Nightline" on ABC

Before 24-hour cable news channels, we had shows like "Nightline".

It started on this day in 1980, or in the early stages of the Iran hostage crisis.   The show then moved into the 1980 campaign and stayed around for quite a few years.

It was a good show and Ted Koppell's face was everywhere.

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Monday, March 22, 2010

Happy # 81 Dick Ellsworth

We say happy birthday Dick Ellsworth, who was born in Lusk, WY, on this day in 1940.

By the time I saw him pitch with the 1970 Milwaukee Brewers, Dick Ellsworth was a veteran filling the roster of an expansion team.     

Before Milwaukee, he was a very tough pitcher with the Cubs and Red Sox during the 1960's.   

Ellsworth won 115 games, lost 137 but finished with a decent 3.72 ERA.       His record just confirms that Ellsworth pitched for some bad teams.    

From 1960-66, Ellsworth’s winning percentage exceeded that of the Cubs as a whole (.435 to .422).

Wonder what his record would have been had he pitched for the Cardinals who won 3 NL pennants?

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Spring 1978: The Bee Gees dominated the music charts

"Night fever"" was the 3rd single released from the "Saturday Night Fever" movie soundtrack.   The other two were "How deep is love" and "Stayin' Alive".  

Besides Bee Gees' releases, the Gibb brothers wrote Andy Gibb's hits and "More than a woman" released by Tavares.

From Christmas 1977 to May 1978, The Bee Gees were on top of the charts.  We had not seen this kind of chart domination since The Beatles in 1964.

It was a great year for The Bee Gees.  You can get the soundtrack music here.

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Sunday, March 21, 2010

March 21, 1980: Remember the day that someone shot JR?

Who remembers watching "Dallas" this night in 1980?   

Dallas was a very popular TV series that started in the 1970s and ran into the 1980s.  

It featured one of TV's greatest characters, the only J. R. Ewing.  

On this day in 1980, someone shot J. R. Ewing and it became the talk of the country until the truth was revealed 8 months later.

"Dallas" was indeed one of the most popular TV series ever.  

You can get the entire series now on DVD.

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Thursday, March 18, 2010

March 1969: Remembering "Odessa" by The Bee Gees!

Image result for bee gees odessa images
Before "Saturday Night Fever", The Bee Gees recorded wonderful music and had several hits.

Some of us are old enough to remember the original copy of The Bee Gees' Odessa LP.   It had a luxuriant red velour sleeve and an international best seller.

It was a very creative LP with great tunes like "First of May", "Lamplight", "Melody Fair", and a few others.

Odessa was the story of a shipwreck in the North Atlantic years before the latest Titanic release.

It was great and now available in a digital format.
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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Spring training 1954: An injury opened the door for Hank Aaron in the Braves' outfield

Hank Aaron went to spring training in 1954 hoping to go north with the Braves.    

On this day in 1954, an injury to veteran Bobby Thomson opened the door for the  young Aaron.   

Aaron broke with the team and hit his first HR against the Cardinals in the first two weeks of the season.   He batted .280 with 13 HR & 69 RBI.    

Aaron was 4th in the Rookie of the Year voting behind Wally Moon, Ernie Banks and Gene Conley.

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Saturday, March 06, 2010

We remember Mary Wilson (1944-2021)

The Supremes were Diana RossMary Wilson and Florence Ballard.  They were three very talented young women from Detroit.  In a short time, the trio became the most successful "girl group" in rock and pop history.  Later, Diana Ross enjoyed a huge solo career!
P.S.  You can listen to my show (Canto Talk).   They recorded a lot of good songs. One of my favorites was "Stop in the name of love".

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Thinking about Desi Arnaz (1917-86)

By the winter of 1964, my brother and I were attending school in Wisconsin.
It was fun playing football in snowstorms and answering questions about “Ricky Ricardo”, or the only Cuban that any of my friends knew anything about.
Desi was born Desiderio Alberto Arnaz y de Acha III in 1917.  His father was a politician and mayor of Santiago de Cuba, or the second largest city on the island.
In the 1930s, Mr. Arnaz sent Desi and his mother to the U.S.  He joined them a little later.  We understand that Mr. Arnaz had some political problems and decided to take a little “exile” in Florida.
In the U.S., Desi worked in odd jobs and eventually found himself playing “bongos” on stage. 
 In 1940, he met Lucy and they were married quickly.  They worked separately for most the 1940s until the idea of “I Love Lucy” in 1951.
We also remember him for “Desilu,” the TV company that changed TV and produced many of the sitcoms that we grew up watching.  
Desi Arnaz became one of the most successful businessmen and executives of the 20th century.
He died in 1986.
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Karen Carpenter (1950-83)

We remember Karen Carpenter who was born in Connecticut on this day in 1950.    She died in 1983.

Like many of you, I loved The Carpenters in the 1970's. They were one of the most popular brother-sister acts ever!

My favorite Carpenters songs were "Close to you", "I Need To Be In Love" and "Goodbye to love".

We miss Karen Carpenter. Her songs are still so good!
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