Thursday, November 10, 2022

Thursday's podcast: Blue vs red states….plus more on election 2022…..and other stories..

Thursday's podcast:    

Blue vs red states….plus more on election 2022…..

and other stories..

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Thursday's video Blue vs red more on election 2022.....and other stories.

Thursday's video 
Blue vs red more on election 2022.....and other stories....


Red wave hits Texas

 (My new American Thinker post)

We were expecting an old fashioned wave or a coast to coast effort. Maybe those days are gone and we are now in the era of regional waves, such as we saw in Ohio, Florida, and Texas.  

Around 8 p.m. central time, a big red wave moved into Texas confirming that we are not going blue anytime soon. 

This is from the Texas Tribune:   

Texas Republicans maintained their nearly three-decade grip on state government on Tuesday, comfortably fending off a vigorous run to unseat Gov. Greg Abbott and dashing Democratic hopes that the state would turn purple.

Voters returned GOP incumbents to their jobs at the top of the ticket and handed the state’s dominant party its 14th consecutive sweep of statewide offices. Republicans also seemed poised to add slightly to their majorities in the Texas Legislature, where they’ve controlled both chambers for 20 years, and held large leads in all statewide judicial races.

“Tonight Texans sent a message that they want to keep the Lone Star State the beacon of opportunity that we provided over the past eight years,” Abbott wrote on Twitter on Tuesday evening.

Go Red.  What kept Texas red is that it works for people, from quality of life, strong family values, and an economy that keeps attracting investors and companies.

It's no different in Ohio and Florida, a couple of other places that got visited by the regional wave.  

As for Tuesday, I was disappointed too. However, if we win the House and somehow Walker can break the goal line, then no one will feel so bad this Christmas.   Last, but not least, 150 million voted in Brazil in one day and we had results that night.  Maybe Arizona can learn from that.

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