Sunday, February 06, 2000

1964: "I want to hold your hand" by The Beatles was # 1 this week

Beatlemania officially began with "I want to hold your hand" jumping to # 1 on Billboard.    

A week later, The Beatles landed in New York for The Ed Sullivan Show.  To say the least, pop music would never be the same!

In the US, the B-side was "I saw her standing there", a song from the first LP in the UK.    In the UK, it was "This boy", a song featured on "Meet The Beatles", the first US LP.

"I want to hold your hand" was # 1 for seven weeks.   It was one of the best selling singles of the pop era.    And it is also now available in a digital format.

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We remember Babe Ruth (1895-1948)

George Herman "Babe" Ruth was born in Baltimore on this day in 1895.  

Ruth came along at a very opportune time for the game and the business of baseball.  Baseball was in deep trouble after the White Sox scandal and fans soured on the game.

The "Black Sox" scandal was a complicated story but the Commissioner had no choice but to ban the players.  The biggest tragedy of the commissioner's decision is that we never got to see "Shoeless" Jackson play a full career in the majors.

Ruth put fans in the seats.  He made baseball fun again and became a legendary American hero. 

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1911: President Reagan born on this day

We remember that Ronald Reagan was born on this day in 1911.   His birthplace was Tampico, Illinois. 

Like many of you, I became a conservative because of the Reagan 1976 campaign and eventual election to the presidency in 1980.   He is still one of the most popular presidents in recent memory.   

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