Sunday, October 15, 2023

1991: Clarence Thomas confirmed to The Supreme Court

We remember that Clarence Thomas was confirmed to the Supreme Court on this day in 1991.

I remember watching President Bush introduce Judge Thomas.  I felt good for the country and Judge Thomas.  What a way to show the progress we had made on racial issues, by nominating a man of integrity and a history of self-reliance.  I did not know much about Mr. Thomas but walked away with a favorable impression.

I had no idea what Senators Biden and Kennedy had in store for the country.  The confirmation hearings turned into a disgrace when Clarence Thomas was forced to respond to Anita Hill’s charges.  It was a low point for the U.S. Senate.  I guess a deeper low was reached with Judge Kavanaugh in 2018.  Who knew that the U.S. Senate could reach such levels of immaturity?

The whole thing had nothing to do with their relationship, whatever that was.  It was a last-minute attempt by the Democrats to “Bork” Thomas before he had a chance to join the Court.  The 1987 Borking of Judge Bork was still fresh in our minds.

It was a high-tech lynching, as Mr. Thomas told the committee.  For me, it was all about abortion, as we saw in the aforementioned Kavanaugh hearings.

History will judge Thomas.  No one will ever question Thomas’s character, which is a lot stronger than all of the feminists and liberals who took cheap shots at him to keep Roe v. Wade in place.

My guess is that Grandpa Thomas is very proud of his grandson Clarence!

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Happy # 78 Jim Palmer

We say happy birthday to Jim Palmer.   He was born in New York City on this day in 1945.     

From 1969 to 1978, he was probably the best right hander in major league baseball:   8-time 20-game winner, two ERA titles and 3 Cy Young Awards,    It's hard to think of a more consistent pitcher during that period.

Jim won 268 games, completed 211 and finished with a 2.86 ERA.    He won a World Series game in 3 decades:   1966, 1970 and 1983.    

Palmer was elected to The Hall of Fame in 1991.

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