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Ma and Pa are flexing their muscles

  (My new American Thinker post)

A couple of days ago, I watched a Dick Morris video about the "values moms" moving to the GOP.  In other words, we used to hear about "soccer moms" in the '90s and "security moms" after 9-11 — and now it's "values moms" sick and tired of what the public schools are teaching their kids.

And the Democrats, and especially the teachers' unions, are losing big time.  Why?  Because they are reacting to the parents in the same way that P.M. Trudeau reacted to the truckers.

This is from Glenn H. Reynolds:

We can learn a couple things from all this.

The first is the brittle, arrogant and defensive response of our ruling class to any kind of political opposition nowadays. What kind of mind turns parents complaining at a school-board meeting into some sort of "domestic terrorism" threat? (The same kind that turns peacefully protesting truckers into "insurrectionists," I suppose.)

In what previous age of American history would secret targeting and federal investigations of people engaging in a bedrock institution of participatory democracy have been seen as appropriate? Who calls people racist for wanting their kids to learn?

In this age, alas, those things happen, and the people doing them — the people who are supposed to be our society's leaders, the best and the brightest, the level-headed non-extremists of the establishment — are frankly more than a little bit crazy.

No sane person would respond this way, and yet respond this way they do, over and over again. (And every time they do, they label their opponents racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, Islamophobic, etc., wielding those adjectives like magic curse words, even though they're pretty much always bogus.)

Take a look at what's coming out of Chicago's public schools. This is from Abigail Shrier:

Preschoolers (age 3-5) are to be taught what "Queer" means, what "Non-binary" means and told: "When someone is not a boy or a girl, maybe they feel both, they are non-binary or queer."

Teachers of preschoolers are told to read from The Story of Harvey Milk, stopping at "Harvey was proud of the flag, and proud of himself." Are you proud of yourself, little one?

Even Special Needs kids (including the non-verbal and those on the Autism Spectrum, who tend to fixate) are to be instructed to create BLM flags and indoctrinated in the alleged difference between sexuality and gender.

Every single part of the school day becomes a reason to teach children about being transgender, or America's systemic racism. The lessons are inserted into every part of the day — even P.E., Visual Arts, Drama, Library Lessons and Music. The P.E. materials for grades 4-5 must be seen to be believed[.]

Can you believe this?  Who gave the school system permission to teach our kids this?  This is not only insanity, but the kind of disdain for family that I saw as a kid in Cuba.  The state assumes that they can raise your family better than your parents.  Down in Cuba, they wanted to turn you into a devout "Fidelista."  Here, they want to "woke and woke" you.

So here we are on the eve of "Ma and Pa" turning this darn mess upside-down, as happened in Virginia.  I can't wait to see it.

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