Friday, January 31, 2020

Democrats got nothing for impeachment and other stories

Democrats got nothing for impeachment and other stories 01/31 by Silvio Canto Jr | Politics:

Impeachment over and the Democrats have nothing to show for it.....Happy # 73 Nolan Ryan.....Jackie Robinson 1919-72........Ernie Banks 1931-2015.......other to listen:

Friday’s video: What did Democrats gain from impeachment?

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Friday’s video:
What did Democrats gain from impeachment?
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Trump makes lemonade out of Lemon’s stupid remarks

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On a scale of 1 to 10, let’s give Don Lemon a 1 on terrible ratings and a 10 on a bad case of Trump Derangement Syndrome.
As for ratings, they dropped again in December and no one seems to care.  
A few days ago, Lemon’s TDS was out in the open again.  He mocked President Trump and his voters.  He laughed when the guests called us ignorant and everything else in the book.
Why did he do it?  My guess is that he can’t control himself.  They can’t speak two words without attacking or mocking President Trump or his voters.  It’s mental!
Does Mr. Lemon understand that he is helping President Trump?  In fact, he is, as we see in this post from Katherine Timpf:   
By Tuesday night, Lemon was receiving considerable backlash over the clip — prompting him to address the controversy on his show:
Ask anyone who knows me, they’ll tell you — I don’t believe in belittling people, belittling anyone for who they are, what they believe. During an interview on Saturday night, one of my guests said something that made me laugh. And while in the moment, I found that joke humorous. And I didn’t catch everything that was said.
“Just to make it perfectly clear,” he added. “I was laughing at the joke and not at any group of people.”
That’s cute, Don, and also very dishonest!  Of course, he was laughing at the joke but the joke about the stupid people who voted for Trump.  
Like many of you, I get frustrated when we give people like Don Lemon so much attention.  He has very little influence and his guest list confirms it.  In other words, you are really struggling for seriousness when you invite guests known only to the host.  What serious conservative goes on that show?  Why waste your time?
As for CNN, I don’t know who is selling advertising over there but a network drawing little audience would be better served not going out of its way to mock 63 million Americans.
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Happy # 69 KC

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We say Happy birthday to Harry Wayne Casey, a.k.a. as KC.    

In the 1970's KC and The Sunshine Band were one of the biggest dance groups of the decade.    They had many hits and "Keep it coming love" was my favorite:

Thursday, January 30, 2020

We chat with Leslie Eastman about Wuhan the Coronavirus & Senate Impeachment

We chat with Leslie Eastman about Wuhan the Coronavirus & Senate Impeachment 01/30 by Silvio Canto Jr | Politics:

Guest: Leslie Eastman, contributor to Legal Insurrection....... We will be covering the Wuhan Coronavirus & Senate Impeachment Status.....see Leslie's update on both topics.....and other to listen:

Thursday’s video: The end is near to this impeachment madness...

Image result for impeachment trial defense team images

Thursday’s video:
The end is near to this impeachment madness.....
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Texas not ready for blue

Image result for texas special election images
Over the last month, we’ve been hearing about a special election for the Texas House.  The opening was created when the GOP incumbent resigned.
We saw something very familiar to 2018, with Beto O’Rourke and Julian Castro openly campaigning for the Democrat.  Money was also flowing from everywhere to fund the Democrat opponent.
It seemed a lot like 2018 except the results.  In other words, the GOP won by 18 points.  
This is from the Houston Chronicle:   
Republicans won handily a closely watched special election Tuesday to keep hold of a suburban Houston district that President Donald Trump won easily four years ago, fending off a national blitz by Democrats in a Texas legislative race.
The victory by Republican Gary Gates, who put more than $1.5 million of his own money into his run for state House District 28, is sure to bring a sigh of relief for the GOP in a race that was being tracked far beyond Texas. By the final weeks, the race had escalated into the first big special election of 2020.    
In final unofficial results, Gates polled 58% of the vote to 42% for Democrat Eliz Markowitz.
So what happened?
First of all, it is a GOP district, but it was targeted by Democrats like never before.  In this sense, the race was reminiscent of the Cruz-O’Rourke campaign, when the Democrats threw millions of dollars at the state.
Second, the GOP turnout was huge.    
To be fair, special elections tend to be blown out of proportion.  However, this one was heralded as the first election of 2020.  If so, President Trump’s prospects look pretty good.
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Wednesday, January 29, 2020

We will review the numbers of the Texas special collection with George Rodriguez

We will review the numbers of the Texas special collection with George Rodriguez 01/29 by Silvio Canto Jr | Politics:

Guest: George Rodriguez, South Texas conservative.......We will review the numbers of the Texas special collection....It was a big GOP win.........and other to listen:

Wednesday’s video: The special election in Texas goes well for GOP

 Wednesday’s video:
 The special election in Texas goes well for the GOP...
 click to watch:

The NEA goes all in on abortion

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What does supporting abortion rights have to do good schools or teachers?  The answer is nothing, except if you agree that the NEA is no more than a cash register for the Democrat Party.
The NEA announced this:  
The National Education Association approved a new “business item” expressing support for abortion access during its annual conference in Houston.
“[T]he NEA will include an assertion of our defense of a person’s right to control their own body, especially for women, youth, and sexually marginalized people,” the resolution states. “The NEA vigorously opposes all attacks on the right to choose and stands on the fundamental right to abortion under Roe v. Wade.”
The NEA is the largest teachers’ union in the U.S. with more than 3 million members. It collected nearly $400 million from American educators in 2018, according to federal labor filings. The union is also one of the most politically active in the country, spending $70 million on politics and lobbying in 2017 and 2018. 
Nearly all of the union’s political action committee spending went to Democrats during the midterm cycle, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.
Again, this is a union interested in promoting the modern Democrat Party rather than the education of kids.  It opposes reforms, such as school choice, and supports reproductive rights, a fancy way of saying “abortion.”
Moral of the story:  The bureaucrats running our schools are committed left-wing activists.  Therefore, don’t be surprised if more families take their kids out of public schools and “home-school” them.
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Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Dershowitz on Day 6 plus Bolton leak & Jose Marti 1853 plus Challenger 1986

Dershowitz on Day 6 plus Bolton leak & Jose Marti 1853 plus Challenger 1986 01/28 by Silvio Canto Jr | Politics:

Impeachment day # 6 and talk of a John Bolton book sets off debate about witnesses.....Professor Alan Dershowitz makes the case for elections rather than impeachment to settle political differences......Jose Marti 1853-95.....The Challenger 1986........Vietnam cease fire 1973.......other stories..........
click to listen:

Tuesday’s video: Professor Dershowitz was brilliant...

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Tuesday’s video: 
Professor Dershowitz was brilliant....
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It’s official: No room for pro-life Democrats

Related image
Over the weekend, Mayor Pete Buttigieg made it official or confirmed that the party has no room for pro-life Democrats. 
This is from Fox News:   
A pro-life Democrat named Kristen Day asked Buttigieg whether he wanted the support of “people like me” during the forum moderated by Fox News’ Chris Wallace — and pressed the mayor over whether he would support a change in the Democrats’ platform to emphasize that it is a “big tent” party and welcomes pro-life members. He would not commit to such a move.  “I’m not going to try to earn your vote by tricking you. I am pro-choice, and I believe that a woman ought to be able to make that decision,” Buttigieg said to applause from the rest of the audience. “The best I can offer is that if we can’t agree on where to draw the line, the next best thing we can do is agree on who should draw the line, and in my view, it’s the woman who’s faced with that decision in her own life.” 
Nice going, Pete.  Nice way of throwing a lot of Catholics and Hispanic women under the bus!
Mayor Pete’s answer speaks volumes about the intolerance on their side.  
At some point later this year, a Democrat nominee will have to appeal to a broader audience.  
Wonder if the pro-life Democrat who asked the question can be reached after she watches the Democrat convention push an abortion position that supports abortion on demand?
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Monday, January 27, 2020

The week in review with Bill Katz the Editor of Urgent Agenda

The week in review with Bill Katz the Editor of Urgent Agenda 01/27 by Silvio Canto Jr | Politics:

Guest: Bill Katz, the editor of Urgent Agenda.......Impeachment managers make their cases.......Nadler & Schiff upset GOP Senators.....Trial TV ratings are down........Sanders surging in recent polls.........and other to listen:

Monday’s video: And now the President’s team speaks...

Image result for trump impeachment trial images

Monday’s video:
And now the President’s team speaks....
click to watch:

Are we seeing the end of Biden or more crazy polls?

Image result for democrats iowa images
In a few weeks, some pollsters are going to be right or wrong.  
According to new polls, Senator Bernie Sanders is surging in Iowa:     
Senator Bernie Sanders has opened up a lead in Iowa just over a week before the Democratic caucuses, consolidating support from liberals and benefiting from divisions among more moderate presidential candidates who are clustered behind him, according to a New York Times/Siena College poll of likely caucusgoers.
The poll has VP Biden at 17%.
More importantly, Sanders is leading in New Hampshire, the first primary.  Sanders is leading Biden by 29% to 17%.
Before we write off VP Biden, let’s just say that polls are polls and there will be a bunch more before voters actually vote.  In other words, a lot of establishment Democrats do not want Sanders as the nominee.
My sense is that these polls are correct.  Sanders’ ideology is where the party is.  On the other hand, VP Biden has been a terrible candidate all around.
What happens if Sanders wins Iowa and New Hampshire?  It means that Biden will have to win North Carolina or check out Jeb Bush’s withdrawal speech from 2016.
Again, a lot can change and probably will.  Yet, Sanders is where the action is, as Freddie Cannon used to sing.  
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Sunday, January 26, 2020

Notre Dame the latest target of the reparations crowd

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Once upon a time, administrators ran schools, and students worked to graduate.  At least, that’s what my parents taught me.
Nowadays, it sure looks as though it’s the other way around, especially when students are calling on a university to pay reparations.
This is the latest P.C. show, and it is a show, from Notre Dame according to The College Fix:
A forum Wednesday at the University of Notre Dame featured panelists who urged the university to pay reparations to blacks and Native Americans.Panelist Savanna Morgan, a senior at Notre Dame, said black and indigenous communities have a “right” to pursue reparations at Notre Dame.  These reparations are “indeed monetary,” she said, adding they are “equally psychological and symbolic.”Morgan said one of the “appropriate remedies” for Notre Dame is “taking our $13.8 billion endowment out of this one mile radius and sharing this wealth with the people Notre Dame has historically robbed of their right to a safe and secure life.”“We must acknowledge how white institutions contribute to black disadvantage and commit to the appropriate remedies,” she said.
Remedies and sharing the wealth?
Maybe Miss Morgan should explain how the reparations will be divided and who gets them.  Second, she should explain why someone born in the 21st century should pay for something that happened in the 19th century and before.
Once upon a time, school administrators would shut down this nonsense and send the kids to bed.  Again, the kids are running the schools, and that’s not good for learning.
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1975: "Pick up the pieces" by Average White Band was # 1 this week

Image result for average white band images

There were great instrumentals in the 1970s, from Barry White "Love's theme" to Walter Murphy's "A fifth of Beethoven".    

In 1975, The Average White Band gave us one of the best in "Pick up the pieces".

The Montreal Expos 1969-2004

Image result for montreal expos images
Montreal has a rich baseball tradition, from Jackie Robinson to the great teams of the late 1970's.   

The Expos gave us Tim Raines, Gary Carter, Andre Dawson, Gary Walker, Vladimir Guerrero and lots of others.    

Add a perfect game by Dennis Martinez in 1991.

Between 1979 and 1981, the Expos had great teams in the pre-wild card era.  

In 1979 and 1980 they came in second in the NL East.  In fact, they were in contention until the last series of the season.   

In 1981, they lost the NLCS to the LA Dodgers.    

All of those 3 teams, Pittsburgh in 1979, Philadelphia in 1980 and LA in 1981, went on to win the World Series!  

In 1994, they had the best record in baseball before the strike killed the season and the Expos.     They moved to Washington after the 2004 season.

MLB-TV ran a documentary recently on the story of the Expos.  It was fun to catch up and enjoy some of those great uniforms and caps.

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Saturday, January 25, 2020

If you lose Susan…

Image result for jerry nadler cartoons
Congressman Jerry Nadler’s rant turned off a lot of people, including Senator Susan Collins.  
According to news reports, Senator Collins was so angry that she contacted Chief Justice Roberts:    
Collins told Politico she was “stunned” by Nadler’s comments, and confirmed to the outlet that she wrote a note that made its way to Roberts after a tense back and forth between Nadler and White House Chief Counsel Pat Cipollone.“It reminded me that if we were in a normal debate in the Senate, that the rule would be invoked to strike the words of the senator for impugning another senator,” she told Politico. “So, I did write a note raising the issue of whether there’d been a violation of the rules.”Collins said she gave the note to the secretary for the majority, Laura Dove, and “shortly thereafter, the chief justice did admonish both sides. And I was glad that he did.”
Nadler’s rant was totally over the top — exactly the kind of desperate remark that a fellow with a bad hand makes.
Three days of impeachment presentations have changed nothing.  Let’s hope that this whole case can be dismissed quickly so that housewives can have their soap operas back.
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1924: We remember the first winter Olympics

On this day in 1924, the first winter Olympics were held in France.   

The countries present were France, Belgium, Austria, Estonia, Latvia, Finland, Great Britain, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Czechoslovakia, Canada and the United States.

Remembering Ernie Harwell (1918-2010)

Image result for ernie harwell
In our last show, we looked back at the amazing career of Ernie Harwell, the Detroit Tigers' broadcaster who passed away May 2010.

Harwell was born in Washington, Georgia, on this day in 1918.  Along the way, he called a ton of baseball games.

Click here for the show:

2013: "Pedro Pan Cubans" of California

We spoke with Arturo Bueno, Estela Bueno and Oscar Pichardo about Pedro Pans of California.  

I was not a Pedro Pan but feel a kinship with each of those 14,000 children who left Cuba between 1960-62.    We were kids and saw the communist tyranny eye to eye.  We saw the repression and how our parents were mistreated by the communist regime.

Click here for the show:

A word about Ernie Harwell!

Image result for ernie harwell images
Ernie Harwell was born on this day in Washington. Georgia, on this day in 1918.  He died in 2010 at age 92.

You don't have to be a Detroit resident or Tigers' fan to love Ernie Harwell.

Before ESPN or Internet radio, we had to stay on top of pennant races by going to the backyard and listen to a radio signal far away.

In the late 70's, the Orioles, Red Sox and Yankees had some great pennant races.

I would often keep up with Boston or New York by catching their games against Detroit.

I fell in love with Ernie Harwell's style and that wonderful way that he described how a fan caught a foul ball. ("That ball was caught by a fan from Grand Rapids" or was really cool and quite a lesson on Michigan geography for the listener from another state!)

Ernie Harwell. We loved your work!

Friday, January 24, 2020

Impeachment day 4 and President Trump at The March for Life

Impeachment day 4 and President Trump at The March for Life 01/24 by Silvio Canto Jr | Politics:

Impeachment day # 4 and a bad week for the House managers......they upset Senator Collins and Rep Nadler closes by calling President Trump a dictator......President Trump at the 'pro-life march', a great move.........PM Winston Churchill 1874-1965...........other to listen:

Friday’s video: Bad week for impeachment managers

Image result for nadler impeachment images

Friday’s video:
Bad week for impeachment managers...
click to watch:

Thursday, January 23, 2020

Impeachment day # 3 and talk of witnesses plus is it Sanders or Biden & more

Impeachment day # 3 and talk of witnesses plus is it Sanders or Biden & more 01/23 by Silvio Canto Jr | Politics:

Impeachment day # 3 and talk of witnesses......Impeachment managers over the top with their presentations...........Mark Penn calls of Democrats to stop........Democrats ahead of Iowa.....Sanders the nominee?......other to listen:


Thursday’s video: More witnesses?

Related image

Thursday’s video:
More witnesses?
Click to watch:

Little Anthony -- transphobe

Image result for little anthony just two kinds images
We learned that a Denver Post columnist was fired for saying that there are two genders, female and male.  He is Jon Caldara and argued this:
“What seemed to be the last straw for my column was my insistence that there are only two sexes and my frustration that to be inclusive of the transgendered (even that word isn’t allowed) we must lose our right to free speech.”
Once upon a time, we thought that the world was made up of boys and girls.
No more!
Worse than that, don’t dare putting that on a column.  You will be branded insensitive and whatever other adjective is going around.
It raises a question.  Was Little Anthony an insensitive transphobe when he sang the words to one of pre-PC’s great love songs?
Back in the late 1950s, Little Anthony and The Imperials scored a bit hit on the radio with “Two kinds of people“:
There’s just two kinds of people in the world
Why can’t we fall in love?
Just two kinds of people in the world
They are a boy and girl
Two kinds of people in the world? Sorry Little Anthony — the Denver Post will now refer to your song as more of that 1950s male supremacist stuff that we have to run away from.
Honestly, don’t you miss the days when we could sing about boys and girls and no one got offended?
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President Reagan and the lies of communism

Image result for reagan berlin wall images

A few days ago, I had a conversation with a college student who did not remember the US beating the USSR in the 1980 Winter Olympics. He could not relate to the story off the ice or what the world was like when that game was played. So I told the student to read a bit about President Reagan and get back to me for more conversation about communism..

Like many of his generation, President Ronald Reagan was a strong anti-communist.   He understood the evil empire and knew that you have to negotiate from a position of strength rather than weakness. Over the Christmas holidays, I found this from the late President Reagan:

“How do you tell a communist? Well, it’s someone who reads Marx and Lenin.

And how do you tell an anti-Communist? It’s someone who understands Marx and Lenin.”  

— Remarks in Arlington, Virginia, September 25, 1987

In my life, I have found that this is true. Most people who favor communism in polls do not really understand what it means or have lived under it.   They see it as some romantic idea based on false promises of equality and justice.  On the other hand, we Cubans, along with others from who experienced communism directly, see it for what it is.

Communism was, and is, a great lie. We need to keep teaching that to the new generation.

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Nice harp music with Joanna Mell

Image result for joanne mell images

Operation Pedro Pan: 50-plus year later

Image result for pedro pan cuba images

We spoke about Operation Pedro Pan, the program that brought 14,000 children to the US between 1960-62.

Operation Pedro Pan was one of the great humanitarian moments of the 20th century.

Click here for the show:

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Impeachment day # 2 plus Democrats vs Democrats and Roe v Wade 1973

Impeachment day # 2 plus Democrats vs Democrats and Roe v Wade 1973 01/22 by Silvio Canto Jr | Politics:

Impeachment day # 2 and the partisanship is running high......Hillary Clinton vs Bernie Sanders...........President Trump at Davos talks about the US economy......Roe v Wade 1973......other to listen:

Wednesday’s video: Impeachment day 2......

Image result for impeachment cartoons

Wednesday’s video:
Impeachment day 2.......
click to watch:

Did Nick Sandmann open the door?

Image result for nick sandmann cartoons
About a year ago, Nick Sandmann was a young man on a trip to the nation’s capital — and then we know the rest of the story.  He was trashed in the media and turned into some devil harassing a native American bystander.  To be short, a lot of crazy things were said about this young man.  As the father of three young men, I was furious.
Well, it appears that Nick and company may have the last laugh, as we see in this report:  
Sandmann beat CNN (the other suits are pending), which settled and paid rather than risk a trial. Assuming credibility and self-respect are worth about zero, we now know that the price tag for the agenda journalism CNN practices is reportedly $25 million. That amount is probably half of what the network spends on botox for Anderson Cooper, but as Cooper’s aestheticians are prone to say, it’s a start.
With a win in Sandmann’s pocket and as his cases against the other media outlets work their way through the courts, others also appear ready to challenge agenda journalism via the defamation laws. 
Ten more Covington students are now suing various media. 
Elsewhere, writer Peter Brimelow is suing the New York Times for labeling him an “open white nationalist.” 
Karen McDougal, a former Playboy model who said she had an affair with Donald Trump, filed suit against Fox a month ago, claiming defamation. 
George Zimmerman, who killed Trayvon Martin, filed a defamation suit against HarperCollins, the Martin family lawyer’s publisher. 
Trump critic and Harvard prof Lawrence Lessig is suing the New York Times, accusing them of publishing “false and defamatory” information about him. 
Representative Devin Nunes sued CNN last month, claiming the network defamed him with false reports that he traveled to Vienna to meet with the Ukrainian prosecutor Joe Biden helped oust in 2016.
My guess is that most of these suits will fail or settled out of court.  However, it would be interesting to see a jury decide one of these cases, especially when the media defames innocent people, such as teenagers on a school trip, to score political points.
How to cure the media of Trump Derangement Syndrome?  Let a jury decide that the media is out of control and that destroying people comes with a price.
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"Rachel's Vineyard" is a wonderful resource

Related image
Years ago, I watched a good show on EWTN.  The guest was Dr. Theresa Burke, PhD, one of the ladies that runs the retreats at Rachel's Vineyard.

Dr. Burke has also written articles and a book about abortion: 
Forbidden Grief: The Unspoken Pain of Abortion.

The organization is also supported by Fr. Frank Pavone, Pastoral Director, Rachel's Vineyard and National Director, Priests for Life.

Please start and check out the website!

Second, share the website with anyone who is considering an abortion or dealing with the trauma of post-abortion. Lately, I have been reading more and more about the emotional and physical consequences of abortion.
Abortion is not a choice. It is a bad and unnecessary choice.

Last but not least, this website reminds us that abortion is the taking of a human life.   We should remember this point as we “celebrate” another awful anniversary of "Roe v Wade".
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1973: Foreman beat Frazier in 4 minutes 35 seconds

Related image
On this day in 1973, in Kingston, Jamaica, 24-year-old George Foreman pulled a stunning upset.   

He defeated reigning champion Joe Frazier in 4 minutes and 35 seconds to win the heavyweight championship of the world.    

Foreman was the 1968 Olympic gold medalist and and Frazier the 1964 Olympic winner.

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