Saturday, January 25, 2020

If you lose Susan…

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Congressman Jerry Nadler’s rant turned off a lot of people, including Senator Susan Collins.  
According to news reports, Senator Collins was so angry that she contacted Chief Justice Roberts:    
Collins told Politico she was “stunned” by Nadler’s comments, and confirmed to the outlet that she wrote a note that made its way to Roberts after a tense back and forth between Nadler and White House Chief Counsel Pat Cipollone.“It reminded me that if we were in a normal debate in the Senate, that the rule would be invoked to strike the words of the senator for impugning another senator,” she told Politico. “So, I did write a note raising the issue of whether there’d been a violation of the rules.”Collins said she gave the note to the secretary for the majority, Laura Dove, and “shortly thereafter, the chief justice did admonish both sides. And I was glad that he did.”
Nadler’s rant was totally over the top — exactly the kind of desperate remark that a fellow with a bad hand makes.
Three days of impeachment presentations have changed nothing.  Let’s hope that this whole case can be dismissed quickly so that housewives can have their soap operas back.
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1924: We remember the first winter Olympics

On this day in 1924, the first winter Olympics were held in France.   

The countries present were France, Belgium, Austria, Estonia, Latvia, Finland, Great Britain, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Czechoslovakia, Canada and the United States.

Remembering Ernie Harwell (1918-2010)

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In our last show, we looked back at the amazing career of Ernie Harwell, the Detroit Tigers' broadcaster who passed away May 2010.

Harwell was born in Washington, Georgia, on this day in 1918.  Along the way, he called a ton of baseball games.

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2013: "Pedro Pan Cubans" of California

We spoke with Arturo Bueno, Estela Bueno and Oscar Pichardo about Pedro Pans of California.  

I was not a Pedro Pan but feel a kinship with each of those 14,000 children who left Cuba between 1960-62.    We were kids and saw the communist tyranny eye to eye.  We saw the repression and how our parents were mistreated by the communist regime.

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A word about Ernie Harwell!

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Ernie Harwell was born on this day in Washington. Georgia, on this day in 1918.  He died in 2010 at age 92.

You don't have to be a Detroit resident or Tigers' fan to love Ernie Harwell.

Before ESPN or Internet radio, we had to stay on top of pennant races by going to the backyard and listen to a radio signal far away.

In the late 70's, the Orioles, Red Sox and Yankees had some great pennant races.

I would often keep up with Boston or New York by catching their games against Detroit.

I fell in love with Ernie Harwell's style and that wonderful way that he described how a fan caught a foul ball. ("That ball was caught by a fan from Grand Rapids" or was really cool and quite a lesson on Michigan geography for the listener from another state!)

Ernie Harwell. We loved your work!

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