Saturday, March 31, 2012

The problem with BO-Care is the revised invoice and the attack on religious freedom

Let me make this very simple.

What if you had just bought a new insurance policy?  

What if the first invoice was significantly higher than the amount of the contract? 

What if it included clauses or excluded coverage that no one ever told you about?

What would you do?

Most of us would start by calling the insurance company for an explanation.  Secondly, we would contact the Texas Dept of Insurance and file a complaint of misrepresentation and fraud.

Welcome to Obama Care!  Read this from Karl Rove:

"Last week, the Congressional Budget Office released new budget projections for it over the next 10 years.
In March 2010, the CBO estimated the gross cost at $940 billion for 10 years. Now it forecasts the cost to be $1.76 trillion, nearly double. For the eight years (2012 through 2019) included in both estimates, the CBO now says costs will run $90 billion more than originally forecast.
The law's coverage provisions (such as premium subsidies and Medicaid outlays), which cost $66 billion in 2014 when implemented, will cost $265 billion in 2022, according to the CBO and the Joint Committee on Taxation.
These higher costs will add to the national debt since taxes cover well less than half of ObamaCare's existing price tag."

The cost issue was not really a shock because government program have historically turned out to be more expensive than projected.  Can you say Medicare?

The "religious freedom" issue is further proof that the bill was never read or discussed openly.   See this article from Howard Slugh.

For most of us, the "religious freedom" issue is the deal breaker, or the one that we can not swallow.

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Friday, March 30, 2012

The Cowboys cheerleaders are the best BUT Laura & The Ben-Gals are looking good

The Cincinnati Bengals were 9-7 last season but went out quickly in the post season.  The Bengals fans are still waiting for that team that wins consistently and maybe brings home a Super Bowl trophy.  (We should point out that Cincinnati lost twice to San Francisco in the Super Bowl.  Those were the 49ers teams that won 4 titles under Joe Montana)

The Bengals do have a winning side, i.e. The BenGals!  (Great name!)

We in Dallas think that the Cowboys cheerleaders are second to none.  Frankly, they are but The Ben-Gals are a very interesting group as well.

Check this out: Laura is the oldest cheerleader in the NFL.  She is "a 40-something mother" who redefines what a 40 year old woman can aspire to.

Beyond her good looks, Laura is a good role mode for those of us who think that getting old means sitting in front of the TV.

No way.  Get out there.  Shoot for the stars and maybe you can become a cheerleader at age 40.

Great story.

By the way, cheers for The Ben-Gals for their Iraq Tour:


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A very bad week for common sense and race relations

It's been a terrible week for common sense and race relations in the US.

First, all of us hurt when a 17-year old young man is killed.  What a terrible loss. 

Second, I am appalled that so many have jumped to conclusions without a single fact.

Third, why isn't Pres BO calling on The Black Panthers to shut up and wait for the facts?  Isn't there a "teachable moment" here about rushing to judgement?

Fourth, who was the idiot who posted an address on line?  It turned out to be a wrong address and now an elderly couple are receiving death threats and nasty calls.   By the way, isn't this a hate crime?  What about the civil rights of this innocent couple thrown to the wolves by an irresponsible person trying to promote himself?

Last, but not least, where is the outrage when blacks kill each others?  Are we saying that a black life is only valuable when the alleged killer is white?

Again, it's been a very bad week for common sense and race relations.

I was happy to see this column from Juan Williams, an honest liberal who is not afraid to tell the truth about black on black crime:

"The most recent comprehensive study on black-on-black crime from the Justice Department should have been a clarion call for the black community to take action. There is no reason to believe that the trends it reported have decreased since 2005, the year for which the data were reported.

Almost one half of the nation's murder victims that year were black and a majority of them were between the ages of 17 and 29. Black people accounted for 13% of the total U.S. population in 2005. Yet they were the victims of 49% of all the nation's murders.

And 93% of black murder victims were killed by other black people, according to the same report.

Less than half of black students graduate from high school. The education system's failure is often a jail sentence or even a death sentence. The Orlando Sentinel has reported that 17-year-old Martin was recently suspended from his high school.

According to the U.S. Department of Education's Civil Rights Office, in the 2006-07 school year, 22% of all black and Hispanic K-12 students were suspended at least once (as compared to 5% of whites).

This year 22% of blacks live below the poverty line and a shocking 72% of black babies are born to unwed mothers. The national unemployment rate for black people increased last month to over 13%, nearly five points above the average for all Americans.

The killing of any child is a tragedy. But where are the protests regarding the larger problems facing black America?"

We say it again.  Juan Williams is an honest black liberal.

Sadly, Pres BO is missing in action.  Where is the speech?  Where is the call to black young men to stay in school, obey the law and stop getting young women pregnant out of wedlock?

Again, it was a very bad week for common sense and race relations.  I pray that we all come to our senses and deal with the crisis in black America.

We live in 2012 but too much of the black leadership is caught in a Mississippi '62 time warp.

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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Shall We Be Citizens or Subjects?

Before the ink was dry, Jefferson
  changed "subjects" to "citizens" on the
  Declaration of Independence draft
Pix Via Library of Congress
Ken Blackwell and Bob Morrison, ARRA News Service: In Washington this week, a rare drama is unfolding in the U.S. Supreme Court. The momentous question that is before the court is this: Shall we be Citizens or Subjects?

The high court is considering a historic challenge by twenty-six states to the Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as ObamaCare. Hundreds of people have stood in line, some of them overnight in the chill March air, to get inside. Our colleague, Ken Klukowski, was one of those fortunate few. We are relying on Ken’s reporting and also on the impressions of Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli.

Ken Klukowski reports what was perhaps the critical exchange in the three-day oral arguments. Justice Anthony Kennedy is widely viewed as the pivotal figure in this case.

His vote is essential to any likely 5-4 ruling. Kennedy mildly said that this health care legislation “changes the relationship of the Federal Government to the individual in a very fundamental way.” With this statement, Klukowski hopefully reports, “the individual mandate—the centerpiece of ObamaCare—is likely doomed.”

We agree, with Ken Klukowski and with Justice Kennedy. It is noteworthy that press reports already capitalize “Federal Government” and lower-case the word individual.

The next question, of course, is exactly how will ObamaCare change the relationship of the Federal Government and the individual?

Thomas Jefferson provided the answer. The National Archives announced with some excitement over the Independence Day weekend in 2010 that they had discovered an early draft of the Declaration of Independence. In it, young Mr. Jefferson scratched through the word Subjects and wrote in the word Citizens.

Archivists instructed us on the importance of the change. They invited us to go through that mental process with Thomas Jefferson as he and we became Citizens of a republic for the first time.

Was this amazing event on the nation’s birthday a portent? The National Archives made this announcement on the first Fourth of July after the passage of ObamaCare. It’s almost as if we were receiving a message from on high. Shall We Be Citizens or Subjects?

Why is this so? America is not like other countries. Ronald Reagan understood why America is exceptional. He offered these words in his Farewell Address to the nation in 1989.

Ours was the first revolution in the history of mankind that truly reversed the course of government, and with three little words: “We the People.” “We the people tell the government what to do; it doesn’t tell us.

But under ObamaCare, government not only tells us, it Mandates. We have seen a great controversy over the first Mandate from HHS . This first HHS Mandate would require religious hospitals, schools, colleges, and institutions provide drugs that can cause abortions, and orders them to further violate their consciences by covering sterilizations and contraceptives.

This is only the first of many Mandates that are coming under ObamaCare. There are literally hundreds of places in this ill-conceived legislation where “the Secretary” determines what is mandated. Life and death decisions for millions will be mandated by an unelected government bureaucrat in a distant city.

Justice Scalia asked Obama administration attorneys: “If the government can do this, what can it not do?” Attorney Mike Carvin represents the National Federation of Independent Businesses, suing the Obama administration. Carvin said: If a person enters the market simply by being born, “that…means they can regulate every human activity from cradle to grave.”

Death and taxes. Benjamin Franklin said those were the only certainties on earth. This truth was reaffirmed in the oral arguments before the Supreme Court, as Ken Cuccinelli reports: Somewhat amusingly, Justice Alito noted that burial costs were expensive and could hit one unexpectedly as well. He further noted that if he was too poor to pay his own costs and hadn’t prepared for his burial, he would still certainly be buried, and those costs would in turn be shifted to others either by raising everyone else’s burial costs if the buriers had to absorb those costs, or we’d all pay higher taxes if the government bore these costs.

Before our liberal readers generously take up a collection for Justice Alito’s burial costs, it is time for all of us to step back and consider very carefully the question that is really before the U.S. Supreme Court this week.

If the Supreme Court upholds ObamaCare, columnist George Will notes, then government’s “power to compel contractual relations would have no logical stopping point.” Which is why, Will says, the case the high court hears this week is “the last exit ramp on the road to unlimited government.” Which will it be: Citizens or Subjects?
J. Ken Blackwell is a conservative family values advocate. Blackwell is a former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Human Rights Commission and is a senior fellow at the Family Research Council and a visiting professor at Liberty University School of Law. Bob Morrison is a Senior Fellow for Policy Studies at the Family Research Council. He has served at the U.S. Department of Education with Gary Bauer under then-Secretary William Bennett. Both are contributing authors to the ARRA News Service.

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There is something strange about seeing The Pope sitting next to Raul Castro

There is something very strange about watching The Pope and a tyrant sitting down for tea.  

Since the Castro brothers came to power, they have made life miserable for religious people in Cuba.  A few months ago, Mr Gross, a US citizen, was detained for taking laptops to the Jewish community in the island.

The Pope made some general remarks about freedom.  He told a reporter on the plane that the Marxist model does not work anymore.  However, he did not meet with "the ladies in white", a group of Catholic women who march after mass every Sunday.

We understand that The Pope has to be very careful.  However, he should have been a little tougher with anti-religious regime that has prosecuted priests and other religious people.

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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Cuban dissidents under siege in Cuba

We are pleased to see the Pope in Cuba.  However, we are not pleased to see the way that Cuban dissidents are being arrested, mistreated and punished by the Cuban regime:

1) Babalu reports that the Cuban dictatorship is cutting off phone & internet service;

2) The Pope got a first hand look at the repression and lack of liberty in Cuba.   (Watch the video of this Cuban arrested)

What will happen to Cubans after The Pope leaves?  Let's just say that the government will get even with those Cubans who marched or expressed their criticism openly.  What else do you expect from a corrupt dictatorship accountable to no one?

We understand that The Pope can not do everything.  However, it is disappointing that he did not meet with the dissidents or say anything about the repression in Cuba.  I just hope that the young people do not walk away from the Catholic Church.

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The left in "mute" mode about the 300 Mexicans killed by "Fast & Furious" guns

Have you seen any marches or articles from "the gun-control" lobby about the 300 people killed in Mexico?

Is the left marching denouncing the Obama administration for "arming" Mexican cartels?  

The left's silence is rather interesting compared to the "heartburn", "indigestion" and "outrage" that we've always heard about human rights or guns killing people.

Bob Owens of PJ Media has been covering "Fast & Furious" for more than a year.  His new post is about the silence from "the pro-gun control" crowd about dead Mexicans:

"The Brady Campaign, the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, and Mayors Against Illegal Guns have refused repeated requests by PJ Media for comment on the hundreds of Mexican citizens believed murdered with firearms provided by the Obama administration.

Operation Fast and Furious involved a coalition of federal agencies facilitating the sale of more than 2,000 firearms to known drug cartel straw purchasers. At times, federal agents ran interference for cartel weapon smugglers, thwarting local law enforcement. The operation collapsed when a number of agents came forward as whistleblowers following the murder of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry, dead following a shootout with a cartel group led by an FBI informant.

Mexico Attorney General Marisela Morales has stated that at least 300 murders can be attributed to weapons provided through Operation Fast and Furious, which would make it the deadliest scandal ever involving a U.S. administration."

Like Bob Owens, I am appalled at the silence from the "pro-gun control" groups in the US.

Perhaps they are embarrassed to admit that this program blew up in their faces.  In other words, "Fast & Furious" was never about helping Mexico fight cartels.  It was always about blaming, and ultimately closing, Texas gun shops legally selling arms on our side of the border.

Or perhaps killing Mexicans doesn't rise to the level of a serious issue.

I don't know but the guns are still loose in Mexico and the death toll just keeps going up every day. 

The American left is still on "mute mode".
  Someone in the left should stand  up and call on Pres BO to take ownership of the failed program.  Frankly, Pres BO's lackadaisical attitude is pathetic.   His support of AG Holder is even more bizarre.

We discussed this topic with Fausta Wertz on the second segment of our Tuesday show:

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Hispanic unemployment & gas prices are the two things going up under Pres BO!

"Yes we can" is no we can't.  "Hope and change" is high unemployment in Hispanic communities.  "Si se puede" is very high gas prices.

Yes, no one has suffered more under Pres BO's stewardship than blacks and Hispanics.

Bob Blumer posted something this week that should alarm everyone still singing the "si se puede" serenade.  It tells a harsh story.  It reveals some rather frightening statistics that Dems do not want Hispanics to remember or hold them accountable for:

".......that only four months after the recession’s end in June 2009, the seasonally adjusted unemployment rate for whites peaked at 9.3%. Over time, it has gradually declined to its current 7.3%.

Meanwhile, Hispanic unemployment continued rising for another 13 months, topping out at 13.1% in November 2010. After falling to a still-high 10.5% in January 2012, it ticked up to 10.7% in February."

So get ready for the "latino card" to distract Hispanics from the Obama economy.

Yes, get ready to hear that we Republicans want to send everybody back to Mexico or lock up people that look "hispano".

In the meantime, we are still waiting for Pres BO to propose policies that will improve the lives of Hispanics and blacks waiting for their "hope and change" dream to come true.

How is that "hope and change" working out for you?  It's not working in Hispanic communities, i.e. 10.7% unemployment! 

Again, 10.7% is not an easy record to defend.  This is why you are going to hear that we Republicans want to evict your aunt and send her back to Mexico.

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Monday, March 26, 2012

Pres BO's new documentary is fantasy and more fantasy

Karl Rove published a review of the new Obama documentary, the campaign film made to present the Obama record. 

Like everything Obama, the movie is a fantasy. 

It attempts to project a man who inherited the worst recession in world history, who saved one industry after another, who turned around world opinion about the US and who took the nation to another level of happiness.

Let me repeat.  It is a fantasy, unless you are still one of those drunk on "hope and change" and the "yes we can" serenade.

Pres BO's record is obviously different.  In fact, the record is so different that they had to make a movie like this to distract voters.

The documentary does not talk about the very high unemployment rate in all of those black congressional districts run by black Democrats.  It does not mention the high unemployment rate in Hispanic communities either.

The documentary does not say that Pres BO had 60 votes in the US Senate (the super majority) or a 40-plus advantage in the US House.  In other words, the Dems had total control of the federal government for the first two years of Pres BO.

The documentary avoids the reality of immigration reform promises made in 2008.  In fact, it overlooks most of the 2008 promises, specially closing GITMO or reversing the anti-terror policies started by Pres Bush.

We agree with Rove's review that the movie has lots of "straw men" and people to blame.

The movie avoids a lot of the real  history:

"Almost as important as what the film says is what it doesn't.

There's not a word about the failure of the president's stimulus to produce the jobs he pledged—according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, fewer Americans are working today (132.7 million) than when Mr. Obama was sworn in (133.6 million).
There's nothing about his promise to cut the deficit in half by the end of his term—according to Treasury's Bureau of Public Debt, the administration has piled up more debt in three years and two months ($4.93 trillion) than his predecessor did in eight years ($4.8 trillion).

Nothing is said about the centerpieces of last year's State of the Union—green energy jobs (Solyndra anyone?) and high-speed rail (fizzled).

Nada on the president's promises about how ObamaCare would lower premiums and lower the deficit while allowing people to keep their existing coverage (all untrue).

There's nothing about the crumbling situation in Afghanistan, strained relations with allies like Israel, Mr. Obama's unpopularity in the Islamic World, the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, multiple missteps with Iran (from failing to protest the stolen Iranian elections in 2009 to the mullahs' unchecked pursuit of nuclear weapons), and Mr. Obama's flip flops on closing the Guantanamo Bay detention facility and providing civilian trials for terrorists. "

Yes, the movie reminds us every 5 seconds that that Pres BO killed Bin Laden.   It is presented in "Batman" like terms!  It is portrayed as the most heroic decision every taken by a US president.

Yes, I'm very happy that a Navy Seal put a bullet between Bin Laden's eyes.   Go Navy Seals and congratulations to Pres BO for authorizing the raid.

However, do you think that Pres McCain would have let Bin Laden live after we learned that he was living in Pakistan.  (The movie avoids conveniently another reality:  We  learned of Bin Laden's whereabouts from information obtained in word of that in the movie)

Overall, Pres BO's first term is all about the unwillingness to make decisions and blame other people.    It was also a profile in cowardice.  He did not force his Congressional majority to vote on immigration, homosexuals serving openly in the military or The Dream Act. 

It is a striking contrast to Pres Bush, who made decisions and did not blame Pres Clinton for doing nothing about terrorism or leaving him a recession.  (Don't forget that the stock market crashed in the last year of Pres Clinton)

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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Why isn't Pres BO celebrating the 2nd anniversary of BO-Care?

Ed Morrisey of Hot Air reminded us today that BO-Care will turn 2 this week.  Frankly, it's been a very difficult 2 years for Pres BO's signature legislation.

First, we just learned this month that BO-Care will be a lot more expensive than originally proposed.

Second, there is more and more polling evidence that Americans want BO-Care repealed or overturned by The Supreme Court.  Here are a couple of examples:

53% Rasmussen

"This ABC News/Washington Post poll finds that Americans oppose the law overall by 52-41 percent. And 67 percent believe  the high court should either ditch the  law or at least the portion that requires nearly all Americans to have coverage."

My guess is that most Dems would love their vote back because this whole thing has turned into a nightmare for the party.

I guess that Mr Charles Krauthammer got this one just right:

"Rarely has one law so exemplified the worst of the Leviathan state — grotesque cost, questionable constitutionality and arbitrary bureaucratic coerciveness. Little wonder the president barely mentioned it in his latest State of the Union address. He wants to be reelected. He’d rather talk about other things."

Who would have believe this 2 years ago when Nancy Pelosi and Pres BO were telling us about the new law?

Check out our Friday show with Dr Ileana Johnson-Paugh:

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Friday, March 23, 2012

We call on Pres BO to stop playing games about "Fast & Furious"

Last Friday night, AG Holder released hundreds of documents but there is absolutely nothing of consequence.

First, who made the decision to approve F&F?  We still don't know. 

Second, why is the Obama administration now blaming the Mexican police?  This is from one of the documents:

"According to congressional Democrats on the House oversight committee, in the “Hernandez case” ATF agents, working with Mexican police, planned to track illegal weapons as they left the United States all the way to their final destination. But Mexican police reported they never saw the vehicle that ATF agents had followed to the border."

Why are they blaming Pres Bush & the Mexican police?   It's a dishonest distraction.

As we've posted before, Pres Bush was serious about helping Mexico fight the cartels.  He got the Congress (with significant opposition from Democrats) to pass The Merida Plan.  He put 6,500 National Guard troops on the border.

On the other hand, Pres BO was never interested in the border war.  He was only obsessed with going after the Texas gun shops that operate legally on our side of the border. 

Here is the bottom line: 2,000 guns were handed to Mexican cartels, nobody in the Obama administration can explain the decision and 300 Mexicans are dead.  (We also lost US Agent Terry on the border and US Agent Zapata on a Mexican highway)

When is someone in the Mexican government going to ask the question:  Who authorized putting 2,000 guns in our country?  Who armed the criminal elements at war with the Mexican people?

We also learned this week that AG Holder did not tell Congress about the release of a gunrunner.  Check out Dick Morris:

"Administration did not reveal the incident despite subpoenas that obliged them to do so.  In a letter to Holder this week, Congressional Republicans investigating Fast and Furious asked the Justice Department why Acosta wasn't arrested in May of 2010. They also want to know why the Justice Department failed to turn over the documents on Acosta's detainment and release, which were covered under a longstanding subpoena."
I don't know how AG Holdier doesn't resign or get fired.  It is incredible.

Check out our Thursday show and discussion of "Fast & Furious":

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Thursday, March 22, 2012

The GOP after Illinois (They look like President Romney and First Lady Anne to me)

It was a good Tuesday night for Mitt Romney.  He won big in Illinois.  Romney's speech was not only presidential but he sounded the right themes:

1) Freedom from mindless regulations intended to occupy bureaucrats rather than fix problems, i.e. Dodd-Frank, BO-Care and the out of control EPA at war with anyone who works for a living in the US;

2) the power of the 10th amendment in our Constitution, i.e. states need to be empowered to fix our problems;

3) the private sector, not government, creates jobs;

4) gasoline prices are a direct result of anti-oil Obama administration.  They've opposed any kind of drilling in the US;

5) our foreign policy is a mess because we've had a weak leader in the White House.  We have a president who thinks that being popular is the same as being respected.  It is not! 

It was truly his best speech.  I repeat that he looked like a president!

It was an even bigger Wednesday morning because Jeb Bush endorsed Romney.   Bush called on the GOP to unite and that's important too.

With all due respect to Santorum and Gingrich, and specially all of my friends who work for them, it's hard to see how Romney can be denied the GOP nomination.

I agree with Barry Casselman:

"With the results from Illinois, it has become even clearer that Mitt
Romney will now become the 2012 Republican nominee. There are quite
a few primaries yet to be held, including some from the states with the
largest number of delegates, but there is no reasonable scenario left in
which Mr. Romney will fail to receive the necessary 1144 votes on the first ballot in Tampa."

That's the bottom line.  Mitt Romney will be the 2012 GOP nominee.

I am not calling on the other candidates to withdraw.  They will make that decision on their own.  They will eventually have to deal with the financial reality that it will take millions of dollars to compete in places like New York, California and Texas.

I do know this:  2012 is about defeating Pres BO.  Let's get that campaign started.  Frankly, the sooner the better.  Let's give Mitt Romney a little time to start preparing the effort that will lead to Pres BO's defeat in November. 

We discussed Illinois and the status of the nomination with Barry Casselman on Wednesday night:

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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Dear Pope Benedict: Don't forget the "ladies in white"!

We understand that Pope Benedict can not fix all of Cuba's problems.  However, he could take a small step and sit down with the "Damas en Blanco", or those heroic ladies who march every Sunday after mass.

"Las Damas" are one of the most wonderful pro-human rights movement in recent history. 

They are a cross section of Cuban society and focused exclusively on peaceful dissent. 

They are also the target of more and more repression, as Alberto de la Cruz posted over the weekend.

We don't expect Pope Benedict to get involved in politics.  However, he should meet with the faithful and that's "Las Damas".  They represent everything that the faith is about, from opposing abortion in Cuba to supporting freedom for their loved ones.

Pope Benedict could legitimized "Las Damas" with a simple meeting.  He could also give the dictatorship a big lift by refusing to see any of the dissidents.

Check out our conversation with Carlos Eire on Monday.  Carlos wrote a letter to the Pope earlier this month.    Click below for the show:

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Monday, March 19, 2012

The NY Times is OK with an anti-Catholic ad BUT....

A few days ago, The NY Times ran an ad calling on readers to leave the Catholic Church.  

It was all about the phony message that The Catholic Church wants to deny US women their "right" to buy birth control.

We repeat:  US women are free to have abortions, buy birth control and do whatever they want to do with their lives.

The issue is religious freedom.  In other words, Catholic hospitals and charities should not be required by BO-Care to provide birth control or abortion counseling.

Want birth control pills or abortion counseling?  Call Nancy Pelosi's office.  She will gladly tell where to go. 

A couple of days ago, an organization contacted The NY Times about running an ad calling on moderate Muslims to denounce the radical elements.

The NY Times refused to run the ad.  The NY Times' explanation is ridiculous.  They don't want to put our troops at risk.

The NY Times has a very funny way of of showing concern about the safety of US soldiers in Afghanistan.

The is the same NY Times that did not hesitate to print back in 2005 that we were listening to terrorists' phone calls OR publish WikiLeaks and place many people in danger.

There is something very wrong at The NY Times.    

Check out our conversation with Bill Katz of Urgent Agenda:

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Remember the "good war"? Pres Obama was never serious about Afghanistan

During the Bush presidency, the Dems used Afghanistan to attack the Iraq War. 

We were told that Afghanistan was the place to fight, the source of 9-11 and the war worth fighting. We know now that they were just "words", or calculated remarks intended to attack Pres Bush and promote the idea that the Dems were not soft against terrorism.

Ollie North remembers what candidate BO said before the "yes we can" screamers of 2008:

"Four years ago, when then-Sen. Barack Obama was campaigning for president, he said of Afghanistan: This is "a war that we have to win." 

He also claimed, "The Afghan people must know that our commitment to their future is enduring because the security of Afghanistan and the United States is shared.""

He also said that he'd close GITMO, change the Bush anti-terror policies, cut the debt in half and fight for immigration reform!

We can say this:  Pres BO was never really serious about Afghanistan.  It was an election sound bite.

We are now in a horrible situation in Afghanistan.  Our troops are being killed by Afghan security guards.  The Afghan street is no better than before.  We are spending millions and getting no respect from Pres Karsai. (Read his statement)

Last, but not least, Pres BO never explained to the American people what our mission was, or the reason for staying in.

It's time to change our strategy from a heavy "foot print" to attacking & killing terrorists.  

Afghan nation building is not worth another life or dollar.  The Afghans are not capable of appreciating the sacrifice that we've made for them.  Check out our conversation with Bill Katz of Urgent Agenda:

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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Twilight zone update: Am the only one who thinks it's obscene to have Cuba & China sit on a UN hearing about vote-ID laws in Texas and elsewhere?

This is shocking, insulting and another reminder of why Pres BO & AG Holder need to change jobs next January.

The UN, yes The United Nations, is now hearing about Voter-ID laws in the US:

"The U.N. Human Rights Council members include communist China and Cuba

In addition, several Arab nations are on the council that have only granted the right to vote to women in recent years, such as Kuwait in 2005 and Qatar in 2003."

This is a publicity stunt and an insult to the US.  I hope that everyone at the NAACP issues an apology to the many patriots who belong to that organization.  Wonder what the founders of the NAACP would say about this?

First, most of the countries in the UN are not even democratic.  Who is kidding who?

Second, the Supreme Court held up the constitutionality of these laws in 2008 in the Indiana case.

Yes, there is something wrong with the NAACP, or any other group, that would give UN countries an opportunity to take a "cheap shot" against the US.  Shame on the NAACP.

Again, China and Cuba are sitting in these hearings.

Check out our Friday show with Dr Ileana Johnson-Paugh:

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Friday, March 16, 2012

An idea for Josefina's campaign (and for millions of Mexican parents)

Let me be honest and tell you that I don't know much about Josefina Vaquez-Mota, the PAN candidate.  

In 2000 & 2006, many of us in the US were familiar with Vicente Fox & Felipe Calderon, the PAN nominees.  They had a reputation outside of Mexico as conservatives and men who understood that the country needed reforms.  

We were also very familiar with Vicente Fox because he had a close relationship with our Governor GW Bush in the late 1990s.  They were both elected president in 2000 and worked together well.

Again, Josefina Vazquez-Mota does not enjoy that reputation.  

I am not saying that she is a bad candidate.  

I'm just stating the obvious:  Nobody knows Josefina! 

Besides that, she faces an uphill battle because the voters usually want change after a party has been in power for 12 years, or Fox & Calderon. 

Nevertheless, I am going to give her a campaign issue that the other two guys won't touch.

I am talking about public education reform, or an issue that no one has really addressed in Mexico because the teachers' union has always delivered votes on election day.

We call on Sra JVM to read Israel Ortega's article about a movie going around Mexico:

"Opening in theaters all across Mexico, the documentary titled De Panzanzo—loosely translated to “Barely Passing”—is a hard-hitting film exposing the sorry state of the Mexican public school system. 

According to the film, roughly 54 out of every 100 Mexican students will fail to receive a high school diploma.  As a result, Mexicans, on average, spend only about 8.6 years in school. 

In other countries, such as Norway and Canada, students average about 13.2 years in school."

Sra JVM needs something to establish her credentials with a public tired of 12 years of PAN but not totally sold on Pena-Nieto's "hope and change" and LO's part II.

Sra JVM must remind Mexicans that they will always be a 3rd world country as long there are monopolies like PEMEX and a public education system run for the benefit of the teachers' union.

Why should Mexican taxpayers pay taxes to support public schools but be forced to send their kids to private schools to get a quality education?

I think that my idea will give Sra JVM an issue that the other two guys are afraid to touch.  It will be a winner for Sra JVM and PAN.   It will also demonstrate that she is not afraid of taking on "sacred cows".  It will be a big hit with Mexicans who don't think that they are getting their money's worth from the bureaucracy.

Click here for our conversation with Israel Ortega of The Heritage Foundation:

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