Friday, March 24, 2017

Obama Care is imploding and very fast.

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The news of the day with Richard Baehr of American Thinker

Guest: Richard Baehr, columnist and Chief Political Correspondent American Thinker.............London terror again..........We will review the latest about Obama Care and the GOP.......The Gorsuch hearings and Democrats.......Trump presidency 60 days later....the back and forth about Russia and the 2016 now more on the Obama surveillance of the Trump team..............

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Democrats worried about the UK?

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We can start by speaking English

As someone who was born speaking Spanish, and who had to learn English when our family came to the U.S., I find this whole story from Maryland rather crazy.  
First, let’s accept that “dreamers” are not rapists. I’ve always favored some mechanism to legalize and give these young people a chance to stay in the country that they grew up in. I am not talking about a path to citizenship but rather a document that gives them the legal identity that they lack. After all, many of them were brought here when they were young. Most of them are also doing well in school or staying out of trouble.
I am not angry at “dreamers”. I am furious with school administrators and some of the legislatures that write these stupid rules.
How can you have a learning environment with everybody speaking a different language? How can any school district afford the cost of teaching in any other language but English? Arent’t these young people better off learning English as soon as possible?    
As the wonderful Miss Jones, my 5th grade teacher in Wisconsin, said to me, you need to learn English so you can finish school and go to college someday.   Looking back, Miss Jones was wise not anti-immigrant!
How insane is the suff going on in the public schools that Democrats like the Obamas, Kerrys, Kennedys, and Clintons do not send their children to?    
This is from Cal Thomas:    
Among the many questions that should be asked is why Messrs. Sanchez and Montano — both old enough to be seniors — were placed in a freshman class in the first place? They were given a translator to help them understand what the teacher said in English, but the word that describes that ludicrous decision is easily understood in both English and Spanish — “estupido.”
Equally “stupid” is a bill in the legislature that would declare Maryland a “sanctuary state.” If it passes and survives a likely veto by Gov. Larry Hogan, it would shield illegal immigrants from federal immigration laws. The Republican leader in the House of Delegates, Nic Kipke, says the measure “ignores the rule of law” and would create “anarchy” in the state.
One of the things the left claims to always be concerned about are the rights of minorities and the disenfranchised. One hears that argument invoked often in debates over transgender individuals and which bathroom they can use. If that works for liberals in this case, what about the right of a teenage girl to be protected against a violation of her person by illegal immigrants?
This is stupid. We are not doing anyone a favor by keeping them in their own language? It’s time to demand English and to start as soon as today.
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