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Friday's show: No change in Cuba and memories of Mariel 1980 with Marcos Nelson Suarez

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The real issue in Mexico’s elections

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Back in 1982, I watched my first Mexican presidential election. It included rallies, TV ads, lots of placards and even a little space for the opposition. However, the result was known before election day. Everybody knew that the PRI’s candidate would win easily. And Mr. De La Madrid did exactly that.
Today, no one really knows who will win. There are three major candidates, Mr. Lopez-Obrador, from the leftist Morena party, Mr. Meade from the incumbent PRI, and Mr. Anaya from the center-right PAN.
The polls show Mr. Lopez-Obrador leading but I am not ready to tell you that he is going to win.
Down in Mexico, the issue is not not Trump, although it’s fair to say that most Mexicans don’t like the U.S. president. The main issues are crime and corruption, as we see in this report of the election:   
The Peña Nieto administration’s inability to deal with three major issues concerning a majority of Mexican citizens drives the debate in Mexico today.  
Recent Ipsos polling illustrates these trends. We find that 65 percent of Mexicans say crime and violence are one of the greatest worries facing their country. 
This is followed by 53 percent who cite corruption and 40 percent who call out poverty and inequality as one of their top concerns. 
These statistics emerge from real-life experiences: The homicide total hit over 29,000 last year as cartel violence spreads, and bribes and fraud rarely get exposed, much less prosecuted.  
My own experience, from talking business or whatever, confirms these findings. Most of my conversations with Mexicans in Mexico go something like this:
First, they tell you that Trump shouldn’t call Mexicans rapists and that Americans should stop consuming the drugs that send weapons and cash south of the border;
Second, they blast the political class for the systematic corruption that allows politicians to get rich in office. They hate the bureaucracy or what they call the “secret government”;
Third, they blame the corruption for the insecurity. They want order in their streets, specially the gangs stealing ladies’ purses. They want a no-nonsense tough guy who lays down the law. They are not a looking for a dictator but a guy feared by street criminals is acceptable.
Fourth, they want a good relationship with the U.S.   
So what’s wrong with the major candidates? They are not talking about insecurity, corruption or proposing polices that create jobs.   
So what happens in July? One of these three men will win with less than 40% of the vote. He will govern a very angry nation that wants results.
As a Mexican businessman said yesterday: “We may be electing the last president of Mexico.” I requested a clarification such as did he mean a military coup? He answered “not necessarily” but the country is demanding “un hombre fuerte” or a strong man.
After further clarification, he is hoping that whoever wins is a very strong man against crime.
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March 2007: Nancy and Harry

A post from March 2007:

If you are a Democrat and you voted for just got fooled. These guys want power but not responsibility. They want the private jets but don't ask them to make a decision or keep a promise.

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March 2007: Young girls in trouble

A post from March 2007:

As the father of 3 sons, I watch cautiously what is happening with girls. Frankly, it's not pretty. Our society is hurting young girls with too much sex, too much "let me dress like a woman" and not enough fathers around.

Today, I read Calling All Fathers: Save the Girls by Kathleen Parker. It raises questions about our society and young girls:
"We shouldn't need a scientific study to tell us that sexualizing children is damaging, but apparently common sense isn't what it used to be. We can now assert with confidence that most of the primarily girl pathologies -- eating disorders, low self-esteem and depression -- can be linked to an oversexualization that encourages girls to obsess about body image and objectify themselves."
Our society is hurting young girls by creating false physical expectations. At the same time, too many fathers are not around to serve as a good male role model for their confused daughters.

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February 2007: Mexican women want their husbands back!

A post from February 2007:

Guess who wants strict enforcement of US immigration laws? The answer is Mexican women.

Up here, they are cheap labor. In Mexico, the political class loves to send them north. After all, it's better to have them cutting grass in Dallas rather than marching in front of Los Pinos.

However, no one talks about the horrible consequences to the Mexican family unit.

This is why I loved this article. See Mexican wives seek ouster of husbands from U.S. By Stephen Dinan:
"It's a stark reminder of an often forgotten voice in the U.S. immigration debate -- the wives, children, parents and villages left behind as millions of workers come to the U.S., many of them illegally.

The plea also underscores the dual effects of migration on Mexico: Its economy needs American jobs as an outlet for workers, but determined, able-bodied workers get siphoned out of Mexico.

More than 10 million Mexican-born people, or nearly one out of every 10, was living in the United States in 2005.

And as a percentage of the work force it's even higher: One in seven, or 14 percent, were here, according to the Migration Policy Institute.

The institute said 77 percent of Mexican workers in the U.S. were younger than 45, and 70 percent were men.

Villages devoid of men between 20 and 50 are common in many parts of the country. The stories of single mothers struggling to raise their children are just as frequent."
There are always consequences. In this case, they are not good for Mexican wives and children!

It's time to close the border and force Mexican politicians to fix their nation's problems.

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How to lose your donors?

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How to lose your donors?   Have a stupid professor make a vicious statement about the death of a 92-year former First Lady:    Bush-bashing professor has Fresno State scrambling to keep its donors!   
We hope that the donors make it official and stand up for good taste.    

March 2007: What made Hollywood fall in love with Al Gore?

A post from March 2007:

Put me down as one of us who can't understand the Gore-Hollywood love affair. After all, it wasn't long that most of these Hollywoodies hated Tipper Gore because of her criticism of movies and music.

Back in the late 1980's, (before global warming and GW Bush), Tipper Gore was enemy # 1 with Hollywood liberals. As a mother, Tipper Gore correctly pointed out that Hollywood was releasing trash unsuitable for children.

Also, in 2000 Hollywood went for Nader.

Today, they love Gore. I don't get it. Of course, this is another case of Bush Derangement Syndrome, a disease identified By Charles Krauthammer in 2003.

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What goes around comes around

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What goes around comes around.    This is an interesting headline:  James Comey's leaks now a matter for the Justice Department.

It appears that Mr. Comey did leak information.   Was it classified?  We will know sometime soon.

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Your Silly Hillary update for today

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Your Silly Hillary update for today:   "Hillary Clinton on Election Night: ‘They Were Never Going to Let Me Be President’"

Frankly, this is embarrassing.   Can you recall a single losing candidate in US history lamenting this long?

Who is "they"?   Was it US voters by any chance?

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It must be hard to be a reporter in the tank for Clinton

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It must be hard to be a reporter in the tank for Clinton:   The New York Times' lead 2016 Clinton campaign reporter admits crying after Trump's victory!       At least, the lady is honest whereas so many pretend to be objective.

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February 2007: Let's stop the global warming hysteria

What are the environmentalists smoking? I don't know but don't give me any of it.
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We remember Tito Puente (1923-2000)

Like many of you, I’ve spent a few hours of my life listening to the music of Tito Puente.     He was born on this day in 1923 and became quite a musical pioneer, mixing musical styles with Latin sounds and experimenting in fusing Latin music with jazz.
Ernesto Antonio "Tito" Puente was born in New York City, the son of Puerto Rican immigrants and already playing music by age 13.
Tito Puente won 5 Grammys, including “Homenaje a Beny“, a tribute to Beny More:
Tito Puente: "Castellano Que Bueno Baila Usted"....... via @amazon

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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Thursday's show: Elections in Mexico, the travesty of "change" in Cuba & other stories

Thursday's video: An update on the Mexico's presidential election

Are these the people who say that we are angry?

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Most people have spoken with glowing words about Barbara Bush since her death in Houston. Why not? She was a nice lady, a historic woman who was married to a president and mother of another.
Nevertheless, there are people out there who have to use this death as an opportunity to get publicity and take a shot at the Bush family.
Enter Randa Jarrar, an English professor at Fresno State. She wrote this about Barbara Bush:   
“Barbara Bush was a generous and smart and amazing racist who, along with her husband, raised a war criminal,” Jarrar wrote on Twitter. “F— outta here with your nice words.”
Memo to the professor:  a real war criminal would not tolerate a remark like this about his mother. At the very least, he would deport you and never allow a public university to have someone like you on the payroll. The professor “don’t know much about history” as Sam Cooke sang. 
It’s tasteless but rather predictable. After all, she called Mrs. Bush a “racist” and her son a “war criminal.” Don’t these people have any other words in their vocabulary?
Someone should ask Democrats about this tweet. Am I the only one who thinks that she sounds like a House Democrat?
Another question: Where is Mark Zuckerberg when we really need him? I’ve seen a ton of very ugly comments about Mrs. Bush. Why isn’t the committee taking those down in the name of a clean community?
How about Twitter? Why aren’t comments like these deleted for being offensive?    
It’s fair to disagree with President George W. Bush. However, these nasty attacks against Mrs. Bush confirm that the left is the ugly and angry side of the room. 
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No change in Cuba!

2002: "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" released in the US

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We remember that my "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" was released on this day in 2002.    

It turned out to be a very popular movie.

The film had $5 million budget but ended up generating $240 million, or a rather good investment to say the least.

It was hilarious, specially the bride's family:

A big battle underway in The Golden State

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Look west and there is a big battle underway in The Golden State:   San Diego County backs Trump challenge to California 'sanctuary' law!    

San Diego is California’s second-biggest by population.    It is the latest local government to declare war on the state's sanctuary policy.

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July 2010: Too early to think of 2012 but........

A post from July 2010:

As I mentioned on the radio and/or blog, it's too early to predict what will happen in 2012.

After all, who would have believed 4 years ago that Sen Obama would defeat Sen Clinton?

Didn't all the experts back then predict a Clinton vs Giuliani contest in 2008?

Nevertheless, there is some very interesting data about Pres BO vs some of the leading Republican names:

"Mitt Romney has the strongest lead 46-43, followed by Mick Huckabee 47-45." (PPP)

Sarah Palin is tied 46-46!

What does this information tells us?

First, Pres BO is navigating through some very rough waters.

Second, the Republicans are leading but it's all within the margin of error.

Third, Pres BO is under 50%, the nightmare scenario for any incumbent. (His job approval is 45% in this poll)

It'd be interesting to see these numbers, or pairings a year from now.

If Pres BO is under 50% then he is in very serious reelection trouble.

Click for our interview with Rick Moran:

July 2008: BO wins Paris but McCain carries Israel in a landslide!

A post from July 2008:

Where are the serious people of the world?

We know that many of them live in Israel, a nation that lives with the reality of rockets that kill her children often!

Israelis know terrorism. Unlike the Europeans, Israel can and will defend itself. Unlike many "sophisticated" Europeans who drool over "hope and change", the Israelis want straight talk.

In fact, the world owes Israel a great debt. It was Israel that blew up Saddam Hussein's nuclear plan in 1981. It may be Israel and the US who take out the Iranian nuclear facilities today!

Who does Israel want for US president? They don't want Elvis! They want McCain.

Is anybody shocked? Israel lives in the real world. They know that the US needs a president not some current version of Elvis!

The US Jewish vote is critical in states like Florida. Furthermore, Jewish Americans turn out to vote!

I guess that it's nice to know that there are serious people in the world after all. They don't live in Paris. They live in Israel!

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February 2007: How is this impacting young girls?

A post from February 2007:

Britney's public meltdown may be a blessing in disguise. It may take something like this incident to wake parents, and our society, that our kids need better role models.

Frankly, little girls need to be little girls. They need to stay simple and cute for a long time. They will have plenty of time to grow up and be women.
See Sexualizing Girls By Mona Charen:
"The American Psychological Association has discovered that too early sexualization of children, particularly girls, is damaging. How about that?"
Finally, check out Dying to be divas By Kathleen Parker:
"Between hourly updates on the decomposing body of Anna Nicole Smith and the balding of Britney Spears, we can confidently declare that the Jerry Springerization of America is complete. The travails of these two tragic characters would be of little interest in a normal world, but ``celebrity'' is the new normal. Like it or not, we're all in this together."
Let's respect their innocence. 

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Pompeo: Are the Democrats serious at all?

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Mike Pompeo will be our next Secretary of State.   Nevertheless, Senate Democrats are obsessed with gay marriage to pander to the party's left wing.    

Catch this exchange between Senator Booker and Mr. Pompeo:   
"When I was a politician, I had a very clear view on whether it was appropriate for two same-sex persons to marry," Pompeo responded. "I stand by that."
"So do you not believe it is appropriate for two gay people to marry?" Booker asked.
"Senator, I continue to hold that view," Pompeo replied.
“You’re going to be representing this country and their values abroad in nations where gays individuals are under untold persecution, untold violence,” Booker continued. "Your views do matter."
The Democrats are not a serious party.    

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The 7-13 Rangers

February 2007: "The Oscars" or too much of the same thing

A post from February 2007:

What's wrong with the Oscars? Let me try this:

1) It is too long. Sorry 4 hours of meaningless awards is just too long. Cut the TV portion to 2 hours and it will be more relevant. They should run the first 2-3 hours on some cable outlet so that the more passionate fans can watch every award and dress.

2) Hollywood has become too political. You can not put liberal after liberal on your TV screen without tuning out large segments of conservatives.

3) Most Americans do not like to hear sermons about global warming from movie stars who fly around in private jets and get around in huge SUVs

Finally, if Gore runs for president, he will carry Hollywood but not Tennessee!

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