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Tuesday's show: Clinton impeachment 1998, Tax reform and a few other stories

The GOP tax bill is headed for passage...will any Democrats vote for it?......2017 is very different than 1986 when many Democrats voted 'yes'........we remember the 1998 impeachment of President Clinton...........it feels different in this anniversary.......Judge Landis made it 'best of 7' rather than 'best of 9'.........Happy # 83 Al Kaline.....Happy # 82 Tony Taylor.......Titanic movie opened in 1997...........plus other stories of the day............

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Senator Manchin: Stop whining about this and that!

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In a couple of days,  President Trump will sign the new tax reform law with or without Democrats.   It's hard to believe that Democrats will sit this one out but apparently all of them will.    

Senator Manchin continues to act like the girl who didn't get a prom invitation.   He is also very concerned about the debt.   Sorry but this is whining and bad whining at best.

According to news reports, Senator Manchin was willing to work with the GOP but Senator McConnell was not.   This is what he was saying over the weekend:   
"I wanted to be more involved," Manchin told NBC's Chuck Todd on "Meet the Press." 
"And the president told me, he said, 'Joe, this is not going to be a tax cut for the rich like me.' And I said, 'Mr. President, that's good.' He said it's going to be for the average working person, who's got left behind," Manchin said. 
"Well, I really believe that the president wanted to work in a bipartisan way," he continued. 
Manchin went on to say that he gave the White House suggestions that would have made the legislation more palatable for Democrats. 
"I gave them a whole litany of things that I thought 10 or more Democrats would vote for," he said. 
"Once [Senate Majority Leader] Mitch McConnell [R-Ky.] decided that 51 votes was all he was needed, and they were all going to be Republicans and make it political, that's exactly what happened." 
Sorry but I find this hard to believe.

First, Majority Leader McConnell would have loved a couple of Democrats.    I'm sure that Senator McConnell would have listened to Senator Manchin's concerns.

Second, I heard that Senator Manchin lamenting on the debt.    So why did he continue to support President Obama's policies, or the same ones that doubled the debt?

Perhaps Senator Manchin, and some other red-state Democrats, will switch and vote yes.   Let's hope so because a 21% corporate tax rate is going to take the US economy in the right direction.

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Tuesday's video: Clinton 19 years later

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The Democrats' reaction to the GOP tax plan is hysterical

The O'Reilly Show on line now

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Unfortunately, Bill O'Reilly is not on Fox anymore.   I found his departure a bit confusing since his ratings were never impacted by the rumors and allegations.

Today, O'Reilly is on-line and I'm a premium subscriber.   I find his daily audio a wonderful addition to my day.

And he keeps writing those wonderful US history books.    His latest book "Killing England" is apparently very good and I plan to read it.

Trump year 1 is quite a success

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We look back at 2017 and see some important accomplishments for President Trump:
Supreme Court Gorsuch, a magnificent choice;
Filling the courts with young conservative justices who will defend the US Constitution;
Tax reform, the first one since 1986;
GDP growth of 3% and moving to 4%;
ISIS crushed in the sands of Iraq; and last but not least,
The Supreme Court supported the travel ban.
There is a lot more to do but this is a great start!    

The fence is a sign of frustration not hatred of immigrants!

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Mexico is not happy with all of the talk about the fence or border wall. 

The fence or border wall is a sign of frustration.  

Mexico's political class believes that its citizens are entitled to go to the US.    

Beyond that, Mexico is getting addicted to the billions of dollars flowing south.  It is now the second or third largest source of cash for the Mexican economy.

Mexico's politicians have avoided all of the tough issues because they can export their people and import their "remittances".   It is a sweet short term deal but not a good one for the long term health of Mexico.

It's time for the political class south of the border to stop shouting and start making the structural changes that will keep Mexicans in Mexico.

The US-Mexico border has a long and complicated history, to say the least:

The Iran nuclear deal needs another look

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Over the last few days, we got a report about President Obama and the Iran deal.  It's time to take another look at the Iran deal and how we got to the finish line.    

This is from David Harsanyi:    
We don’t know how Robert Mueller’s investigation into the Trump administration will play out, but if it’s half as bad the Obama administration’s coddling of terror-supporting Iran, it should be a massive national scandal.
Empowering terrorist groups. Paying ransom that emboldened our enemies to kidnap Americans. 
Creating an echo chamber that undermined a free press. Releasing spies, terrorists, and criminals who assisted not only our enemy and her terrorist proxies, but Russia as well. In the Iran deal, we have clear-cut case of the United States handing over extensive concessions to a nation that openly aimed to destabilize our interests, attack our allies, and kill our people — for nothing in return. 
It’s worse than anything we know about “Russian collusion.”    
Indeed it is!   It's time to take a second look at the mechanics of that deal.   I guess that this is why it was never submitted to the US Senate as a treaty, or as the US Constitution requires.

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Strong economic growth in the US

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President Trump got some good economic news this week.   They are calling for a big 2018 equity rally:   
If all goes according to plan, the new tax rules will come into play starting in 2018, and it isn’t just equities that will benefit. 
The overall U.S. economy could also get a boost, and Wells Fargo sees the potential for a higher GDP.
We will see how it all shakes out.   I am very optimistic!

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July 2018: The next election in Mexico

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The 2018 elections are going to be loud, hysterical and produce a new president with less than 40% of the vote.  Mexico will have another six years of the multi-party circus that makes governing impossible.

One of my Mexican friends said this:

If the PAN wins, then it will be about the same. If the PRI wins then the losers will say that they stole the election. If the leftist PRD wins then money will fly out of Mexico so fast that the peso will have a massive devaluation.
And here is my memo to the candidates:    Mexico's problems are "hecho en mexico".  Beating up the US is a pleasant distraction but it won't create jobs, attract foreign investment or protect "the maquiladora" industry from China.

P.S.  Alan Riding wrote a great book about Mexico in the early 1980's.   I recall attending a conference in Mexico where he discussed the book.  It is still very relevant:

Cable news viewers update at the end of 2017

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You and your neighbors are watching Fox, or that's what the numbers are confirming:   
In overall viewers in the year to date, Fox News bested MSNBC by 39 percentage points, and CNN by 78 percentage points. 
With respect to the overall 25-54 demographic, CNN and MSNBC were tied at 370,000 viewers, and Fox News surpassed them by 27 percentage points, with 488,000 viewers.  
Congratulations to Fox News.   It was a year of big changes, from Megan Kelly to Bill O'Reilly.    Yet, they stayed on top.

My guess, and I don't really waste my time on cable ratings, is that CNN and MSNBC have gone so crazy anti-Trump that they don't appeal to a broader audience like Fox.     

And I would recommend Bernard Goldberg to every journalist:

We remember an African American lady named Janice Brown Rogers

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We remember Janice Brown Rogers from California.   She retired July 2017, as Paul Mirengoff wrote:    
Janice Rogers Brown has notified officials that she will step down from the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia. Judge Brown, age 68, has served on that Court since 2005.
The Wall Street Journal story says, in its headline, that Judge Brown’s retirement will give President Trump the opportunity to appoint a conservative to this powerful court.   He’ll be hard-pressed, however, to appoint a more solid conservative than Janice Rogers Brown.
She was a great justice and we wish her well.

P.S. Judge Brown-Rogers is part of a growing number of black conservatives like Justice Clarence Thomas or journalist Jason Riley:

Has the UN lost the American public?

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The UN continues to do a "poor job" or at least that's what Gallup is reporting:   38%!    

There are a couple of problems:

First, the US pays a chunk of the UN budget but gets most of the criticism.   We are not perfect but a "thank you" once in a while would be nice.

Second, the UN is way too anti-Israel.   It makes no sense!

So don't expect for US taxpayers to feel good about the UN anytime soon.    In the meantime, the world could catch up a bit by reading Mark Steyn's book:

2005: The people of Iraq 1, Saddam 0

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We remember an amazing election and vote in a region that has little history of voting.

Congratulations to the millions who voted for Iraq back in January 2005.    They were the real heroes of the moment!

Last but not least, congratulations to President Bush for sticking with the election date and having the stomach to fight this war against terrorists!

Iraq was one of those many decisions that President Bush made:

2005: Rusty Greer and we still remember those highlight catches!

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Rusty Greer retired back in 2005.   Rusty was my favorite Ranger player. He was a disciple of the "play hard" school of baseball.

From '94 to '02, when injuries caught up with him, Rusty was a steady performer: a .305 lifetime batting average over 1,027 games. He was an integral part of the 3 division winners of the late 90's.

It was Rusty who made the big catch in Kenny Rogers' perfect game in '94.

It was Rusty who drove in some of the biggest hits in recent team history.

The Rangers retained Rusty in their organization.  He is working with player development, as well as public relations.

Goodbye Rusty. Thank you for 10 wonderful years.

"Castro's Last Mojito: A Novel of the Next Cuban Revolution" by Brian Lloyd French

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This is a great book, one of those that you can't put down:

"Cuban-American, Dancing On The Hyphen", a fun book

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This is a wonderful book about growing up Cuban in the US.   We recommend "Cuban-American, Dancing On The Hyphen" by Amarilys Gacio Rassler:

Kennedy & Clinton: Why did so many Dem women look the other way?

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Sen Kennedy died in 2009.

Not long ago, we saw this article about Kennedy and women: KENNEDY'S FREE PASS WITH WOMEN

How did a man, who showed so little respect for women in his private life, enjoy so much support from Democrat women?

Check this:
"Perhaps, along with the hagiographic Kennedy myth, we can bury this outdated tradition of excusing the reprehensible treatment of women by the same male legislators who otherwise advocate for our rights politically.

It's degrading.

It's like making excuses for the husband who beats you up but pays the bills on time."
We saw something similar in 1998-99.

During the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal, the feminists stood with President Clinton because of abortion.  They simply couldn't break their bond with a president who supported abortion.     

For a look back, check these books:

"The Cubans, Our Footprints Across America" by Fernando Hernandez

2007: The Duke scandal

Related image

The Duke University scandal.   It was awful and those young men, and their families, were put through a lot.

Thankfully, Nifong will be held accountable for his irresponsible behavior. (Former Duke Prosecutor Nifong Disbarred)

Yet, there were many other irresponsible parties in this charade.

Let's start with the college professors who signed that letter last year.  What are we going to do about the so called gang of 88?

Duke University may not be able to fire some of these professors. However, the media and public should hold them accountable for their reckless comments.

It was a perfect storm of political correctness and ignorance:

Jill Stein back in the news!

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We read today that Dr. Jill Stein is back in the news:   
Stein attended a 2015 dinner sponsored by Russian media outlet RT with Russian President Vladimir Putin. She said the documents show that she "made the trip with the goal of reaching an international audience and Russian officials" with messages of Middle East peace and international cooperation against climate change.
Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Richard Burr, R-N.C., appeared to confirm the investigation Monday. Asked what the committee wanted to know about from Stein's campaign, Burr responded: "collusion with the Russians."
Stein received about 1 percent of the popular vote in the 2016 election.
Well, we will wait for further news.   This is one of those stories that leaves you with an incomplete feeling.   Or, as they say:  what the heck is this about?    

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No diversity on the Dems' side!

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Diversity is not about being a woman, black or Hispanic.

Diversity is in the message. There is no diversity on the Democrats' side! There are no debates over big ideas because they all say the same thing.

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Merry Christmas to all of you and the people who won't say Merry Christmas

I like this kid. He is got an attitude. This kid will do well in the real world. On a more serious note, we are happy that many stores are going back to "Merry Christmas".

2007: No way to treat Joe Torre!

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Back in 2007, the Yankees fired Joe Torre.   It happened after the Yankees were eliminated in the first round against Detroit.  

Torre's Yankee career was suddenly over: 1173 wins, 4 World Series titles, 6 AL pennants and an amazing 12 consecutive post-season appearances.

Thank you Joe Torre. You were a great player and manager!

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