Sunday, March 07, 2021

No NBA for me this weekend

My favorite NBA story was watching Lew Alcindor make his league debut with the Milwaukee Bucks.  It was so exciting back then, even after Alcindor became Jabbar and signed with the Lakers a few years later.  I was a fan, and then they lost me recently.

We understand that LeBron James will narrate a "voting rights" ad during the NBA All Star Game this weekend.

According to news reports, the "ad" is totally partisan.  It should run a voice at the end saying, "This is The Democrat Party and we love getting free publicity like this."  The whole thing is a sham and attacks the GOP, and that's the ad.

Absent will be any talk of China, from human rights violations to a recent court statement about homosexuality.  This is from South China Morning Post:

A Chinese court has upheld a ruling that a textbook description of homosexuality as "a psychological disorder" was not a factual error but merely an "academic view".

The Chinese LGBT community, and the 24-year-old woman who filed the lawsuit, have expressed disappointment at the decision, handed down last week by the Suqian Intermediate People's Court in the eastern province of Jiangsu.

Ou Jiayong, who also uses the name Xixi, said the court's decision about what constituted a "factual error" was "random and baseless". 

So far, I've heard nothing from the NBA on this matter.  It would be nice for LeBron James, the self-appointed social justice warrior, to comment about a decision from that part of the world that puts so much money in his personal pocket and the league as well.

My guess is that the NBA will call it an "internal matter" and dance around the issue.  It sounds to me more as if we don't want to upset our sugar daddy because those millions of dollars help us live in those exclusive neighborhoods in the U.S.  No ghetto for LeBron thanks to the Chinese sugar daddy.

No, I'm not watching the NBA All Star Game.  Honestly, I never really did, because there is a point where scoring 175 points gets boring.  Lately, my anger with the NBA is its utter hypocrisy about human rights.

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Happy # 70 Jeff Burroughs

We say happy birthday to Jeff Burroughs, the first Texas Rangers superstar.    

He was born in California on this day in 1951 and drafted by the old Washington Senators who moved to Texas in 1972. 

In Texas, he became an instant sensation:  30 HR & 85 RBI in 1973.

A year later, Jeff hit .301 with 25 HR & 119 RBI and was named the 1974 AL MVP beating out Reggie Jackson and Rod Carew.

In 1975, Jeff hit 29 HR & 94 RBI but his strikeouts jumped to 155 and batting average dropped to .226!

He was traded to Atlanta and did well, hitting 41 HR with 114 RBI in 1977.  

Overall, he retired with a .261 average, 240 HR & 831 RBI.   

My memory of Jeff is mammoth home runs!    

Last, but not least, he wrote a book for Little League coaches after retiring from baseball.

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Happy # 85 Galen Cisco

Once upon a time, my brother and I collected baseball cards.   In fact, we still have most of them in a box.

Let us say happy birthday to Galen Cisco, who was born in Ohio on this day in 1936.   I remember Cisco because of his name.   After all, how many ballyers are named Galen Cisco?

Galen broke with Boston in 1961 and joined the expansion Mets for the 1963 season.    

Cisco went 18-43 in 4 seasons but he pitched better than his record would indicate.   After all, how often does a pitcher go 6-19 with a 3.62 ERA?

Cisco retired after the 1969 season.   He pitched for two expansion teams, the Mets of the NL and the Royals of the AL.

Cisco turned out to be a pretty good pitching coach for Toronto and developed young arms like Jimmy Key, Dave Stieb, Todd Stottlemyre, and David Wells.

Happy birthday Galen Cisco!

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Saturday, March 06, 2021

A Neanderthal fights back

Up in Montana, Governor Greg Gianforte took exception to being called a Neanderthal.   He was on Fox News and said this:  

Gianforte explained that hospitalizations are down and Montana is "open for business" during an appearance on "Fox & Friends," asserting that a "one-size fits all" approach to coronavirus mandates "doesn’t make sense" for the needs of every state.

"For a president that called for unity to degrade himself to name-calling, doesn’t make any sense at all," Gianforte told Steve Doocy.

The governor is exactly right for two reasons:

First, every state needs to decide its own course.  It makes no sense to have a national mandate for a country as geographically diverse as the U.S.; and,

Second, you can wear a mask in Montana or Texas if you want to do so.

What was Biden thinking?   He probably wasn't or further proof that Biden needs to stay away from microphones as much as possible.  

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Happy # 82 Octavio “Cookie” Rojas

Octavio Victor (Rivas) Rojas was born on March 6, 1939, in Havana, Cuba.  According to The Society of Baseball Research, his mother gave him the Spanish nickname “Cuqui”, meaning charming or adorable, when he was young.   Eventually “Cuqui” became “Cookie” when he got to major league baseball.   
Rojas played 4 seasons in the Cuban winter league.  He won the last batting title (.322) of the Cuban winter league, 1960-61.
Rojas broke with the Reds in 1962 but was traded to the Phillies.   In 1964, Rojas was at shortstop when Jim Bunning pitched a perfect game on Father’s Day.    In 1965, Rojas made the NL All Star team, hit .303 and got many votes for the NL MVP award that year.   He spent the rest of the 1960’s with Philadelphia.
In 1970, Rojas got a second chance with the expansion Kansas City Royals.   He became a team leader and one of the most popular Royals ever.  He represented the Royals in the AL All-Star Game four consecutive years, 1971-74.
He retired as a Royal in 1977 with a .263 career batting average, 1,660 hits and a reputation for being a great influence with young players in the clubhouse.
In the 1980’s, Rojas was named the 29th most popular Royal ever.
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