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Remember the Sugar Kings 1954-60

Once upon a time, there was a team in Cuba: The Havana Sugar Kings of the AAA International League.
Back in April 1954,  25,000 fans showed up to watch the Sugar Kings battle the Toronto Maple Leafs in the opening game of the International League season. (Montreal was another team in that league)   

Future major leaguers like Leo CardenasMike Cuellar and Cookie Rojas played in those Havana teams.
In the late 1950’s, as the owners were seriously looking at expansion, there was a lot of talk about putting a major league team in Havana. 

Instead, the Sugar Kings were moved to Jersey City in July 1960.    The political situation changed and “beisbol se fue de Cuba”.
As my late father used to remind me:  The owners would have never considered putting a major league team in an underdeveloped country.      My father was right again!
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The Beatles: "The naked Let it be" was better than the original version

Happy # 74 Nate Colbert

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We say happy birthday to Nate Colbert who was born in St Louis, MO, on this day in 1946.    

Colbert came up with the Astros but got a chance to play with the 1969 expansion San Diego Padres.   

He became one of the NL's top power hitters:   163 HR over 6 seasons with San Diego.    

In 1975, he was traded to Detroit but his career was over at age 30.    He retired with 173 HR & 520 RBI:
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1865: General Lee surrendered

The costly and bloody US Civil War ended on this day in 1865.

The war ended but reconciliation and reconstruction proved to be very difficult.    A week later, President Lincoln was assassinated to make matters even worse.

Nevertheless, April 9, 1865 was one of the most important dates in US history.

We remember today all of the honorable men who served on both sides.
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April 1972: "Suavecito" by MALO on the radio

MALO "Suavecito" (I Never Meet a Girl Like You) (+playlist ...

Wednesday, April 08, 2020

We will talk about the CoronaVirus and states

We will talk about the CoronaVirus and states 04/08 by Silvio Canto Jr | Politics:

Guest: George Rodriguez, South Texas conservative......We will talk about the CoronaVirus and states......China and the virus......and more to listen:

Wednesday’s video: Sanders suspends campaign......

Michigan primary is a must win for Bernie Sanders' campaign

Wednesday’s video:   
Sanders suspends campaign......
click to watch:

Some good news from Spain

Italy and Spain have been on the front pages for all of the wrong reasons.  Both countries have been devastated by the Corona Virus.  We see the daily videos and terrible reports coming out of those countries.
So it was nice to see this report on PanAm Post:  
Five percent of those infected have died from the pandemic that has paralyzed the world. 
The majority — over 663,000 of those infected — are suffering from mild symptoms, and over 143,000 have been cured.
While we shouldn’t underestimate the death toll of over 30,000 people so far, amid concerns about the coronavirus pandemic, it is also important to note that the numbers are proportionately encouraging.  
The disease is usually fatal for elderly patients and those with pre-existing medical conditions. People with cardiac and respiratory issues, and especially, cancer patients are most likely to die due to COVID-19.
Although there are cases of healthy people and young people who have died from the virus, they are rare. 
There have also been older people who have survived, including those over 100 years old.
Thank God for the good news!   Speaking of deaths is never easy.  Nevertheless, it’s nice to see that most are surviving.
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We remember Jim "Catfish" Hunter (1946-99)

Related image

We remember Jim "Catfish" Hunter who was born in North Carolina on this day in 1946.    He died in 1999.    

Catfish pitched for the A's and & Yankees:   224 wins, 181 complete games & 3.26 ERA.    He was 9-6 in the post season.    

Hunter was selected to the Hall of Fame in 1987.

April 8, 1974: Henry Aaron hits # 715

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Henry Aaron passed Babe Ruth on this day in 1974.  He did it on national TV, at home and against the Dodgers.

I remember watching this moment on TV.  It was great.  Aaron is still #1 in my book.  He was one of the greatest players ever and a real gentleman!
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April 8, 1975: Frank Robinson hits a HR in his first at bat as player/manager

At the end of the 1974 season, Cleveland announced that Frank Robinson would manage the Indians in 1975.  He became the first black player/manager in major league history.   

On opening day 1975, Frank hit a HR in his first at bat in the dual role.   It was a great way to break into the job.

Robinson managed Cleveland, San Francisco, Baltimore and retired with Washington.  He never took a team to the post season but he was the first base coach for the Orioles in the 1979 World Series.    As a player, he played in 5 World Series and won the MVP in both leagues.

Frank died in 2019:

We remember Betty Ford (1918-2011)

Elizabeth Ann "Betty" Ford was born on this day in 1918.  She died in 2011 at age 93 after dealing with health issues for some time.

Yes, I'm old enough to remember the day that Betty Ford became the First Lady.  It was a very tense moment and President & Mrs Ford did a lot to reassure and settled down the country after the Watergate scandal.

As First Lady, she was a bit unconventional and tackled issues like breast cancer. 

After leaving the White House, she started The Betty Ford Center for people with substance addiction problems.

We owe President & Mrs Ford a lot.  I think that history will be very kind to both of them! 
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"The Times of My Life" by Betty Ford........... via @amazon

"When worlds collide" a movie from 1951

We are living through some interesting times, from horrific death totals to people predicting that the worst is yet to come.   
It’s enough to make you turn on the TV and watch a crazy movie about worlds colliding.
What would you do if the end of the world was coming?   In this movie, the end is a star that will soon hit the earth and destroy mankind.  

As you can imagine, they build a flying version of The Ark.   After that, they loaded up with food and supplies and try to save as many people as possible.

Do they succeed?    I won’t tell you but the The New York Times review from its day is interesting:   
After all preparations and a brief but horrendous display of terrestrial upheavals as the satellite planet brushes by—shown in “earth-shaking” Technicolor, which is the most lately advertised kind—the actual departure of the rocket and its arrival on a new and frozen world are largely anticlimactic.
Except for a rustle of applause to salute a perfect pancake landing, the drowsy audience at the Globe, where the film opened yesterday, showed slight interest.   It appeared skeptical and even bored.  Mr. Pal barely gets us out there, but this time he doesn’t bring us back.
Well, I am not so harsh.   I did find the movie interesting but would not buy it or go out of my way to watch it again.    
So wait until it shows up in your free retro channel!
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1951: "When Worlds Collide" with Richard Derr & Barbara Rush...... via @amazon

We remember Jim "Catfish" Hunter 1946-99

We remember Jim "Catfish" Hunter, who was born on this day in 1946.    He died in 1999.

Catfish came up with the Kansas City A's in 1965 and started 20 games.   The franchise moved to Oakland in 1968 and he was the pitching ace of the team that won 3 World Series in a row, 1972-74.    In 1975, "Catfish" became a free agent and played with the Yankees who won the World Series in 1977-78.   He won 5 World Series rings in the 1970s.

Overall, Catfish won 224 games with a 3.26 career ERA.  He was 9-6 in the postseason.   

My memory of the late Catfish is that he was very tough in the playoffs, as Orioles' fans learned in the 5th game of the 1973 ALCS when he pitched Oakland to the World Series.    He was indeed a big game pitcher!

Great Hall of Fame pitcher!

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We remember Elizabeth Bacon Custer (1843-1933)

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We remember General Custer, her famous husband.     

Elizabeth Bacon was born in Michigan on this day in 1843.     She died in 1933.

Her contemporaries  remember Elizabeth as a talented, intelligent, and beautiful woman.   Elizabeth graduated as valedictorian from the Young Ladies’ Seminary and Collegiate Institute in Monroe, Michigan. 

Shortly after, she met George Custer and the couple was married in 1864.    

After her husband's dramatic death in 1876, Elizabeth set out to write about him and the West.   At first, she was treated as an apologist for her controversial husband but over time she earned much respect:

1974: Aaron hit # 715

Related image

On this day in 1974, Aaron hit # 715 off the Dodgers’ Al Downing.  

He hit # 714, or tied Ruth, off of the Reds’ Jack Billingham days before.   

It was a great night for those who grew up following Aaron:

We remember Gary Carter (1954-2012)

Image result for gary carter images
We remember Gary Carter who was born in California on this day in 1954.   

Gary was one of the best catchers ever:   324 HR & 1,225 RBI.   

Carter went into the HOF in 2003:

We remember Gary Carter (1954-2012)

Hall Of Fame Catcher Gary Carter Dies At 57 – CBS Chicago

Gary Carter was born on this day in California in 1954.   He died too young in 2012.

Carter broke with the Expos and became their regular catcher in 1975.     

For the next 15 years, Carter became one of the best catchers in major league history:  .262 batting average, 324 HR, 1,225 RBI and 2,092 hits.    He won 3 Gold Gloves:  1980, 1981 & 1982.

Gary was elected to the Hall of Fame in 2003.




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