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Tuesday's show: New polls shows black support for Trump is up plus other stories

We will look at a new poll that shows support for President Trump going up among blacks .......was Senator Durbin's cynical response related to that?.....we remember the start of the First Gulf War 1991.......the Shah left Iran 1979......we remember Dizzy Dean.....Mickey Mantle & Whitey Ford went into the Hall of Fame 1974.............plus other stories..........

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Tuesday's video: A word about the race card and President Trump

A new poll shows that black support for President Trump is up....my guess is that the US economy has a lot to do with this......3% GDP growth is better than “hope and change” speeches....

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The media may be digging their own ‘s-hole’!

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We are now in day four or five of the “s-hole” crisis. I can’t wait for Day 220, like what we used to watch on Nightline during the Iran hostage crisis.
Thankfully, I am not stuck in any airport and forced to watch a certain network do the s-hole shuffle 24/7.
The media’s reaction to the “s-hole” episode can be divided into two groups:
1. Some journalists immediately went to the race card – i.e., Donald Trump is a racist, as we’ve been saying all along.
2. He does not have the temperament, as we’ve been warning you all along. 
It did not occur to any journalist to ask two simple questions:
1. Did he really say it?  Two senators say he did not.
2. What were Senator Durbin’s motives?  Why would a U.S. senator come out of a private meeting and say something like that?  Did he not take into account the damage such a statement would inflict on the country?  Is it all about being anti-Trump?
And then Congressman John Lewis, who is supposed to be immune from any criticism because he was a civil rights activist, calls President Trump a racist.  Why didn’t someone challenge such an irresponsible assertion?
Well, all of this is having a rough impact on the media’s credibility, as we see in this post:
About 2 in 3 American adults say fabricated news stories cause a great deal of confusion about the basic facts of current affairs, according to a Pew Research Center report last month. 
The survey found that Republicans and Democrats are about equally likely to say that “fake news” leaves Americans deeply confused about current events. 
Despite the concern, more than 8 in 10 feel very or somewhat confident that they can recognize news that is fabricated, the survey found.
As we watch another day of more s-hole panels, it may be worthwhile to remind them to stop digging when you are in an s-hole.
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Money can not buy love but money can buy Jesse Jackson!

April 2006: Vicente Padilla, 3 pitches, 3 home runs!

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How many games have I watched over the years? Quite a few, probably a lot of games. 

Yet, I had never seen a pitcher give up 3 home runs in 3 consecutive pitches.

Back in 2006, Vicente Padilla had a 4-2 lead after 5 innings. He was pitching great.   Then everything just fell apart:

First pitch, Swisher hit it out;

Next pitch, Frank Thomas hit a long fly ball to left field; and,

Third pitch, Milton Bradley hit a line drive to the right field seats.

I have never seen anything like it.  I recall many years ago that the Twins hit consecutive home runs.

It was a strange day for Vicente Padilla. I don't think that he will forget the moment. 

James Brady and that awful day that President Reagan was shot

Who doesn't remember the moment when we learned that President Reagan was shot?  

One of those early details was that James Brady, President Reagan’s first Press Secretary, had been fatally wounded. 

Brady was a very popular guy and got along well with the media.    Thankfully, Brady survived but he was disabled permanently.
A few years later,  James Brady died at age 73:
“On March 30, 1981, Mr. Brady had originally asked one of his aides to go with the president on a routine assignment to address a gathering of the AFL-CIO at the Hilton Hotel on Connecticut Avenue NW in Washington. Mr. Brady changed his mind at the last minute and joined Reagan.   
After speaking to the union delegates, Reagan and his party made their way out of the hotel and were walking to the presidential limousine when they were fired on about 2:30 p.m. The shooter was John W. Hinckley Jr., a young man who said he hoped the assassination would impress the actress Jodie Foster. 
Outside the Hilton, bystanders, police officers and Secret Service agents wrestled Hinckley to the ground and arrested him. He got off six shots from the .22-caliber Rohm RG-14 revolver, which he had bought at a pawn shop in Dallas for $29.  
Mr. Brady, the first person hit, was struck above the left eye. Reagan was hit by a bullet that ricocheted off the limousine. Secret Service agent Timothy McCarthy and Washington police officer Thomas Delahanty were also injured. Brady, Reagan and McCarthy were taken to George Washington University Hospital. Delahanty was taken to Washington Hospital Center, which is now known as MedStar Washington Hospital Center.”
Later, Brady and his wife became active in the gun control movement:
“Nearly 10 years to the day after he was nearly killed by Hinckley, Reagan himself joined the fray, announcing his support for the Brady bill in an op-ed piece in the New York Times.
President Bill Clinton signed the bill into law in 1993.”
We don’t know whether the Brady Bill worked or not. The jury is still out on all of this gun control legislation.  I still do not believe that gun control is the answer. 
However, this is about remembering the man, a good man who was literally in the wrong place at the wrong time. His  life was never the same after the terrible shooting that almost took his life.
RIP James Brady….and thanks for your loyalty to President Reagan.
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The Castro brothers and their millions of dollars

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They tell us that Fulgencio Batista overthrew an elected president and governed as a strongman.  In fact, he did but history is always complicated.  
Yet, he was a little leaguer compared to the Castro enterprise.   In short, Batista never made the Forbes Top 10, or top 100 or Top Anything of rich dictators.
It does not matter whether they are the 10th or 20th or 30th richest people in the world.
Let’s just say that they are wealthy men.  Let’s also say that they did not earn it by working hard or improving anyone’s life.
The Castro empire was built on making deals with opportunistic investors and by trading property confiscated years ago.
Batista had money but he left a sound economy that people were willing to move to.  The Castro family owns the whole island and has left us a nation that everyone wants to escape from!
Despite its obscene riches, the Castro regime continues to enjoy a privileged position with the international left.
Despite terrible political prisons, the regime continues to get accolades from Sean Penn and others.
Despite the lack of a free press, they continue to be treated like “senior statesmen” by many other leaders.
It’s time for everyone to call Raul Castro what he is.  Color this man a dictator and stop all of the pretense.
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May 2006: The end of "7th heaven"

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For years, our family had watched "7th heaven" on Monday nights.

I liked the show because it was family oriented and did not mock fathers.   Modern TV is silly and anti-father.  It makes fathers look silly, such as "The Simpsons".

The series' last show was a mixed bag. I liked the bit about the twins but Simon's wedding was silly.  I have a hard time believing that you can call off a wedding and still have a nice dance and party afterwards.

Great series but silly ending. On second thought, "7th Heaven" should have ended 2 or 3 years ago!

May 2006: Lloyd Bentsen was a good man

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Looking at the archives from May 2006, we are reminded that former Senator Lloyd Bentsen died at age 85.   Like many of his generation, he served in World War II and came home to go into business and politics.

Most people remember Lloyd Bentsen because of the 1988 VP debates. ("I knew John Kennedy, and you are no John Kennedy")

Great line. It will be around forever.

In Texas, Bentsen was known as a good Senator and the last of the old Democrats.  

They don't make Democrats like Bentsen anymore.  

March 2006: George Mason before basketball

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George Mason University was the story of March Madness 2006.  They started as a # 11 seed and became the talk of the country.  

Who was George Mason? Let's find out:

"As a leader of the AntiFederalists, his objections led to the first 10 amendments, which were ratified in 1791.
Mason is relatively unknown among the Founders, but his intellect was renowned as one of the finest in the Colonies. 

Fellow Virginian Edmund Randolph added: "He was behind none of the sons of Virginia in knowledge of her history and interest. At a glance, he saw to the bottom of every proposition which affected her."
James Madison praised Mason as "a powerful reasoner, a profound statesman, and a devoted republican."
They named a university after him.   It is a great university and Mr. Mason was a patriot.

Iran and terror: I saw this movie before!

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Some of us are old enough to remember November 4, 1979. 

On that day, the US embassy in Tehran was overrun by Iranian fanatics. 

The crisis lasted 444 days. It was the last straw for the failed Carter presidency.

The War on Terror did not begin on 9-11.   It began the day that we allowed Iran to hold our diplomats hostage and President Carter did nothing about it!

April 2006: The marches did not work!

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Back in 2006, marchers carried Mexican flags and horrific placards.  A week later, they came back with US flags and white shirts.

Indeed, the second march was more positive.

However, did it work? Did it turn public opinion.

The answer is no.   The first impression hurt the march's efforts.

Respect the flag if you march for immigration reform

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As an immigrant, I am very proud of my Cuban heritage. I share it with my family. It is me. It is my background.

At the same time, I love the US as my adopted country. It opened the door to our family many years ago. It gave us a great opportunity. The US is a wonderful and generous country.

The immigration debate is complicated. However, there is no room for idiots mocking the US flag. 

April 2006: Most Hispanics did not march!

Related image

Back in April 2006, we had a big march in Dallas. The police estimate was 300-500,000! That's huge. There were other marches across the country.

What about the larger number that stayed home and did not march? In fact, more Hispanics stayed home than showed up at the march!

According to the Pew Hispanic Center:

"...relatively few Hispanics favor increasing the flow of legal immigration from Latin America" 
Beyond Hispanics, are the marchers winning the argument? I don't think so.

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