Sunday, October 31, 2004

October 2004: Our first blog post

How about a little history?

We started this blog on October 29, 2004 by predicting the reelection of Bush 52-47% and about 300 electoral votes. It turned out 51-48% and 286 EVs. I was wrong about New Jersey. I thought that New Jersey would flip for Bush because of all of the corruption and Democrat scandals in that state.

Keep reading the blog.   I don’t offend anyone but I tell you where I stand.   Again, we thank you for your support!    

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Friday, October 29, 2004

My first post from 2004: Bush will win

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(This is my first post from the blog)

Bush will win.

The popular vote will be 52-47. It may be closer, such as 50-49, if Kerry wins California and New York by over 15 points.

New Jersey is a Bush surprise. Gore won NJ by over 15 points!

Add Pennsylvania to that surprise list.

The electoral college will put Bush at around 300 votes.

P.S. The final vote was 51-48% and President Bush got 286 Electoral votes.    So I was pretty close!

Sunday, October 17, 2004

October 17, 1989: The San Francisco earthquake......

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On this day in 1989, I was listening to The World Series pre-game show on the English radio station in Mexico City.  The signal disappeared and the the announcer came back saying that an earthquake had hit the area.

It turned out to be a bad one.  I remember watching the TV scenes later that night.

The series was anti-climatic and the A's swept the Giants.  We recall that moment when the signal went off the air and wondered what had happened in the Bay Area.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

1975: Father Tiant watched his son Luis pitch beautifully in The World Series

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We remember Luis Tiant’s career because he won 229 games in the majors.   He also led the AL in ERA in 1968 and 1972.   Along with Juan Marichal, he was one of the best righthanders that we grew up watching. 
We also remember his father, one of the best pitchers in Cuban history and The Negro Leagues.   He pitched in the US, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, and Mexico, as well as touring with teams from 1926 through 1948.  Unfortunately, he never got to play in the major leagues. 
On this day in 1975, a proud father watched his son pitch a World Series beauty or a brilliant 6-0 shutout against Cincinnati in game 1 of the 1975 World Series.    He did it against a lineup that included Pete Rose, Joe Morgan, Johnny Bench, fellow Cuban Tony Perez, David Concepcion, George Foster and a few others.   They were called The Big Red Machine for a reason! 
Tiant came back and won game 4 with a complete game that featured 163 pitches!   He started game 6, after a few days of rain, but did not get a decision.  That was the game where Carlton Fisk hit the HR in the bottom of the 12th. 
And we recall that his father died in 1976.  It must have been a very emotional moment to catch his son pitch in the major leagues for the first time! 
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Saturday, October 09, 2004

1967: Che still dead after all these years

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Back in October 1967, Che was captured and executed. 
His “revolution” in Bolivia failed miserably, in large part because he couldn’t get local support or fight well-trained soldiers. 
What was Che doing in Bolivia?  Why did he disappear in 1965 and then show up in Bolivia?  There are lots of potential reasons, as my friend Humberto Fontova wrote in his great book Exposing the Real Che Guevara: And the Useful Idiots Who Idolize Him.
Who knows for sure?  Perhaps a Raul Castro memoir may shed some light on the issue. Don’t bet on it!
Once again, let me say it over and over again: If you love Che, you do not love freedom.
One of my favorite quotes about Che came from William Meyers:
“Che’s picture was certainly not displayed during the Solidarity protests in Poland in the 1980s or in the Tiananmen Square demonstration in China in 1989, when men and women genuinely hazarded their lives for freedom.”
That’s right.
Che continues to be very popular with the anti-U.S. crowd. He is not very respected by those who lived under communism, such as the Polish workers or Chinese dissidents.
Che was a killer. He did not hold a single election or tolerate any dissent. 

1967: The end of Che and start of the myth

Che Guevara, the fellow on all those t-shirts at the left-wing rally, was captured and executed many years ago this week.
By 1965, Che faded from public life.  He reappeared in 1966 in Bolivia where he hoped to bring about a revolution.
In October 1967, he was captured and executed by Bolivian troops.
Che subsequently became “the image” on all those t-shirts.  He became the ultimate anti-U.S. symbol, the image that every left-wing group goes to when its members have a gripe against the U.S.
Ironically, he was captured because the campaign in Bolivia failed miserably.  It failed for two reasons, as Humberto Fontova explained in “Exposing the real Che”:
1) Bolivia was not Cuba; and,
2) The natives in Bolivia never bought into the idea that a white guy from Argentina was there to save them.  In the end, it was the villagers he was trying to “liberate” who turned him in.  Again, the Bolivian campaign was a total failure.
Che was a murderer and a man who said awful things about blacks and Mexicans.  It’s hard to see how any liberal in the West would dare wear his image on a t-shirt!
He has been burning in hell since 1967.  Let him burn!
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October 9, 1940: We remember John Lennon

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We remember that John Lennon was born on this day in Liverpool in 1940.  

Once in a while, I check out a Beatles' song with John doing the lead vocals.     Let me tell you about two of my favorites:

"Strawberry Fields Forever" gets better with age.   It is a song about his childhood in Liverpool.

 "Dear Prudence", from the "White Album", is about their trip to India in 1968.

They are both great songs and wonderful reminders of John Lennon.

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