Friday, October 27, 2006

We remember Nathan Aguirre (1984-2006)

Army SPC Nathaniel Aguirre
We remember Nathan Aguirre, the young man from our church killed in Iraq

This is from the obituary:   
Nathan was born December 11, 1984, in San Antonio, Texas. His family later moved to Carrollton, where Nathan met his best friend, Joseph Posenecker, at a church gathering. Joseph described Nathan as a leader and a responsible person. “Always keeping us in line,” Joseph said of his friend, “He was very outgoing and wanted to be the best at everything.” Nathan’s family remembers his always adventurous spirit. 
He enjoyed rock climbing so much so that he volunteered at his local climbing gym in order to climb for free. He later became a rock climbing instructor at the gym. Nathan was also passionate about being a Boy Scout, said his mother, Mary. He even designated the Boy Scouts as one of his life insurance beneficiaries. “Boy Scouts presented him with structured adventures and learning along with teaching him leadership skills, responsibility, integrity and loyalty that he embraced with such happiness,” his mother said.
Nathan always longed to serve his country. He joined the Army Reserves while still in high school, putting off plans to attend Texas A&M University to study architecture. 
“He didn’t want to wait four years to go into the service,” Nathan’s father, Louis, said about his son. “He wanted to serve.” 
SPC Aguirre blogged about his experiences in Iraq on his MySpace page. Since his death, his page on the social networking site has turned into an online memorial. 
Nathan's death reminds us that we live in a dangerous world. We are grateful that young men like Nathan are willing to serve their country.

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