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The raid plus elections in Argentina and more stories

The raid plus elections in Argentina and more 10/28 by Silvio Canto Jr | Politics:

The Wahington Post obituary (amended later) was shocking.....Great victory for the US......Statute of Liberty 1886........and more to listen:

Monday’s video: Let’s celebrate a national victory and put politics aside........

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Monday’s video:
Let’s celebrate a national victory and put politics aside.....
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A major ‘dolor de cabeza’ for President Lopez-Obrador

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Over the last couple of days, I’ve chatted with some Mexican friends by phone and they all keep saying that recent events have turned into a major “dolor de cabeza” or headache for President Andres Lopez-Obrador and the nation.
First, there was the botched military operation that captured and then surrendered El Chapo’s son.  It was, to say the least, a major blow to the military and the political leadership.  
As a Mexican friend told me, who has the soldiers’ back?  Let’s just say that many Mexicans are asking the same question.  Fair or unfair, many Mexicans don’t think that President Lopez-Obrador does.
Second, a judge released 31 suspected cartel members.  According to a Reuters report:   
The suspects were nabbed by security forces in a central district of the capital on Tuesday after authorities seized two laboratories used to produce synthetic drugs, 50 kg (110 pounds) of chemical precursors, more than two tons of marijuana and 20 kg of cocaine, as well as an unspecified amount of money, rocket launchers and grenades.Lopez Obrador, speaking at his regular morning press conference, said the unexpected release of the criminal suspects would be investigated but cautioned against a rush to judgment.“Here the important thing is to see what the arguments were that were used to release these people,” said the leftist leader, who took office in December. “Let’s not rush. If someone acted improperly, illegally, if there was corruption, we will condemn it,” he said.With homicides on track to hit an all-time high this year and following the bungled arrest last week of a notorious drug lord’s son, Lopez Obrador’s approach to security has come under increasing scrutiny.
Has come under scrutiny?  To say the least!
According to what I hear in Mexico, the prisoners were released for lack of evidence or mistakes made by police when they were arrested.  Apparently, the police arrested en masse and a judge found that there was not enough evidence to hold them any longer.
As another Mexican cynically said:  “You mean that they arrested people shooting at the police but have no evidence to hold them!”
Another Mexican friend said:  “Quien compro al juez” or, Who bought the judge?
To be honest, no one has evidence that the judge is corrupt.  At the same time, Mexicans are really cynical these days.
In both instances, the Lopez-Obrador administration is trying to put a happy face on a very ugly situation.  I don’t think that he is succeeding.
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2005 World Series:: Chicago beat Houston

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The White Sox surprised me three times in the 2005 post season:  They beat Boston, the Angels and Astros in The World Series.

Frankly, I was very happy for Chicago's fans.  Like Boston, White Sox fans had been denied a title for so long.   Once in a while, the gods of baseball reward those who keep the faith.

It was the ChiSox's moment.  They enjoyed it Chicago!

2006: Aikman elected to Hall of Fame

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(A post from February 2006)

Great news from the NFL:  Troy Aikman was selected to the Hall of Fame!

Unlike Marino and Moon, Aikman did not have the most TDs, yards or completed passes. He did win 3 Super Bowls and made 4 consecutive NFC Championship Game appearances. 

I remember the spring of '89. Jones and Johnson had taken over the Cowboys.  Landry was out and most fans were very angry. Jones and Johnson selected Troy Aikman as the # 1 draft pick. 

Aikman was subsequently surrounded by great players and the Super Bowls came quickly.

Off the field, Aikman was a first class model citizen. He avoided controversy and involved himself in a number of charities.

Aikman was great on the field and was a wonderful role model for the kids.

1922 and college football on the radio

We are so used to college football on the radio these days.  In fact, I caught a lot of the Texas A&M game on the radio last Saturday.

Back in 1922, the Princeton and Chicago game was broadcast across the country for the first time on radio, a totally new medium at the time. 

It must have been a lot of fun!

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