Thursday, April 27, 2017

Joanne Chesimard and another big fumble at ESPN

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Trump's 100 days, El Chapo and the border wall & NAFTA

We will look at the Trump 100 days coverage and the role of the media.....Senator Cruz is proposing 'The Chapo Act' to pay for the construction of the wall......more judges against the Trump presidency........sanctuary cities and Democrats...............NAFTA 24 years other stories.........

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Gorsuch makes it one heck of a 100 days!

Can we finally put this stupid “100 day” marker to rest? It is stupid, silly and tells you nothing about the presidency. In other words, we elect a president for a full term and the first 100 days tells you nothing about what we will think of him a year from now or even 2020 when it’s time for reelection.
Let’s remember President Bush 43’s 100 days. His presidency changed on 9/11. What about President Obama? He was walking on water in April 2009 and then took over 1,000 Democrats over the political cliff.
Of course, the media is running hard to make everything about Trump a failure, as Marc Thiessen reminded us:   
Despite the best efforts of the White House “PR apparatus” to sell the president’s first 100 days as a success, the New York Times declared in an editorial, the new administration has, in fact, been plagued by “many missteps” including a “bungled sales job” on his first major legislative initiative and a “snakebit” confirmation process, all of which have produced “a flurry of articles bemoaning the lack of focus in the White House.” The first 100 days, the Times declared, is a period the president “might prefer to forget.”
The president in question is not Donald Trump. This is how, in April 1993, the Times described the first 100 days of Bill Clinton’s presidency. But not to worry, the Times reassured its readers: “It’s still early, and a hundred days don’t really mean very much.”
The Times is right: The first 100 days really don’t mean very much at all.
Nevertheless, President Trump did have a major success story in the first 100 days, or the nomination and eventual selection of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court. It was great and makes the 100 days a smashing success.
The media, and the curse of 24-7 news, is the culprit here. We are living in a period where every minute is treated as the most consequential turn in history. It is stupid.
My guess is that we will look back at Trump’s first term rather well. It will include one, or maybe a second Supreme Court Justice, tax reform, a health care reform package, a more confident economy, and a foreign policy crisis handled from a position of strength. It will be enough to reelect President Trump. Then we can begin talking about the first 100 days of his second term.
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