Wednesday, August 17, 2022

The FBI raid & Wyoming

We will talk about the FBI raid......Cheney down in Wyoming......

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Wednesday's video: Cheney and Wyoming plus more

Wednesday's video: 
Cheney and Wyoming plus more....

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The incredible shrinking Merrick Garland


(My new American Thinker)

Maybe Attorney General Merrick Garland is the modern Inspector Javert, the French policeman who chased poor Jean Valjean in Victor Hugo's classic novel, "Les Miserables."  I don't know if that's a fair comparison, but it sure looks to me like AG Garland has become obsessed with former President Trump.  Or maybe the White House told him to get obsessed or else.

Maybe it's better to go to legal scholar Jonathan Turley for a description of the man.   

This is how Mr. Turley sees it:  

In the cult classic, “The Incredible Shrinking Man,” the character Scott Stuart is caught in a thick fog that causes him to gradually shrink to the point that he lives in a doll house and fights off the house cat. At one point, Stuart delivers a strikingly profound line: “The unbelievably small and the unbelievably vast eventually meet — like the closing of a gigantic circle.”

If one image sums up the incredibly shrinking stature of Attorney General Merrick Garland, it is that line in the aftermath of the Mar-a-Lago search.

It looks like things have grown more complicated for AG Garland, as Mr. Turley further explains:   

It is not that Merrick Garland is absent but that his presence often seems immaterial.

That's correct.  He is there, but we can't see the shrinking man.

Mr. Garland seemed like a good choice with he was nominated for Attorney General.  I mean that he'd be an attorney general who would avoid politics and stick to the job.  Unfortunately, he just can't control his department's leftist impulses, from targeting parents at school board meetings to overlooking the Hunter Biden scandal altogether.

And now he authorized, or we understand that he did, sending the FBI to a former president's home.   

Apparently, no one at DOJ advised him of the blowback from a such a decision.  He seemed totally lost when he read from the TelePrompTer and sort of explained what he did.

Yes, the AG is shrinking faster and faster.

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