Sunday, November 24, 2019

The week in review with Bill Katz, the editor of Urgent Agenda

The week in review with Bill Katz, the editor of Urgent Agenda 11/24 by Silvio Canto Jr | Politics:

Guest: Bill Katz, the editor of Urgent Agenda.........Impeachment inquiry did not move the needle......Democrats 2020........why aren't Democrats getting foreign policy questions?.........and other to listen:

I am betting no on a formal impeachment

In many ways, the Democrats have accomplished their goals.  
First, they got to use the word “impeachment” even though it was really only an inquiry.  Second, they didn’t force the moderates into voting yes or no.
So Mission Accomplished?  I think so.
Also, Pelosi knows that it will be more complicated from this point forward.  In other words, they will have to persuade the public that there is an impeachable offense.
The Democrats’ problem is that impeachment support has not changed much.  They have not added any new voters to their side.  And they are losing independents, according to Alexander Bolton:
The biggest swing was seen among independents, 49 percent of whom now oppose impeachment compared to 34 percent who support it. Last month, 48 percent of independents supported impeachment, according to Emerson.
A mid-November Marquette University poll conducted in the battleground state of Wisconsin found that only 40 percent of registered voters think Trump should be impeached and removed from office while 53 percent do not think so.
So how can the Democrats get out of the hole?
They can call a press conference and say the inquiry showed that President Trump has engaged in potentially illegal activities.  At the same, the election is less than a year away, so let the voters decide.
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