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Paying for the damage in cities plus another Russia story & Biden speaks

Paying for the damage in cities plus another Russia story & Biden speaks 07/01 by Silvio Canto Jr | Politics:

The damage from Minneapolis to Seattle and who is going to pay? The NY Times story about Russia again...Watching Biden's press conference.Violence in Mexico..DiMaggio reaches # 44..Sgt Pepper's # 1 in 1967..
and other stories.....
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Wednesday’s video: Who’s gonna pay the bill?

Big assasination attempt in Mexico City

Gunmen wound Mexico City's police chief in early morning attack ...
We’re busy up here with COVID, another New York Times story based on people familiar with the situation, another day of former VP Joe Biden hiding in the basement, and lots of rumors about President Trump dropping out.
Down in Mexico, the situation is not about rumors.  
Last week, Mexico City Police Chief Omar GarcĂ­a Harfuch was gunned down near his Lomas de Chapultepec home in Mexico City. 
For the record, I’m very familiar with that part of Mexico City.  It’s upscale and exclusive.  How did people with high powered rifles enter this supposedly secured neighborhood?  The assasination attempt happened at an intersection at 6:30 in the morning.  Where were these people hiding? It should scare the heck out of every politician, business executive, and mom driving her kids to a private school.
The good news is that Police Chief Garcia-Harfuch survived the bullets.  There were other injuries on both sides of the shootout.
What does this attack mean?  Was it an aberration or a sign of things to come?  The Colombianization of Mexico City?
President Lopez-Obrador was vague as always.  He is apparently saying that this attack confirms that his approach against the cartels is working.  I guess that he is saying that they are more dangerous because we are killing more of them.   Really, Senor President?  
As the aforementioned article points out, violence in Mexico is out of control.  In other words, every news report confirms that we are seeing the highest number of murders in Mexican history.   
As my Mexican friend said:  “Esto esta peor” or this is getting worse.  I think that the police chief would agree with that!
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