Friday, June 13, 2014

Yes, "air strikes" should happen in Iraq

President Obama needs to send a very clear message to all of those marching toward Baghdad. 

The message should be clear and delivered by US air power. 

The message is simple:  The US is not going to let terrorists take over Iraq. 

As you probably know, Iraq is coming apart and is turning into a new terrorist haven, as The Economist pointed out:
"Two and a half years ago, as the last American troops left, President Barack Obama described Iraq as “sovereign, stable and self-reliant”.
Today jihadists are tearing the country apart. Mosul is its second city. On June 10th the prime minister, Nuri al-Maliki, called for a state of emergency and pleaded for outside help. The next day, in league with rebellious Iraqi Sunnis, ISIS took Tikrit, the home of Saddam Hussein, just two and a half hours’ drive north of Baghdad."
Let's ask one simple question: What's in the best interests of the US?  The answer is an Iraq free of terrorism.  

How in the world is this happening in Iraq good for the US, the West or most of us who put gasoline in our automobiles?

I call on President Obama to get serious and drop the campaign nonsense. 

At this point, it does not matter whether we were right or wrong in Iraq.  

What matters is that a collapse of the Iraqi government will have bad consequences all over.

So let's use our air power and stop the terrorists marching toward Baghdad. Let's also show the Iraq Army that the US will stand with them.

We can't fight Iraqi's war.  At the same time, we should not walk away from a place where we lost 4500 men and spent billions of dollars.

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