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No, an illegal immigrant should not be admitted to the bar

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We just learned that California is doing something rather unusual. They are allowing an illegal immigrant to join the state bar:
"As a teenager in Northern California, Sergio Garcia worked in the almond fields and in a grocery store, earning his way through college and then law school.
He passed the California bar exam on his first try, something just half of all candidates do.  
But when it came time to apply for his law license, Mr. Garcia encountered a formidable hurdle: Because he had come from Mexico illegally, he could not become a lawyer.   
That changed Thursday when the California Supreme Court ruled unanimously that a law passed last fall by the Legislature allowed Mr. Garcia, 36, to be admitted to the state bar and practice law.
What it did not do is address the fact that under federal law, no law firm, business or public agency can legally hire him."
Let's look at this story because it speaks volumes about the cowardice of the liberal elites running California over the cliff.

First, I am a supporter of a modified plan that allows young people here an opportunity to get on some path to legalization.  We are talking about young people who came here with their parents years ago.  Many of them are in school, colleges or even willing to wear the uniform.  Again, I have no problem with directing them to a window and conditionally getting them on some path to legalization.

Second, Sergio Garcia's story is remarkable.  I love his work habits.  At the same time, my parents had a good work ethic too and we came here legally.  In other words, a lot of LEGAL immigrants have also worked very hard, from my uncle picking tomatoes in Florida to my dad working as a bellboy in a Wisconsin hotel.

Third, the Democrats had control of the US Senate and Congress and never did a darn thing about "The Dream Act."  It failed in 2010.  

Fourth, what is the point of legal residency if an illegal resident can get a drivers' license or become a member of the state bar?  

Where does this stop?

Democrats, and the liberal elite, are afraid of telling illegal immigrants two simple facts:

1) We respect you but our immigration laws matter, too; and,

2) We have a legal way for you to come into the country.  Go to the consulate in your town and inquire about it.

By the way, how is Segio Garcia going to take the oath about upholding the laws of the country or state? I can't wait to hear about that one! 

Maybe the liberal elite will tell us that we need to "update the oath"!

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Donde esta la “guagua?”: We have to throw another one under the bus!

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Let's throw another one under the bus.   It's getting very crowded down there.
Let's place it right next to the one about keeping your own policy!   And not far from Rev Wright!
According to Peter Suderman, another one of the reasons for The Affordable Health Care Act has met reality:
"Supporters of Obamacare have long pitched the law as a way to address emergency room crowding caused by lack of health coverage. Individuals without health coverage, the thinking goes, have no place to turn when they need medical attention, and as a result they head to the emergency room.
That creates crowding, which can strain medical resources. It’s also more expensive than an ordinary trip to the doctor.
The theory was that by giving people insurance, Obamacare could mitigate this problem, allowing more people to skip emergency care facilities by relying on less crowded, less expensive doctors offices instead.
President Obama pitched a version of this idea in a speech last September, arguing that emergency room visits by the uninsured represented a hidden tax on everyone else. “When uninsured people who can afford to get health insurance don’t, and then they get sick or they get hit by a car, and they show up at the emergency room, who do you think pays for that?” he asked.
But the best evidence has never really supported the hope that the law would reduce emergency room usage.
That’s because much of the law’s expanded coverage comes via Medicaid, the jointly run federal-state program for the low income and disabled.
And Medicaid beneficiaries tend to visit the emergency room more often than the uninsured."
Another point to remember is that "the uninsured" are not signing up anyway:  A recent Gallup poll confirmed that Most Uninsured Americans Ignoring Health Exchange Sites!
Donde esta la guagua? We have a few more things to throw under the bus!

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