Monday, May 09, 2016

Vicente: Get your ‘nariz’ out of our politics!

Before 2000, Vicente Fox was a very successful business executive in Mexico. He graduated with a Harvard MBA and was a natural to run for president in 2000. Fox, who is the grandson of an American who moved to Mexico, beat the ruling party (PRI) and was supported by most conservatives in the U.S. His presidency ran into some of those realities that come with governing. In other words, it’s always easier to talk about change than to actually change things. (Are you listening, Mr. Trump?)  
Fox left office in 2006 and has been hiding for much of the last 10 years. It’s completely natural for Mexican presidents to hide after office. It’s part of the deal, i.e. you get your six years and then you go away!
Suddenly, former President Fox has decided to lead the “south of the border brigade” against Mr. Trump. We’ve gone from I’m not building that “F-wall” to even more statements:
Fox, a rancher and former Coca-Cola executive who served as Mexico’s leader from 2000 to 2006, has long identified with the Republican Party. But in this election, he supports the candidacy of a Democrat: Hillary Clinton.
“What choice do I have?” he told the Los Angeles Times this week.
Like many Mexicans, he sees in Trump’s aggressive rhetoric an alarming xenophobia that could prove disastrous to relations between the countries and harm both their economies. 
He and other prominent Mexican figures, including former President Felipe Calderon, have been making a concerted effort in recent weeks to promote the benefits of migration and free trade.
Along the way, he also said that Trump’s supporters are lazy.     
First of all, Vicente Fox should talk to President Obama about sticking your nose in another country’s politics. Obama got burned in the UK and Fox will just end up helping Trump with these comments.    
Second, Fox’s sudden support of Mrs Clinton overlooks the Democrats’ failure to pass immigration reform when they had majorities or to improve the lives of Hispanics living in those “blue” districts.
So here is my advice to Mr. Fox: “Callate” or Spanish for “shut up”. Mr. Fox’s comments, I repeat, are not welcomed.
So here is my advice to Mr. Trump:  Accept Mr. Fox’s invitation and travel to Mexico. Give a speech and ask the Mexican political class a simple question: “What does Mexico do with illegal immigrants”?     
Trump was not my first choice but he will be the nominee. But it makes me angry to see Vicente Fox sticking his “nariz” in our politics.
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