Tuesday, June 21, 2022

We will review the political situation in South Texas with George Rodriguez

Guest: George Rodriguez, South Texas conservative........We will review the political situation in South Texas.....The Abbott-O'Rourke governor's race.....The red wave and how big?......and other stories......

Tuesday's video: We will review the political situation in South Texas with George Rodriguez

Tuesday's video: 
We will review the political situation in South Texas with George Rodriguez.......

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It's the economy, not the bike


(My new American Thinker)

Do you remember?  I remember when President Carter was out boating and ran into a wild rabbit.

Here is the story:

Already beleaguered by ballooning inflation, a hostage crisis in Iran, and a plunging popularity score, it seems as if Carter's luck couldn't have reached a lower point. 

Carter was on a small fishing trip in a lake near his residence in Georgia (he was on a brief holiday at the time, hence why he wasn't in Washington). 

As he was paddling through the lake, he was interrupted by a "killer rabbit" swimming its way towards his boat. In response, Carter used his paddle to shoo the rabbit away. 

At that moment, the White House photographer was lurking around the lake, and seeing the rather comical scene in front of him, he shot a photo of Carter. 

That was that. The rabbit disappeared, Carter went home, and soon returned to business in the White House. He had his 1980 re-election campaign to focus on.

Stuff happens.  Today, MSNBC would say it was Trump's rabbit and would a cite a source familiar with the situation for the breaking story.

Back then, I had a good laugh over Carter's incident and learning that a rabbit could swim.  I thought rabbits hopped and reproduced, but "swim" was totally new to me.

It was funny, and the timing was bad for President Carter.

Over the weekend, President Biden fell off his bike and thankfully continued with his vacation.

 Once again, I laughed, but I was honestly concerned about the president's age.

The bike fall was not good timing for President Biden, either.

In the end, it won't matter, because this is a nation in trouble with an economy that fell off the bike months ago.

Glad to see that President Biden is back on his feet and celebrating an anniversary.

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