Tuesday, February 21, 2017

The disarray is on the Democrat side

It may be that President Trump is off to a busy start, but calling it chaotic is silly and highly partisan. The real chaos is on the other side, and my good friend Barry Casselman has an interesting view:
The real chaos in the capital is in minds of those who oppose him — the same folks who determined he would fail even before he began. The establishment media is in a fury because he won’t recognize them at press conferences, even though they blithely ignored the fact that his predecessor ignored the conservative media for eight years.
You want to report about chaos? Check out the Democrats and their campaign to nominate a new DNC chairman.
In the next couple of weeks, we will see the party that gave us JFK, FDR, and Truman nominate a chairman who couldn’t win a general election outside of San Francisco.
The Democrats are still fighting the reality of election day. They didn’t just lose the presidency. They lost everything else as well.
They have two chocies: they can continue to fight, resist and make noise. Or, they can act like adults and negotiate with President Trump, as Doug Schoen recommends:
Many Democratic disagreements with Trump’s executive orders are valid and there is a clear opportunity for opposition to Trump on the basis of their faults and flaws.
However, if Democrats want to win back power they cannot do so by moving further left, resisting Trump at every move, and taking to the streets.
Put simply, the Democratic Party is on life support and there is a quiet, but ruthless, war being fought over its future.
While the Democratic Party is driven left by anti-Trump activists, protestors, and Senators such as Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, America itself remains a fundamentally center-right nation.
In other words, grow up, Democrats.
Nevertheless, the media is all focused on President Trump’s rough start. Frankly, President Trump’s administration looks like an orderly bunch compared to the other side.
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