Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Who has paid their Obamacare premiums?

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Obama Care needs to stop spending millions of dollars in marketing, blaming "tech glitches, and  paying translators.
Instead, Secretary Sebelieus should visit a local laundry store and try to pick her order without a ticket. 

She will be promptly told:  "No ticket no laundry"!

That's right.  No laundry unless you can prove to me (i.e. ticket) that you've paid for it.

This week, the Obama administration was boasting about 5,000,000 enrollments.  

Some people in the media were even repeating the same information.

However, we are back to page 1, or trying to figure out who's paid and who's not.
Jonathan S Tobin brought everyone back to earth with an excellent post about the enrollment numbers:
"But before the president and his team start popping the champagne corks to celebrate their achievement and their faux hipness, it’s time once again to point out that the administration’s Potemkin enrollment figures should be read with a truckload of salt.
As the New York Times reported last month, as much as 20 percent of all those enrolled had not actually paid their premiums, meaning they were not covered by the program.
While Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius told Congress she had no idea what the numbers of unpaid enrollees were, more states are reporting these figures and, as CNBC reported last week, the results are literally all over the map. 
While some states report high pay rates, others like Maryland say only 54 percent have paid."
The Obama administration has two things working against them:

1) They've been wrong over and over again on ObamaCare, from "keeping your plan if you like it" to messing up the rollout; and,

2) The young are not there.  In other words, they are showing more and more signs that they won't pay higher premiums to make the program fly.

President Obama has gone from "demigod" to a guy who can't sell the young on insurance, according to Dana Milbank

Yes, it was a lot easier to get the young to love you when you were just asking to scream "yes we can".  It's a lot harder when "yes we can" comes with a hefty invoice.

"No ticket no laundry" -  another one of those items of common sense that the Obama team did not count on!

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