Monday, April 30, 2018

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Monday's video: The amazing stuff going on in the Korean peninsula

Hot air and Al Gore

For years, I have never understood the doom and gloom mentality of so many people.   One of those "doom and gloomers" is former VP Gore who can't stop talking about the end of the world.

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The 11-18 Rangers took 2 of 3 in Toronto

March 2007: Chlorine gas spoiled the Bush lied nonsense

A post from March 2007:

How about that? Chlorine cache found in Iraq:
"U.S. troops sweeping Baghdad have found containers of nitric acid and chlorine, raising concerns that insurgents are expanding their use of chemicals in the war for power in Iraq, military officials said yesterday.

The containers were found as part of a larger cache of weapons discovered as U.S. and Iraqi troops cleared house after house in the Sunni-majority Ghazaliyah neighborhood in western Baghdad."

Of course, all of this matters a lot. 

So it's real. The terrorists have chemicals and will use them against civilians.   Of course, didn't Pres. Clinton, VP Gore, Sen. Kerry, Sen. Clinton et al say that in 1998 and 2002? 

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