Saturday, December 11, 2021

A couple of things for Democrats to think about

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On the day that a new poll shows Governor Greg Abbott up by 15 over former congressman Beto O'Rourke, we also saw this from Rudy Teixiera:    

Here are ten points drawn from available data about the views and voting behavior of this [Hispanic] population. Read ‘em and weep.

1. In the most recent Wall Street Journal poll, Hispanic voters were split evenly between Democrats and Republicans in the 2022 generic Congressional ballot…

2. In the same poll, Biden’s net approval rating among Hispanics was -12 (42 percent approval/54 percent disapproval), the latest in a string of poor approval ratings among Hispanics…

3. A recent 538 analysis of aggregated poll data shows that, while Biden has lost support among all racial groups in the last 9 months, the decline has been sharpest among Hispanics.

4. In Texas, perhaps the Democrats’ most prized target for their theory of the case, Biden’s ratings among Hispanics have been dreadful. A September Dallas Morning News poll had Biden's approval rating among Texas Hispanics at an anemic 35 percent vs. 54 percent disapproval -- 19 points underwater…

5. In the hotly-contested 2021 Virginia gubernatorial election, according to the AP-NORC VoteCast survey (more reliable than the highly flawed exit polls), Democrat Terry McAuliffe actually lost the Latino vote and also lost ground among black and “other race’ (chiefly Asian) voters…

6. In the 2020 election, Hispanics, after four years of Trump, gave him substantially more support than they did in 2016. According to Catalist, in 2020 Latinos had an amazingly large 16 point margin shift toward Trump…

7. Latino shifts toward Trump were widely dispersed geographically. Hispanic shifts toward Trump were not confined to Florida (28 points) and Texas (18 points) but also included states like Wisconsin (20 points), Nevada (18 points), Pennsylvania (12 points), Arizona (10 points) and Georgia (8 points).

8. Pew validated voter data indicate particularly poor performance for Biden among working class (noncollege) Hispanics, with these voters giving Trump a remarkable 41 percent of their vote in 2020…

9. You can even see the pro-Trump Hispanic shift in New York City. An excellent analysis by Matthew Thomas shows:

Precincts where at least 50% of residents are Hispanic swung toward Trump by 18 points, with a quarter of voters now backing him for reelection. The shift was even more pronounced in precincts where at least 75% of residents are Hispanic, which had a swing of 25 points toward Trump…

10. It is hard to avoid the conclusion that Democrats have seriously erred by lumping Hispanics in with “people of color” and assuming they embraced the activism around racial issues that dominated so much of the political scene in 2020…

Wow.  Isn't this the Rudy who invented the whole demographic story in the first place?   The left loved him when he said that Hispanics would create a Democrat majority.   Wonder what they think of Rudy now?   

The Democrats in Texas are obsessed with maps.  However, as I keep telling them, their problem is message.  

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Happy # 81 David Gates

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We remember David Gates, one of the most popular performers and songwriters of the 1970's.   He was born in Tulsa, OK, on this day in 1940.     

David had many hits with Bread and then on his own.    Great songwriter.

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Happy # 77 Brenda Lee

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Happy birthday to the one and only Brenda Lee.........she was born Brenda Mae Tarpley in Atlanta, GA, on this day in 1944.................

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