Friday, June 10, 2016

Trump vs Clinton and now the fun begins

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RIP Gordie Howe

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Green Bernie?

Let me tell you that I was surprised with California’s results. It was projected to be close but it was not.   
The Clintons will try to negotiate with Senator Sanders. They may find that he is a lot more reasonable that the millions who supported him.  
Keep an eye on the Green Party. They have their convention a week after the Democrats.
A few days ago, Dr. Stein called on Sanders supporters to go Green. She said this:
Stein offered condolences to Sanders supporters and praised Sanders for running a “revolutionary” movement that spoke to the issues she also cares about in an interview with CNN Tuesday evening.
“We are here in the event that they feel like they don’t have a place to go,” Stein said.
Stein, who was also the Green Party’s 2012 nominee, said she viewed Sanders as a kindred revolutionary, battling the political establishment. She called Clinton’s path to the nomination “a coronation” aided by the media and the Democratic Party.
Stein said that although Clinton and news organizations — including CNN — had declared her the presumptive Democratic nominee, it was up to Sanders’ supporters not to accept that as the end of their movement.
“If Bernie endorses Hillary, I urge Bernie’s supporters not to throw in the towel,” Stein said.
Stein slammed Clinton, saying the former secretary of state does not have “a track record that has been good for women and children.”
The fact that Clinton has become the first female presumptive presidential nominee for the Democratic or Republican parties did not influence her either.
“We need not just someone who is born with a particular gender identity, but someone in the office who supports women,” Stein said, pointing out that she was also a woman and a feminist running for president.
The likely Green Party nominee is pushing progressive positions, including eliminating student debt, cracking down on Wall Street and putting an end to military interventions overseas.
Stein said her campaign had no particular outreach plans set for Sanders’ voters because she wanted to be “respectful of the Sanders campaign and his supporters.”
She said she had reached out to the Sanders campaign to collaborate in the past many times and that he had never responded. She said that many of Sanders’ supporters were instead seeking her out.
So what if Bernie’s supporters put his name for nomination at the Green Party convention? Will Mr. Sanders be able to turn down his supporters? Mr. Sanders owes his supporters a lot more than the Democrat Party. He is not even a Democrat! In fact, his campaign themes are very similar to the Green Party’s platform.
So don’t be surprised if the Greens go to Bernie. I just can not see Sanders’ supporters being happy the morning after their man endorses the woman they’ve running again! Sanders’ base is a collection of far leftists who will either stay home or vote Green!
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